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Epic Adventures x32 (Detailed, Realistic, fantasy, HD 32x pack) Java and bedrock!

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toby109tt's Avatar toby109tt
Level 72 : Legendary Artist
Patreon sales MUST be made for Epic to stay updated!
The creator of Epic Adventures needs to find funding to keep the project going without this funding I'll have to discontinue the pack.
You can get the bedrock version to help me out too tho the Patreon is more steady and predictable. Sorry for this choice I hope everyone understands but times are changing and so is my artistic life. You chose the future of Epic Adventures! Lets go for a few more years! I need your support!
Epic Adventures x32 (Detailed, Realistic, fantasy, HD 32x pack) Java and bedrock! Minecraft Texture Pack

(Official Bedrock/ MCPE version)

(Official Discord)
> HERE <

Please consider giving it a good rating <3
Please also consider checking my other projects

Very cheap high quality skins I made on the marketplace


Hey y'all my name is Toby and I'm an artist with autism from Belgium.

I have been working hard on this pack ever since I started on February 6th of 2017.
it's by no means perfect but I hope you all like it.
I will be updating it for the foreseeable future!
If you would like to keep up with updates please check out my Discord.
Official Epic Adventures Discord

That leads me to my next topic...


I started work on this texturepack a while ago, It was nowhere near the level of quality nore scale that it is now.
That being said I am hoping to get feedback while I finish this pack, so please feel free to leave me some feedback and ideas.
(I am able to accept negative feedback. just remember that I am a human with emotions XD )


©️ toby109tt all rights reserved.
Please follow these rules. thank you in advance!

You may:

- Make showcase videos and posts. please send people a link to this pack.
(If you link to the pack please link to this PMC page.)
- Have fun with my pack ;D

You may not:
- Redistribute this pack or any of its assets as your own.
- Commercially use my assets.
- Create public mashup/edits using this pack’s assets. You can however make private edits.
- upload my pack to any other sites. Articles are also not allowed. All links in YouTube video's must directly go to this page! NO Other links allowed.
This pack shal NOT be shown in any way on resourcepack.net or 9minecraft or similar sites!


Thank you all for reading :3
Have a nice day/night.
-Toby :3

Epic Adventures x32 (Detailed, Realistic, fantasy, HD 32x pack) Java and bedrock! Minecraft Texture Pack
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.20.6

250 Update Logs

Update #250 : by toby109tt 05/15/2024 2:59:47 pmMay 15th

New Server Tier Anouncement

Recently, we added a server subscription level. This subscription tier is meant for server owners!

Many users seem to want to host servers with Epic Adventures as the main resource pack. We have now added the server pledge tier option for these users.

With this tier I hereby grant permission for the use of Epic Adventures on your server with the below requirements:

  • You do HAVE to use the download prompt in the game to distribute the pack to your users (Prompt clients with download on join)

  • You can NOT redistribute the pack files in any other way.

  • You CAN distribute an edited copy, BUT you must make this very clear to your users. You need to make clear that this is an edited version of Epic Adventures, AND you MUST credit me for the original work.

If you are already a server owner, please consider upgrading your subscription. But I won't force you. I still granted you allowance before, and I'll keep it that way as is. So you don't have to upgrade your pledge, but it would be great! Anyways that's that. I hope y'all have a good time.

Kind regards - Epic Adventures team :3


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04/03/2024 1:45 am
Level 1 : New System
TheDragonsCave's Avatar
i think you should allow people to add it to servers...
i wanted to convert the pack to work with model engine, and mythic mobs but due to your copy right, i cant make that happen.
i would still give you full ownership of it, i just wanted people to be able to fight the mobs with out having to actually upload the pack as a whole
05/05/2024 9:22 am
Level 72 : Legendary Artist
toby109tt's Avatar
Greetings, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. There were some technical issues that needed to get sorted first. Now that this is done I'd like to introduce you to the server owner tier. This was especially made for members such as yourself.


Getting this allows you to host the pack and even host an edited version. Hope this helps out 😄 if you have any questions please do feel free to ask 😊

Thanks and have a nice day!
03/15/2024 6:37 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
03/16/2024 1:14 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Artist
toby109tt's Avatar
Hahaha yup
03/16/2024 10:05 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
2nd is better
03/18/2024 2:29 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Artist
toby109tt's Avatar
Yeah that's the idea... It is a before and after haha
03/25/2024 11:48 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
warden deserves new model, don't ruin the allay like Misa 64x did
03/26/2024 11:45 am
Level 72 : Legendary Artist
toby109tt's Avatar
The vote is there and people choose what they choose. At some point I wanna do the allay as I got a good idea for it. Also Misas model looks... Not so incredible yes but making these packs is a lot of work man. Just like me and all other pack makers I know personally we are all just getting fed up of working on packs.

But my allay should look better then misa's, don't worry. I don't put the mob on the vote to do a bad job.

(No shade to Misa BTW, I love the pack (Used to be my fav as a teen))

I considered not putting the warden on the list becouse it will OBVIUSLY get chosen. But yeah there's more votes to come as long as there's enouth support on the Patreon.
03/03/2024 10:54 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
is paying for this pack permanent now?
03/04/2024 8:19 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Artist
toby109tt's Avatar
Yes... I mean I think that was rather clear, saying "if the Patreon doesn't make sales Epic Adventures for java will die" I did mean that. I am a busy man and sadly I have to do this to keep work on the project viable.

Thanks for your continued interest in my projects... You are my my most active user at this point 😁😜
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