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Captain BlockBeard

Captain BlockBeard Minecraft Skin

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avatar nawikipedia
Level 47 : Master Technomancer
I can not belive noone jumped on the opportunity yet... At least I didn't see anyone jump on it... NVM... I guess I'll be the first to use the name! YAY!

So this is captain Blockbeard - The most famous, most feared and most stereotypical pirate on the 7 billion seas (Because minecraft worlds seem to like to generate this way...) He has everything you'd expect from a pirate - a wooden leg, an eyepatch, some golden rings, typical suit, a hook for a hand wait a moment... No he doesn't have a hook for a hand.( He's not that bad at keeping his body in one, or at least few pieces...)

I can't really think of a deep backstory right now, so meaby in the next contest I will. Right now I don't have time to spend making skins and stuff (school, school, school, etc.) This is why you didn't see anything new from me for a very long time... But that's okay! I'm still alive!
OR AM I?!?!
Nah I'm just kidding, I'm still fine.
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