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Level 31 : Artisan Skinner
The main protagonist of Scp Containment Breach, which is the character you take the role as is a Class-D known as Benjamin Oliver Walker, aka D-9341. While his appearance is not usually revealed in-game, SCP-1074's representation of him shows a white, Caucasian male. He often chooses to be quiet, so throughout the game, hearing him talking isn't common. He does, however, cough, pant when out of breath, slurp when drinking a cup of liquid that SCP-294 disposed, and grunt when shot at. The only time when he does speak is when he is exposed with SCP-012 and viewing SCP-1074's painting.

Walker used to be a Level 4 Senior Researcher in the Foundation. Walker committed unauthorized/illegal research of a hypothetical anomalous phenomenon, Spiral Gestalt; the reason you respawn when you die is likely due to success of the research of this phenomenon. A disciplinary hearing was conducted, after which Walker was stripped of his clearance and was put on death row as D-9341. Homicide acts are hinted during his contact with SCP-1074.

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