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Grace Angelina Dacron - Daughter of Water and Love OC ~Ὠκεαν~

Grace Angelina Dacron - Daughter of Water and Love OC ~Ὠκεαν~ Minecraft Skin
avatar Prince Oceanus
Level 48 : Master Wizard
Grace Angelina Dacron is the second daughter of Oceanus, and one of three survivors of the Minotaur attack that her twisted uncle Quinn (Sunaeco) sent to kill her, her mother and unborn baby brother, and her little sister Qweralia. Fortunately, she and her her sister survived, along with Oceanus himself, after he slew the beast. Her mother, Addison, however, was cornered into a wall and stabbed in the stomach by the Minotaur's horns, not only killing her but her unborn baby boy as well. Grace has sworn to protect her little sister at all costs after that night.

After a while, she found that her stepmother Nirie (Oceanus' wife) knew alot about what kinds of things she was going through, and they have become quite close, almost as close as she is to her older sister Usuia (See Usuia's skin for the pronunciation of her name). She is attracted to girls, after having a bad breakup with her boyfriend Yukiharo, where he cheated on her with another girl. She was introduced to a girl named Jewel, who was a friend of Nirie's, and they immediately fell in love with each other. However, Jewel turned out to be using Grace to get information out of her to give to Sunaeco, and crushed Grace's heart. After Sunaeco left with Jillian, though, Grace forgave Jewel of her treason, and has tried to get back together with her.

Currently, she sleeps in the car on the way home with her father, stepmother, and other members of their group. What will happen if Jewel does wake up? Will she still love this heroine of the Dacron family? Only time shall tell....

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Update #1 : 05/06/2014 12:11:24 pmMay 6th, 2014

*sigh* Stupid Multiple Editing windows....fixed the skin so that it's not a spoiler of a skin I'm currently working on. -.-
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