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Arctic spiders

Arctic spiders Minecraft Skin

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avatar nawikipedia
Level 47 : Master Technomancer
"The spiders were (and still are) hunted by us, the humans. One race of spiders, who lived in the south pole - antarctica - came to the conclusion that the only way they'll be safe from the hunters is to seperate themselves from their brothers and from the outer world and hide somewhere the hunters will never find them. These were the lava spiders. They dug themselves caves in a volcano hoping that the humans will be too scared to get close and that the lava will keep them warm.
The cave spiders lived in their litlle "hellish paradise" for thousands of years untill a little miner named Steve dug "only one more block" into the mountain and found the lost spider race.
The Lava spiders didn't manage to kill Steve befo he escaped the cave.They were afraid that their secret was revealed. In order to stay safe a group of smaller and more agile spiders were chosen to exit the cave and protect them from the outside.
Years have passed, and evolution took it's plave again - the spiders that were chosen to go, the "arctic spiders" got rid of their heavy and dark obsidian skin and used snow and ice shards for camouflage. They began to produce a deadly venom again to inject to their victims. They ate the snow and ice to keep themselves hydrated and ate the corpses of their victims.
Even though they could survive in the freeing climates of Antarctica they still could damage themselves if they stayed in the snow for too long. For this reason every month or so the current pack of the spidToday there are about 7 packs of Arctic Spiders in existance, and in every given momment 1 or 2 packs are patrolling the mountain.
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