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A Villiers-Eclaire Knight (V2) I A Massivecraft Skin

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"The School of Villiers-Eclaire is a school that is relatively new and based out of the island of Basta, in the Regalian Archipelago. The Villiers-Eclaire School was largely made to provide the Sancella of Unionism with a failsafe in case the more freely moving Lancyon Halberdiers would prove too disloyal to the Sancella, and also to counter the less religiously-minded other Knightly Orders. The School of Villiers-Eclaire is largely funded and supported by the de Gosselin family, many of whose members are also high ranking Elders in the order. It should as such come as no surprise that many of the Villiers Knights serve in the de Gosselin’s personal retinue and military forces, and accompanied Duke Florent I’s attempt to seize Ithania. While criticized by the other military orders for their heavily political agenda, the Order continues to remain an example of the Unionist Faith, fighting on behalf of the Synod to spread the faith."

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