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Before Dusk [32x] V2.1 (Medieval and Rustic) [1.13+]

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Fudds's Avatar Fudds
Level 54 : Grandmaster Blob
Before Dusk [32x]  V2.1 (Medieval and Rustic) [1.13+] Minecraft Texture Pack


About the pack

Before Dusk is a 32x32 medieval, rustic styled resourcepack with a tinge of bright colour. I originally began working on this pack in mid 2013 and has evolved from a 16x16 pack, to a 32x32 pack.

MCPatcher and Optifine

This resourcepack does not need MCPatcher or Optifine, but with it, it can improve the visuals immensely. I would highly recommend using it to get custom CTM (e.g. sandstone pillars and hieroglyphics) and colours (e.g. sky)

Use of this pack

-You may not use my textures in any way, shape or form (unless you message me and I grant you access, credit will be required)
-You may not redistribute my pack and claim it as your own
-You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
-You may not put money-making links such as adf.ly links with this work
-You may not put this pack onto a different website, other than Planet Minecraft and Minecraft Forums

My Minecraft Forum account

Creative Commons License
Before Dusk by Fudds (AmazingMinecraft) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Change log
Log of the change
Release of the pack, can't really say more than that

-Added iron block
-Added iron trapdoor
-Added iron bars
-Added endframe eye
-Added hopper (Side, top and inside)
-Added black stained glass and pane top
-Added blue stained glass and pane top
-Added brown stained glass and pane top
-Added cyan stained glass and pane top
-Added gray stained glass and pane top
-Added green stained glass and pane top
-Added light blue stained glass and pane top
-Added lime stained glass and pane top
-Added magenta stained glass and pane top
-Added orange stained glass and pane top
-Added purple stained glass and pane top
-Added red stained glass and pane top
-Added light gray stained glass and pane top
-Added white stained glass and pane top
-Added yellow stained glass and pane top
-Tweaked Cauldron

-Redid jungle plank
-Redid stone
-Redid coal ore
-Redid iron ore
-Redid gold ore
-Redid lapis ore
-Redid emerald ore
-Redid redstone ore
-Redid diamond ore
-Added spruce door
-Added birch door
-Added acacia door
-Added dark oak door
-Added jungle door
-Tweaked Stonebricks (carved, mossy, cracked) [made edges harder]

-Added red sand
-Added red sandstone normal
-Added red sandstone carved
-Added red sandstone smooth
-Added red sandstone carved CTM (hieroglyphics)
-Added red sandstone smooth CTM (pillar)
-Added quartz pillar CTM
-Added chiseled stonebrick CTM
-Added lava (courtesy of doku)
-Added fire (courtesy of doku)
-Added survival inventory
-Edited armot slots (removed them)
-Edited colourmap (plains and default)
-Edited fog (plains and default)

-Added redstone block
-Added lapis block
-Added emerald block
-Added gold block
-Added diamond block
-Added chiseled quartz
-Added hopper inventory
-Added chest inventory
-Added creative inventory
-Added dispenser inventory
-Added chiseled quartz CTM
-Added stone blockstate (removed alternate textures)
-Added sand blockstate (removed alternate textures)
-Edited survival inventory (added cracks)
-Edited iron ore (Made ore lighter)

-Added enchanting table
-Added enchanting table book (entity)
-Added crafting inventory
-Added specific birch leaf colours (MCPatcher)
-Added new font
-Added sponge CTM (coal crate)
-Added cobblestone CTM
-Added birch plank CTM
-Added spruce plank CTM
-Added acacia plank CTM
-Added dark oak plank CTM
-Added oak plank CTM
-Edited birch planks
-Edited sponge
-Edited crafting table (edited top)
-Edited sky colours (birch)
-Edited birch grass colour (brighter)
-Edited diamond block (brightened colours)
-Edited emerald block (brightened colours)

-Added jukebox
-Added noteblock
-Added stone pickaxe
-Added stone sword
-Added stone shovel
-Added stone axe
-Added stone hoe
-Added iron pickaxe
-Added iron sword
-Added iron shovel
-Added iron axe
-Added iron hoe
-Added attack indicator (default)
-Edited wheat (last stage)
-Edited tnt (new border)
-Edited sponge (new border)
-Edited sponge CTM (new border)
-Edited furnace (side) (new shading)
-Edited oak wood planks (new shading)
-Edited mossy cobblestone (new shading)
-Edited cobblestone (new shading)
-Edited hotbar selector
-Edited shield slot (removed item)
-Edited iron block (adjusted colours and shading)
-Edited options background
-Edited creative inventory (now compatible with 1.9)
-Edited survival inventory (now compatible with 1.9)
-Edited widgets (now compatible with 1.9)
-Edited pack.mcmeta (now compatible with 1.9)

-Added wooden sword
-Added wooden axe
-Added wooden pickaxe
-Added wooden shovel
-Added wooden hoe
-Added pumpkin
-Added grass path (side and top) (1.9)
-New glass
-New gold ore
-New quartz block
-New quartz pillar (top)
-New chiseled quartz (+CTM)
-New oak door
-New furnace (top)
-New stone bricks (new shading)
-New cracked stone bricks (new shading)
-New mossy stone bricks (new shading)
-New stone slabs (new shading) (top and side)
-New chiseled stone bricks (new shading)
-New chiseled stone bricks CTM
-New settings background
-Edited crafting table (new shading)
-Edited stone (darker borders)
-Edited iron ore (brighter)
-Edited iron shovel (handle)
-Edited stone shovel (handle)
-Edited iron hoe
-Edited grass side
-Edited snow grass side
-Edited oak planks (darker border)
-Edited diorite stone (darkened highlights)
-Edited smooth diorite (darkened highlights)

-Added tall fern (double)
-Added normal rails (straight and curved)
-Added activator rail
-Added detector rail
-Added golden rail
-Added stone brick CTM
-New spruce planks
-New jungle planks
-New dark oak planks
-New spruce door
-New acacia door
-New birch door
-New dark oak door
-New jungle door
-New stone slabs
-New anvil (base and top stages)
-New bricks (shading and colours)
-New leaves (every leaf type)
-New mossy stone bricks
-Fixed birch plank CTM error
-Edited grass colours (biomes)
-Edited sky colours (biomes)
-Edited fog colours (biomes)
-Edited iron bars (shading)
-Edited bedrock (shading)
-Edited endstone (shading)
-Edited gravel (new colours)
-Edited grass side (new colours)
-Edited dirt (new colours)
-Edited grass path (new colours)
-Edited snowy grass side (new colours)

-Added brown mushroom
-Added red mushroom
-Added diamond sword
-Added diamond pickaxe
-Added diamond axe
-Added diamond shovel
-Added diamond hoe
-Added gold sword
-Added gold pickaxe
-Added gold axe
-Added gold shovel
-Added gold hoe
-Added glass CTM
-Added cobblestone CTM (border)
-Added apple (item)
-Added golden apple (item)
-Added bowl (item)
-Added brick (item)
-Added bed (item)
-Added bone (item)
-Added bread (item)
-Added bucket (item)
-Added water bucket (item)
-Added lava bucket (item)
-Added milk bucket (item)
-New fern
-New birch planks
-New ladder (shading)
-New pot plant (shading + colours)
-New furnace
-New pack description
-Edited crafting table (shading)
-Edited birch door (colours)
-Edited oak planks (shading)
-Edited grass path (new colours)
-Edited ores (new colours)
-Edited quarts blocks (shading + CTM)
-Edited stone slabs (colours)
-Edited mossy stone bricks (colours)
-Edited cracked stone bricks (colours)
-Edited carved stone bricks (colours + CTM colours)
-Edited cobblestone (colours)
-Edited stone (colours)
-Edited stone bricks (colours + CTM colours)
-Edited nether bricks (new shading)
-Edited stone sword
-Edited stone axe
-Edited stone pickaxe
-Edited stone hoe
-Edited tall fern (colours)
-Edited leaves (oak etc...)
-Edited biome grass colours
-Edited sky colours + fog
-Edited settings background

-Pack is now compatible with 1.11
-Updated and fixed CTM, works with 1.11 and higher
-Added jack-o'-lantern
-Added end rod
-Added purpur block
-Added purpur pillar
-Added endstone bricks
-Added allium
-Added azure bluet
-Added blue orchid
-Added moon daisy
-Added orange tulip
-Added pink tulip
-Added red tulip
-Added white tulip
-Added piston (sticky and normal)
-Added carrots (all stages) [block]
-Added hay block
-Added cocoa beans (farm block)
-Added experience bar
-Added saturation bar (apples)
-Added health bar (hearts)
-Added hardcore health bar (hearts)
-Added other variants with health bar
-Added armour bar (shields)
-Added oxygen bar (bubbles)
-Added glass block CTM
-Added bookshelf CTM
-Added pumpkin CTM (small chance of finding a carved pumpkin)
-Added red sand blockstate (no random rotation)
-Added dirt blockstate (no random rotation)
-Added under water texture (courtesy of doku)
-New cobblestone CTM
-New bookshelf
-New dead bush
-New clay
-New cauldron inner
-New hopper inner
-New brewing stand base
-New itemframe background
-New crosshair
-Edited foliage colours (desert and savanna)
-Edited grass colours (desert and savanna)
-Edited endstone (better shading)
-Edited cauldron top
-Edited tall fern
-Edited oak planks (darker lines)
-Edited ores (new colours)
-Edited stone (new colours)
-Edited stone bricks (new colours)
-Edited cobblestone (new colours and shading) [again...]

-Added sheep
-Added andesite
-Added diorite CTM
-Added granite CTM
-Added brick CTM
-Added iron bars CTM
-New smooth granite
-New smooth andesite
-New smooth diorite
-New acacia log
-New normal sandstone
-New sandstone top
-New spruce planks
-Edited dirt (shading)
-Edited grass side (shading)
-Edited path side (shading)
-Edited gravel (shading)
-Edited snowy grass side (shading)
-Edited coarse dirt (shading)
-Edited jungle planks (shading)
-Edited dark oak planks (colours and shading)
-Edited acacia planks (colours and shading)
-Edited smooth sandstone CTM
-Edited carved sandstone CTM
-Edited oak log (colours)
-Edited oak planks (colours)
-Edited smooth sandstone (pillar)
-Edited carved sandstone
-Edited ladder (darkened rope)

V2.1 (1.13+ conversion)
-Converted pack to 1.13 (block and item files renamed)
-Updated blockstates (1.13 compatible)
-Fixed GUI problems (1.13 compatible)


-Sn0w - SnowSong (Sounds)

-John Smith (White wool CTM properties)

-doku (Water, lava, fire) | (Original thread)
| (Continuation thread)


Thanks to everyone who views this pack, I appreciate it :). I would also appreciate some feedback, as I want to improve on this pack the best I can!

-Fudds (AmazingMC)
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

12 Update Logs

V2.1 [1.13+ conversion] : by Fudds 08/03/2018 1:47:05 pmAug 3rd, 2018

-Converted to 1.13 (block and item files renamed)
-Fixed GUI problems (1.13 compatible)
-Updated blockstates (1.13 compatible)

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09/25/2020 1:45 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Artist
MrSlimeOfSlime's Avatar
1.16 plz
02/01/2020 10:56 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Modder
Cr4ftJuNkiE's Avatar
Any chance to see this amazing pack in MC 1.15+? Thanks.
02/08/2019 4:48 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Archer
Zephi's Avatar
I absolutely love this pack but I've noticed that the trapdoors and doors textures do not show up. In the 1.12 version there was trapdoors and door with custom textures, but with the 1.13 its as if it vanished and was replaced with default? Could you fix this?
02/09/2019 4:21 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Blob
Fudds's Avatar
Yeah, it's a problem with how they renamed all the textures, I just need to rename them. The CTM will take a lot more time though, since they've completely changed the naming there also. I'll see what I can do! :)
01/07/2019 12:42 am
Level 34 : Artisan Geek
Darkitect's Avatar
No 1.13 download? The mediafire link is 1.12.
01/07/2019 3:25 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Blob
Fudds's Avatar
Fixed it, sorry about that!
12/16/2018 2:01 am
Level 1 : New Miner
i1987's Avatar
One of the best textures I've used in a while.
12/16/2018 6:04 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Blob
Fudds's Avatar
Thank you! :)
11/25/2018 12:59 pm
Level 1 : New Sheep
illogicaliam's Avatar
>the same comment i left on before dawn (aka: i love it).
11/24/2018 1:07 am
Level 1 : New Miner
anderssee's Avatar
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