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Developer Art+ [v1.18.2_6]

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shmoobalizer avatar shmoobalizer
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Artist
(this pack must be used over top of the "Programmer Art" resourcepack which is built-into the game)

Beginning in the 1.13 and later updates, Mojang has hired a new texture artist for Minecraft, this has resulted in the style of the Minecraft textures completely changing.

In the 1.14 and future updates, they have added a tab in the resource pack menu to revert any pre-1.14 textures to their originals, however, Mojang has stated that future textures will not be supported with the original style, this resource pack aims to change that, and in this pack, any textures created which do not fit with the original style will be changed so that they do.

(if you like this pack, a favourite, diamond, and/or download would be very much appreciated, and if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments)

- Fixed chest boats
- Fixed Mangrove blocks and items
- Fixed horse armor
- Improved birch doors
- Improved spruce trapdoor
- Improved glow item frame
- Improved wood colors, most notably, dark oak
- Various pixel-fixes from default 1.18
- Improved goat color
- Improved raw ore (based on textures from Crackers0106)
- Improved deepslate blocks
- Improved large dripleaf
- Mildly adjusted lush cave blocks
- Mildly adjusted glow squid
- Fixed glow ink sac
- Fixed glow item frame
- Fixed squid
- Fixed credits
- Adjusted sculk sensor
- Adjusted spyglass
- Adjusted dripstone
- Fixed lightning rod
- Improved candle icons
- Improved powder snow
- Improved frost UI
- Fixed copper ore
- Adjusted calcite colour
- Old calcite texture
- Adjusted tuff colour
- Adjusted amethyst colour
- Old amethyst texture
- Adjusted copper colour
- Updated copper ingot
- Old bundle texture
- Adjusted spyglass UI
- Adjusted candle colour
- Adjusted tinted glass colour
- Regularized certain GUI elements
- Fixed social interactions screen
- Updated plank texture on beehive
- Ingot slot in smithing table matches ingot texture
- Updated music disks
- Added chain block
- Updated quartz bricks and cracked nether bricks
- Updated blackstone blocks
- Updated warped fungus on a stick
- Added lodestone block
- Updated strider saddle
- Respawn anchor matches crying obsidian and glowstone
- Nether gold ore matches netherrack
- Soul particles match original soul sand
- Crying obsidian compromises new and original textures
- Pre-snapshot hoglin texture
- Zombified piglin matches original zombie pigman
- Piglins match old style
- Piglin helmets match regular helmets
- Improved shield indicator
- Compromising netherrack texture
- Minor adjustments to Nether wood doors
- Nylium sides match netherrack
- Nether planks match original planks
- Minor adjustments nether stems
- Nether stem tops match log tops
- Updated soul torch
- Soul lantern matches lantern
- Soul soil matches soul sand (based on textures from Crackers0106)
- Removed blue tint from crimson roots
- Removed blue tint from basalt
- Improved nether doors
- Updated new signs
- Updated netherite armour
- Updated netherite ingot
- Minor adjustments to netherite scrap
- Unified bee hive hue
- Unified bee nest hue
- Updated honey bottle with original style
- Removed blue hue from bee stinger
- Updated snowy grass block side
- Updated podzel side
- Updated mycelium side
- Leather horse armour model and item texture matches that of the original
- Brown mooshroom matches the style of the original red mooshroom
- Status effect icons updated
- Fox uses original colouring style
- Wandering Trader uses original villager head and skintone
- Chest minecart, furnace minecart, hopper minecart, TNT minecart, and command block minecart texture updated with original style
- Compost texture uses the default style
- Composter hue unified
- Campfire flame matches regular fire
- Campfire base uses log texture
- Campfire coals are black rather than blue
- Campfire smoke particles use original smoke particle style
- Updated horse armour textures to match equipped horse armour
- Villager heads and body match that of the original design
- Ocelot pelt colour on jungle villagers matches that of the original ocelot texture
- Plains villager coat uses original texture
- Swamp villager clothes use the original style
- Swamp villager mushroom matches the original red mushroom texture and colours
- Nitwit villager coat uses original texture
- All changes made to villagers have also been applied to zombie villagers
- Magenta hue removed from sweet berries
- Sweet berry bush more closely matches the green of other taiga foliage
- Status effect icons use original textures
- Lantern uses design featured in Minecraft Dungeons trailer, which was designed in the context of the original textures
- Ocelots use their original texture
- Red, Siamese, and Black cats all use their original texture
- Enchantment table book page colour compromises between new and original
- Lectern uses original texture and colour of oak wood planks
- Lectern uses the style and colouring of the original bookshelves
- Barrel uses design featured in the Minecraft Dungeons trailer, which was designed in the context of the original textures
- Bell item texture colour unified
- Bell item texture wooden bar matches how it looks when placed
- Cartography table uses original dark oak wood plank texture
- Cartography table compass matches the texture of the original compass
- Grindstone uses original stone texture
- Fletching table uses original birch texture and colour
- Orange hue removed from fletching table target
- Red wood on smithing table uses original wood texture
- Blast furnace uses original stone texture and stone brick texture
- Smoker uses original cobblestone mechanic texture, like that found in the original furnace, dispenser, dropper, and observer
- Stonecutter uses original stone texture
- Stonecutter blade matches the colours used in the original stonecutter which was designed in the context of the original textures
- Pillager head texture matches that of original illagers
- Ravager uses some simpler shading that matches that of the original style
- Suspicious stew uses original stew style
- Crossbow recoloured to match the bow
- Crossbow loaded with firework uses original firework texture
- Sign variant textures match that of the original oak sign
- Sign variant item textures match that of the original oak sign
- Banner patterns have unique textures
- Loom frame matches oak plank texture
- Wither rose uses the original rose design, but with the withered colours
- Black dye uses original dye pattern with sampling from the original ink sac texture
- Blue and brown dye use original powder-style textures
- White dye recoloured to match bone meal
- Ascii character font uses the original style
- Tropical Fish item uses original texture
- Salmon item and cooked salmon use original texture
- Cod item and cooked cod use original fish texture style
- Pufferfish item texture compromises between current and original texture
- Fish in bucket textures use original bucket texture
- Water texture more closely matches the original water texture
- And more!


Additional Credits: Mojang AB (for source textures) (fair use guidelines)
CreditMojang AB
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

83 Update Logs

Update #1.18.2_6 : by shmoobalizer 05/20/2022 3:07:08 amMay 20th

- undid mangrove leaves change from earlier
- fixed wandering trader
- fixed stripped mangrove log
- adjusted goat horn item

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05/14/2022 4:34 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
DimebagSteve avatar
Some textures I see look different from programmer art (the base needed for this resource pack to work), like the snowy grass, the snow covers too much from the original, I see this is fixed with the Classic version so I don't know if this is just an artistic choice or not?
05/06/2022 9:25 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
PitchBlackYT avatar
pls make bedrock
its fine if the feature are only in java or optifine
05/02/2022 2:52 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
KarenMC avatar
Hey I've been noticing that hoglin tusk doesn't match MINECON live 2019 colors, you could try recreating the texture and import to UV vanilla.
04/25/2022 10:51 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Helos00111 avatar
Will it work on 1.17.1?
04/25/2022 11:20 amhistory
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Artist
shmoobalizer avatar
04/22/2022 11:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Mario_Butoto avatar
Hey! I love this pack! I was wondering if there are any plans to port this to Bedrock Edition or is that off the table? Thanks in advance!
04/22/2022 12:49 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Artist
shmoobalizer avatar
once i become satisfied with the java edition version of this pack i might go back and make other editions / backports.
04/16/2022 12:53 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
zeloscar avatar
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!
04/03/2022 12:30 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Jimp_the_shrimp avatar
Could you make a stand-alone pack of the old glass texture
03/29/2022 1:44 pm
Level 23 : Expert Spider Rider
nw53 avatar
Thank you. You are awesome.
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