The Mothman Returns? [Urban Legend - Contest] Minecraft Skin

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The Mothman Returns? [Urban Legend - Contest]

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Carcharodontosaurus's Avatar Carcharodontosaurus
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Alright you guys, you're in for a real spook this time
(Really tho, this urban legend even scares

"The Mothman"
, some of you may have heard of it, some of you may not have, and if not, it's about time you learned of it. Come closer to the fire and tighten that rug around your body, cause you're about to get chilled from the top of you spine down to your toes.

(To those of you who already know of the mothman, read through the text, then the skin's appearance will make sense in the end)

Spoiler - "Winged Version" of the skin
So originally, I wanted to make a skin looking like the picture below, but sadly, that just isn't possible. Which is why the skin has "no wings", since I really wanted the wings connected from the body to the arms, and not 2 separate wings as in 2 new limbs.

The Mothman Returns? [Urban Legend - Contest] Minecraft Skin

But, if you want the skin with some "wings" attached to the arms/back, then here's another version of the skin:
The Mothman Returns? [Urban Legend - Contest] Minecraft Skin
(A couple of drawings I made + some bones and stuff, making it seem like I actually researched intensely (I did research a lot tho...))
The Mothman Returns? [Urban Legend - Contest] Minecraft Skin

1966 - The first
It all started in West Virginia up north from "Point Pleasant" at the "TNT Area". The place was named this, because of all the "igloos" as they were called, which were actually small sealed bunkers made during WWII, used for storing munitions and gunpowder (Which later also resulted in some really bad pollution around the forest area.

But anyways. The TNT Area is actually hidden deep inside of the woods of Point Pleasant. It is a pretty big area to say the least, only making this a lot creepier than it already is.

Roger and Linda Scarberry were driving in Roger's black '57 Chevy Bel Air with Steve and Marry Mallette on the night of November 15. 1966 in the area. They'd stopped by the old North Power Plant, when Linda had spotted something truly terrifying. Two enormous glowing eyes in the darkness were following them. Linda screamed the moment her eyes met its. They stopped the car for a moment to get a better look at what it was. The creature's form seemed humanoid, but it was big, and out of nowhere, its two, massive 7 ft. wings spread, and they heard a strange hissing/buzzing noise. Roger started the car immediately. But to their surprise the creature followed them up on the night sky, glaring at them at unimaginable speed.

When they got back home, the creature had already disappeared.

1967 - The collapse of Silver Bridge
After the encounter in 1966 the sightings of this being took an exponential growth. People saw the "moth" or "bird" like creature everywhere in the area. And then, something happened. On 15th of December, the "Silver Bridge", which connected Point Pleasant (West Virginia) to Gallipolis (Ohio) via the Ohio River, collapsed. 46 people died. Now hold on, you're thinking, what does this have to do with the mothman? Well, see... the sightings were at their peak at the time, but right after the incident, the sightings completely stopped.

People believe, that the mothman appears as a "warning", that tragedy is near and right around the corner. In fact, some people insists that they saw the mothman in areas of New York, right before 9/11. Of course if this was to be true, then the next part is going to bring even further fuel on this topic, so hold on to your butts.

A source for some insight:
(There's a lot of websites going on about this though, so if you want to research this cryptozoology-stuff be my guest, you can find the mothman "everywhere")

2017 - The "humanoid bat-creatures"
There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of sightings when it comes to the mothman (Or mothman-like descriptions of creatures). The main description of the creature is:
- Enormous glowing red eyes
- Wings with a very large wingspan
- Between 7-9 ft. in height
- Seems almost human, but has fur, feathers (Often varies in description here, cause most people have been too terrified to even notice if it was either fur/hair or feathers of some sort).
- People haven't really been able to determine its true "color" though. Some have described it as pitch black, white, grey and even brown.

The question remains if it is a mammal, an arthropod (Like a moth) or a bird. But what's really interesting though, is the fact that not only in Virginia has a creature with this description been spotted. In Chicago there have been numerous sightings of what people describe as a "Giant humanoid bat-looking creature" (This has been happening for a few months now, and it is currently still happening). The beast the eye-witnesses saw, seem to have a very similar traits to that of the mothman. Some of the people who've had an encounter with this thing even claim it is the mothman, even though they describe the humanoid to resemble the appearance of a bat.

So is it a bat-thing? A moth-thing? An owl-thing? Or something completely different? (I chose to make the skin based on the "giant bat" description)
The sightings have been "RAPID" in Chicago this year, a blogger who keeps track of sightings of mysterious creatures and extra-terrestrials, has actually made a timeline, and if these sightings are not just hoaxes and lies, then this is pretty scary:

Should this turn out to be true, and if this too turns out to be "The Mothman", then perhaps we are to expect some sort of big disaster soon enough. Who knows? If it is the mothman, will it live up to its name;
"The Harbinger Of Doom" ? Perhaps we'll see, soon enough... (Or maybe we won't :i ...)

The sightings have been both in outdoors, as well as the indoors. Yes. Indoors. Or well... people have seen it staring through their windows.


2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Carcharodontosaurus 10/23/2017 4:01:41 pmOct 23rd, 2017

Added "heels" (Not high-heels obviously, just "heels") to the feet, as well as fixed the "inner layer" of all the limbs to connect more smoothly with the rest of the limbs' textures.

Also added some extra shadow to the inner layers of the torso, as well as lightening up the overlay ribs and chest. Not to mention I added some extra overlay for some detail to the "claws" on the arms.

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06/26/2018 10:24 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Llama
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how did this not get second place
06/20/2018 10:45 am
Level 76 : Legendary Crafter
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Yeah he is back
10/24/2017 3:10 am
Level 21 : Expert Dragon
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10/31/2017 6:20 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Fish
Carcharodontosaurus's Avatar
10/23/2017 4:44 pm
Level 84 : Elite Jarl
Aspirin60's Avatar
So a nice little pet; i luv it!!
10/23/2017 4:57 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Fish
Carcharodontosaurus's Avatar
I wouldn't call it little if it's over 7 ft tall, but... hmm... nice? Maybe... I mean, if it is a harbinger of disaster/tragedy/doom, I guess it's nice, since it actually cares to warn us. Maybe we should send him a "Thank you" card or something you know... like, with a small bottle of wine and some really expensive chocolate attached with it...

... That's actually not a bad idea. I'll get the wine, you get the chocolate.
10/23/2017 10:33 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Lad
Romto_'s Avatar
Nice work on the eyes!
10/23/2017 12:19 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Fish
Carcharodontosaurus's Avatar
10/22/2017 7:33 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Batman
taterman88's Avatar
you shall not pass
10/22/2017 7:49 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Fish
Carcharodontosaurus's Avatar
Prease man...
*clears throat* erherm...

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