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StormDragon77 avatar StormDragon77
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Dragon
Stormilla Minecraft Texture Pack
Stormilla is a large Vanilla+ pack that fixes tons of bugs and adds quality of life enhancements and tweaks with attention to detail. I have my core design principles listed below if you are interested in the absolute specifics of what this pack aims to do. I also plan on splitting some features from this pack up into their own smaller packs that take one concept and make it more compatible with just the base vanilla pack. Enjoy!

Here's my design principles for this pack to show everything I plan on adding to this:
- Fix Inconsistencies, fix every texture and model bug a resource pack can fix
- Art Style Consistency, Minecraft's current default pack isn't entirely consistent. Some models and textures look old whether they be over-detailed, under-detailed, have a messy color palette or are just a different art style. Some of these are on purpose such as diamond ore and the creeper due to their iconic look but I will still be updating those too anyway.
- Pixel Consistency, most of the game is already pixel consistent. There are just a few textures that have a different resolution compared to a block. If the pixels are not the same size as the ones on a dirt block then it will be fixed if possible.
- Less Uniformity, any texture that is simply a recolor of an existing texture will be made more unique like the ore changes in 1.17
- Palette Consistency, Textures of the same material will have the same or a similar color palette (with possibly some exceptions such as iron block and anvil).
- Unflatten Textures, Some textures look too flat in shading and that will get fixed.
- Parity, Bedrock and java will be as similar as a resource pack allows.
- Realism, Some things will be more realistic but of course keeping the vanilla style.
- Item Model Consistency, some are 2D and some 3D. I am making non-full blocks, except stairs and slabs, 2D
- Vanilla Building Blocks, I may make tweaks to them but I will not be drastically changing them. I don't want your builds to look too different with this pack on.

Use alternative download if top one doesn't work

Some features require OptiFine, pack still works without it however.
Pack utilizes: Emissive Textures, Custom Entity Models, Random Entities, Custom Colors, Custom Items (and supports Connected Textures). Make sure these are on for all features to work.

Stormilla Minecraft Texture PackStormilla & Tweaks Discord Server
For pack announcements, leave feedback, exclusive previews, occasional beta releases, help

Stormilla Issue Tracker on GitHub

You can also report a bug or leave a suggestion here if you'd like

Some assets also on Vanilla Extract!

Some features are in different packs to allow for more customizability. Put these packs on top of Stormilla in your resource pack loader.
Dark Mode - Dark mode with a Stormilla version in the second download link
No 3D Models - Removes all 3D models but maintains other aspects of the model and texture changes (doors, trapdoors, sugarcane, rails, ladders, tripwire hook)
Purple Ender - Makes ender chests, pearls, eyes of ender and portal frames purple
Copper-Like Iron Ore - Makes iron ore whiter but keeps the oxidation around some edges
Door Tweaks - Even more detailed door items and other door and trapdoor tweaks
Storm's HUD - More visible wither hearts, netherite armor icons, new xp bar, hotbar and more
Napstatoast's Crimsoner Crimson - Makes this pack compatible with Vanilla Tweaks' crimsoner crimson
No 3D Doors - Removes 3D elements from doors while retaining other door model changes

Napstatoast: Contributor
TrailerOctopus's Some Changes: Some emissive textures, Leather Overalls (modified), XP Bottle (modified)
Vanilla Tweaks
: Villager Cloak Fix (modified), Soul Soil Soul Campfire, Proper Break Particles (modified), Iron Bars Fix, Corrected Item Holding (modified). Inspiration for Flint Tipped Arrows and Unlit Redstone Ore
Insanial's Better Doors: Inspiration for Right Doors Lighting Fix
MrBrose: Minecraft Styled Title

Special Thanks:
Napstatoast, Kancer8496 and sadlittletree for the frequent suggestions
And to every other person who has left a suggestion, diamonded, favorited and downloaded, thank you!

*Some changes are not pictured above but are mentioned below in Full Feature List*

Full Feature List:
- Made lily pads look like the ones on swamp villagers heads and have flower variants
- New diamond and lapis ore texture along with new textures from 1.17

- Updated the torch texture with new palette and some iron bits on it, redstone torches are fully red
- Made bark of warped stems blue
- All doors and trapdoors have proper side textures and are 3D, doors and trapdoors have new models so lighting on block is always facing the correct direction
- Updated chests, now made of spruce wood
- Signs, tripwire hooks and string are pixel consistent
- TNT given black straps instead of the label and have better shading
- Rails made shinier and powered is fully made of gold since it can't be crafted with iron
- Sunflower looks more like an actual sunflower and is a little taller
- Sugarcane made more realistic with new texture and 3D model with leaves
- Made rails and ladder 3D
- Glow item frame is glow squid colored

- Updated bedrock to look smoother and remove harsh contrast
- Gave fire the campfire color palette
- Variation added to copper ore

- Haybale coloring changed to look more like modern wheat and lower band moved up
- Fully grown wheat crop recolored to be less green, younger crops yellow colors edited
- Beacon core turned into nether star and made shorter for centered texture
- Reshaded flower pot for nicer looking texture, empty pot has no dirt
- Gave maps in item frames a background for empty areas instead of using item frame background

- Gave new wood color to smithing table, composter, daylight sensor, painting back, jukebox, noteblock, stonecutter
- Fixed stretched textures for sunflower face, potted cactus, bell, fully grown cocoa bean, fire
- Better bottom texture for crafting table, furnace, blast furnace, pumpkins, cactus, loom, composter, dispenser, dropper, lectern, fletching table, jukebox, melon, beds, cartography table
- Prismarine bricks tile better and change color like prismarine
- Berries on cave vines look more like glow berries item and tweaked some leaves, berries on sweet berry bush and cakes made consistent, big berry on cake removed with candle on top of it

- Added bedrock piston model, sticky pistons have a unique side texture, updated inner texture
- Small dripleaf has stem that ends at leaves and is consistently sized, tilted big dripleaf no longer has a stem poking through it
- Redstone ore given an unlit texture when not emitting a signal like other redstone components (is also now not emissive by default) redstone dust slightly reshaded to better match ore and other components

- Lever base changed to polished cobblestone and has slot for lever on top
- Ancient Debris surrounded in netherrack to look like an actual ore
- Dark Oak and spruce door hinges match knob color
- Made iron palette bluer and iron palettes made consistent
- Iron bars colored with shiny rails colors and z-fighting issue fixed
- Gave farmland it's own side textures
- Glowstone with slightly more orangey palette

- Campfire bottom made grayer
- Observer top texture updated
- Recolored lapis block
- Made light block look nicer

- Updated textures all trapdoors
- Furnace now has lit animation, flame colors on furnace and smoker changed to campfire palette
- Changed dropper's mouth to vertical version
- Gave deepslate ores and gilded blackstone proper top textures
- Z-fighting fixed for lectern on fire, tons of item frame related bugs, buttons and paintings
- Smooth Stone given highlight since slabs have it
- Unlit campfires no longer have ashes
- Made top of comparator and repeater look more like smooth stone
- Removed green tint from stripped spruce, jungle logs and oak blocks
- Soul Campfire has soul soil base instead of coal
- Pistons and sticky pistons borders recolored to proper oak colors, cobblestone texture updated
- Recolored gold blocks, bells and other gold things with new gold color palette
- Bottom half of shulker and shulker box are darker to match dyed variants
- Randomly rotated melon and pumpkin stems

- Pumpkin stem recolored to brown
- Cactus spikes actually stick out of the block

- Top of jack o lantern and carved pumpkin has a circle cut outline
- Warped and crimson stem top given animated bedrock texture
- Recolored leather part of crafting table to brown, swapped 2 faces on side so same faces aren't next to each other
- Recolored netherrack colors on top of crimson nylium to better match warped
- Fixed inconsistent coloring of mycelium side compared to other dirt blocks
- Potted plants given better dirt texture depending on plant
- Stripped warped and crimson logs made darker and given unique textures
- Mossy cobble and stone bricks more moss colored

- Fixed bottom texture of hopper
- Diorite, granite, warped planks are smoother
- Changed item frame border to stripped birch
- Tweaked lit candle textures for black, blue, lime, green, magenta, gray, light gray

- Updated diamond corners on enchantments table and clothe slight retexture
- Brewing stand rod brighter and bottom desaturated
- Eye of ender on enderchest and portal frame made more round rather than diamond shaped
- Highlights and/or shadows edited on birch, spruce and dark oak doors
- Stripped stem tops have outer most ring like other logs
- Tweaked streaks on tinted glass and made borders less saturated

- Cauldron given proper inside texture
- Gave struck lightning rod have an actual texture
- Sandstone and red sandstone walls have better tops
- Chisled sandstones have more hieroglyphics

- Stripped acacia side, door and trapdoor are less red
- Chipped anvil has less cracks
- Deepslate tiles made more symmetrical in height
- Gave acacia, birch and jungle planks dark colors made darker to better match other planks
- Spore blossom petals are slightly more distinct
- Tweaked cut copper, copper block and raw copper palette and shading

- Tweaked bow and arrows on fletching table, fixed shading error on an arrow
- Seagrass is slightly shorter so it doesn't stick out of the water

- Made daylight sensor tops consistent in shading
- Made netherbricks align with bricks, barrels align with planks and itself, button and kelp block faces better align
- Soul Lantern's frame matches style of normal lantern's
- Made honey on bee nest the same as on hive
- Brain coral made more tileable

- Backside of painting has updated planks texture
- Posterized (smaller color palette) colored terracotta, lava, coarse dirt, end rod
- Fixed potted cactus and bamboo top not rendering with top slab over them
- Loom lines up with bookshelves and has darker sides
- Fixed shading errors on crimson, oak and iron doors
- Added missing pixel on redstone dust
- Tweaked palette for lectern, anvil, barrel, loom, deepslate top, deepslate coal ore, blackstone, lanterns, chains
- Fixed the corner on the bottom of smokers
- Fixed improper UV mapping of glass panes
- Minor tweak to lantern on ground model and chain texture

- Fixed miscolored pixel(s) on spruce planks, dirt + variants, loom, lead knot
- Fixed purple glazed terracotta having old sword outline, light gray glazed terracotta not aligning in some orientations
- Fixed lack of culling on anvil, beacon, lightning rod, brewing stand, torches, chorus flower, bell

- Updated faces of creeper and pig on paintings
- Changed background of wither painting to soulsand valley
- Some default models have been optimized

- Creeper completly recolored to match updated textures

- Zombified Piglins given torn up piglin clothing and piglin skin color
- Iron golem given whiter palette to match iron block and yellow dot flowers replaced with small poppies, cracks on iron golem no longer overlay on top of vines and flowers

- Pixel consistency added for ghast, xp orbs, bats, vexes, witch, shulker bullet, snow golem arms, elder guardian
- Z-fighting issues fixed for wolf snout, cat snout and tail, squid and glow squid tentacles, lead knot on fence post, horse armor and rope, bat head and body when hanging on ceiling, small armor stand head and body, panda head and body, piglin legs, different colored shulkers next to each other, horse rein, random pixels to sides of reins on horse, horse's ears and head, pigs legs and body, spider legs
- Squid updated to look like glow squid and be less flat
- Magma cubes are more netherrack color
- Pigs have given piglin hooves and ears

- Spectral arrows now actually look like the item and are glowstone colored
- Mooshrooms given pink patches to match brown mooshrooms and mooblooms
- Saddles on pigs, striders and ravagers are now brown to match color of horse saddles
- Zombies given torn up, discolored clothing like husks and drowned
- Blacked out zombie villager eyes to match normal zombies
- Recolored cat eyes to be consistent with eachother, fixed tuxedo cat's shoulders
- Leather leggings changed to overalls
- Shulkers given updated texture

- Ported bedrock's dragon fireball
- Gold armor given better color palette
- Iron horse armor's palette changed to player iron armor
- Piglins and Brutes given white tusks like zombified piglins and gold coloring tweaked
- Hoglins given white tusks, zoglins have hoglin skin color
- Book on enchanting table and lectern is the same color as the book item
- Bottom part of blaze's rods fixed and small coloring tweaks
- Farmer Villager's hat looks like haybale retexture
- Made saddles consistent
- Netherite armor's color palette on leggings fixed
- Chests on horses, donkeys, mules and llamas changed to zombie horse chest texture
- Fixed glass color on end crystal
- 3D pillows on beds
- Front and back of boat is identical and made bottom planks align
- Fixed wrong skin color on zombie armorer and weaponsmith
- Fixed zombie leatherworkers, weaponsmiths, masons and armorers not having gloves

- Steve's clothing and arm shading updated, gave him his beard back
- Alex's shirt edited and hair reshaded
- Updated hands of zombie villager, illagers, steve, alex, drowned
- Changed snow texture on snow golem and arms to spruce texture
- Changed blue fish on fisherman to salmon
- Villager, zombie villager and illager bottom of outfit fixed, noses tweaked
- Made wandering trader more consistent with villager

- Chainmail boots given bottom texture
- Leather helmet given nose guard
- Cow, mooshroom and brown mooshroom's improved patches that don't abruptly end on a face
- Villager profession badges recolored
Fixed stretched elytra side
- Guardians given 2D pupils

- Fixed tuxedo cat's shoulders colors
- Fixed wither's spine being off-center

- Removed horse black spots pattern from legs
- Item Frame background made slightly darker
- Changed stand on banner to stripped dark oak and string changed to lead colors
- Fixed miscolored pixels on gold and diamond armor, magma cube
- Made diamond shoulder pads on armor consistent
- Changed illusioner's texture to the one from dungeons
- Made enchanting book's pages consistent
- Posterized charged creeper electricity

- 2D item textures for enchanting table, lectern, anvils, stonecutter, grindstone, beds, tripwire hook, lightning rod, end portal frame, composter, beacon, heads(they just face forward), lilypads
- New item texture for lever, comparator, repeater, flower pot and hopper to look more like block
- Books recolored and more consistent while also being clearly distinct
- Made maps look like scrolls

- Recolored stick with oak palette and made more natural looking
- Netherite armor items look more like the armor and tools use palette from armor
- Diamond and gold tools recolored with more palette more like raw material
- Recolored borders of all armor items
- Arrows are flint tipped to accurately represent what they are crafted with
- Pulled back bows and crossbows have feathers and better arrowheads for the arrows
- Boat oars match the color of the boat
- Netherwart item updated
- Changed water color of tropical fish and pufferfish bucket to warm ocean color

- Melon slices are no longer flat in shading
- Cooked porkchops are browner to look more like other meats
- Barrier and stucture void given better shading
- Helmet items are more accurate to model
- Blaze rod updated to look more like blaze's rod from entity
- Item frame looks more like the block, sword updated
- Painting item is longer, spruce frame and features the sunset painting
- Chain item given better texture
- Fishing Rod has a bobber
- Glow berries have more accurate leaf

- Bow and fishing rod string looks more like crossbow string
- Leather and saddles made brown for palette consistency along with other leather-made items
- Banner patterns are now distinguishable from each other
- Brown and Red mushrooms look more like giant versions
- Sea pickle item given more 2D look
- Some wooden items like wooden tools and bowls given spruce palette
- Gave helmets noseguards and darker inside
- Sign items have consistent text, shading and have log textures on their posts
- Bonemeal color changed to bone colors
- Made spyglass item have same color lenses as model's
- Wall and fence items look like they do on bedrock
- Sugarcane item recolored with new palette
- Spectral arrow given glowstone color palette
- Off-center items have been centered

- Wheat item recolored to match wheat changes
- Wheat seeds recolored more like real wheat seeds
- Lanterns held from chain in thirdperson

- Lava in bucket looks more like lava
- Recolored egg to a more realistic brown
- Iron Nugget texture updated to look more like gold nugget texture
- Door items match style of crimson and warped door items
- Saplings given more accurate colors
- Some dyes recolored to more like their actual dye color
- Recolored map to proper colors from map held in hand, moved text on map item
- Clock changed to tweaked new texture and has new sky, sun and moon
- Compass changed to tweaked new texture
- Recolored trident item with entity colors
- Blaze powder and magma cream coloring updated to new blaze rod's
- Edited iron tools coloring
- Bottle o' Enchanting changed to splash potion since it's throwable, removed yellow outline and added glass bottle texture
- Brewing stand item looks more like block
- Made jungle leaves item look like it does on bedrock

- Cookie changed to brown
- Chorus plant item changed to look like how it looks in block form

- Shield recolored with spruce and anvil colors
- Improved positioning of items in third person
- Made the end crystal item more even
- Made leather armor items more accurate to model
- Pumpkin and melon seeds shading edited
- Iron items recolored with consistent color palette
- Beetroot given leaves like crop, seeds edited
- Changed end rod item to look like torch and lantern items
- Hanging roots held from base in thirdperson
- Made chorus fruit and popped chorus fruit use the same palette and slightly reshaded

- Dried kelp is the same color as the kelp block
- Music discs updated to pigstep's shading, colors tweaked on far, mall and wait discs
- Turtle egg is no longer the same shape as a diamond
- Gave iron ingot and gold ingot consistent shading
- Horse armor items recolored
- Top of sign items made more consistent

- Carrot on carrot on a stick looks more like a carrot
- Lead made same color as entity
- Fixed miscolored border on TNT, furnace and command block minecart items (TNT minecart also updated)
- Brick and netherbrick recolored with block colors
- Soul Lantern item matches block change
- Bell item recolored to proper block colors
- String recolored with cobweb colors
- Fire charge made browner
- Fixed coloring of stick on iron and stone hoes
- Glistering melon slice mirrored to match melon slice
- Crossbow string and pixel fix
- Recolored one pixel on all swords
- Glow ink sac given slightly different shaped texture and posterized

- Slightly moved positioning of rabbit stew, buckets and fishing rods

- Hotbar, gamemode switcher and xp bar made cleaner and simpler
- Buttons that turn blue when hovered over now gain a white border like other GUI changes
- Selection arrows are pixel consistent and slightly darker
- Added icons for hopper, furnaces, stonecutter, dispenser/dropper GUIs
- Hearts on HUD given more detail, poison and gapple hearts recolored
- Updated armor, hunger and bubble icons in HUD
- Changed backround behind player in inventory to coloring like other slots, includes entity shadow and top gradient (Also makes black skins, like mine, actually visible!)
- Empty chestplate, leggings and boots icon updated
- Empty helmet icon changed to helmet outline
- Empty offhand icon changed to more shield-like shape
- Changed orbs in enchanting GUI to represent the number in count
- Changed top of pyramid to look more like beacon
- Updated hammer in anvil GUI
- Smithing hammer is netherite colored
- Updated blaze rod in brewing GUI
- Updated fire color in furnace GUIs
- Critical attack indicator updated
- Minecraft logo made HD
- Improved crafting table and furnace icons in recipe book
- Changed white boxes in recipe book to green
- Changed rotation and positioning of shield and banner item to face forward
- Centered many item models in GUI

- Cartography table item now has globe side facing you in GUI
- Made bottom shadow of menu buttons 1 pixel tall to match other shadow and highlights

- Glass panes, iron bars made smaller so they don't border the slots
- Spectator buttons, stats icons and toast tutorials icons updated
- Lapis icon in enchanting interface updated
- Options background given updated dirt
- Added dropshadow to lots of icons on menu buttons
- Updated op and user icons in realms GUI
- Updated diamond colors in realms GUI
- Centered crosshair
- Fixed missing border in potion effects box
- Fixed potion icons in brewing interface
- Fixed inconsistent shading in brewing interface
- Fixed transparent inner border in advancements interface
- Fixed background color of armor icons in HUD
- Fixed stray pixels on game mode switcher

- Tons of emissive textures
- Less obtrusive: rain, snow, effect particles, splash particles
- Rounder sun and moon with high resolution gradient around to match gradients in the sky
- Some workstations, beds given better break particles
- Lots of yellow things that have the 1.12- yellow color were updated
- Made water more transparent to be less obtrusive

- Gave stews, berries, fish, carrots, melon slices, beetroots better eating particles so you don't eat the non-edible bits
- Gave berries, carrots, fish and melon better particles so you don't eat the greenery
- Enchantment particles are now an enchanted purple color
- Pixel Consistency for beacon beam, entity shadow and guardian beam, redstone particles
- Fishing bobber made consistent with fishing rod item
- Pumpkin overlay is mirrored since it is from the pov of you and is orange
- Shields and banners have proper break particles when broken
- End sky now has stars instead of purple noise
- Portal, enderman and ender chest particles are little dots instead of the generic cloud particle
- Added riptide texture from bedrock

- Tweaked some shield banner patterns to better represent the normal banner pattern
- Updated bubble particle
- Removed checkerboard pattern from empty portions of maps

- Fixed shield not being centered in item frame and as a dropped item
- Lava, flame and angry particles are campfire colored
- Heart particle looks more like new HUD heart, damage particle made wider and looks more like HUD wither heart
- Applied blur effect to nausea overlay
- Tweaked colors of haste, strength, weakness, bad omen, invisibility, fire resistance and slow falling effect icons
- Bunch of splash texts
- Other small changes
- Easter eggs

- Removed "of" from numerous names, "Block of Diamond" for example becomes "Diamond Block"
- Renamed "Nether Wart Block" to "Crimson Wart Block"
- Renamed "Nether Wart" to "Crimson Wart"

- Renamed "Nether Sprouts" to "Warped Sprouts"
- Renamed "Wood Blocks" to "Bole Blocks" (for less generic name)

- Renamed "Steak" to "Cooked Beef"
- Renamed "Daylight Detector" back to "Daylight Sensor"
- Renamed "Beetroot Soup" to "Beetroot Stew"
- Renamed "Nether Quartz" to "Quartz"
- Renamed "Zoglin" to "Zombified Piglin"
- Renamed "Carrot/Warped Fungus on a Stick" to "Carrot/Warped Fungus on a Rod"
- Renamed "Kelp Plant" to "Kelp Stalk" (Also applies to nether vines)
- Removed the word "charge" from some banner pattern items for consistent names
- Added more descriptions to gamerules in world creation screen

- Chicken remodeled with better palette, tail, smaller beak and comb (the red thing)
- Added baby chicks, hornless baby cows and tuskless baby piglins and hoglins
- Cave spiders eyes made green

- Z-fighting fixes for signs, shulkers and floor, villagers clothes, enchanting table book, dispensed boats, baby chicken head and wings
- Added jeb_, Dinnerbone/Grumm, Toast and Johnny name tag textures
- Biome specific magma cube texture for basalt deltas
- Different colored axolotl buckets

- Sign now actually touches the wall it's placed on instead of hovers
- Fixed spike mapping on medium pufferfish and added tails to large and medium sized
- Glass is slightly transparent to be in line with stained glass
- Bat model that fixes issues with wings and ears
- Vex has more pronounced eyebrows
- Lectern Book has unique texture
- Invisible armor so you can see your skin in survival and still be protected, add the word "invisible" or abbreviation "NVS" to armor name
- Name tag has no text on texture until renamed
- Updated Ruby, rename an emerald to "Ruby"
- Withered bones, rename a bone to "Withered Bone" or "Wither Bone"
- Golden Totem of Undying, rename a totem to "Golden Totem"

CIT (Custom Item Texture) names are NOT case sensitive and can be added onto

(Please remember these are subject to change and are in no particular order in terms of priority)
YTBA = Yet to be added
- Make vex look more like allay (was confirmed to have pixel consistent model so vex's will have same model)

- Pixel consistency for everything - YTBA: wither, rabbits, cave spiders, baby mobs
- Update all old textures - YTBA: dirt, coarse dirt, enderman, ender dragon, spawn eggs, structure block, silverfish, steve and alex (update), parrot, endermite, nautilus shell, heart of the sea, conduit, nether and end portal, corals, coral fans and coral blocks, water, firework star, concrete, concrete powder, turtle, phantom, scute, dragon egg, grass, cobblestone pack.png, seeds, chorus plants
- 2D sprites for all non-full blocks (minus stairs and slabs) - YTBA: daylight sensor, conduit, buttons, pressure plates, rails, ladder, plants, dragon egg, dripleaf, spore blossom, sculk sensor, fences, gates,
- Update old mobs models (and textures) - YTBA: cow, sheep, ender dragon, rabbit
- Animate light sources
- Broken elytra model
- Change jukebox top to vinyl player
- Fix flat textures - YTBA: crimson wart block, warped wart block, original 3 cats
- Unique textures - YTBA: dyes, logs, mineral blocks, armor, tools
- Color wooden blocks and items like existing wood types - YTBA: stick on rails, ladder
- Add new colors to spawn eggs. May give all of them unique patterns to be more distinguishable
- Cleaner GUI buttons
- CIT armor - YTBA: minimal, classic leather leggings
- Baby dolphins and squid
- Biome water colors
- Unique texture for fences, walls, some stairs and slabs, buttons, armor stand
- Better boss bars
- Dog breeds
- Distinguishable infested blocks in inventory (and blocks that are hard to tell the difference of from a glance)
- Remake minecarts
- Make oars on boats look more like oars instead of shovels
- Green poison hearts
- Tweaked soul fire palette
- Give cows and sheep tails
- Water color map from bedrock edition
- Randomly rotate some blocks and plants

- Add arms to cacti to look more like saguaro cacti
- Support for Fabric equivalent mods for OptiFine features

You can also find some of these textures in separate packs if you only want something specific:
No Z-Fighting
Brown Leather
Distinct Bedrock
Shinier Rails
Updated Blaze Rods
Semi-Iron Torches
(If you are using Stormilla, you do not need these packs too, they are already included.)

Terms and Conditions:
(For use in your public resource packs, mods, videos, etc.)
- You need to get my written permission to use anything for commercial use
- You must properly credit me by linking me in the description and adding a credits.txt with my username and profile link
- You cannot put my assets behind paywalls
- Assets must be modified or be an addition to your pack. Reuploads are not allowed
- Use in let's plays, showcases or other videos is completely fine as long as you don't claim ownership. Credit me in the description (Especially in a showcase video where my pack is the focal point of the video)
- You do not have permission to use textures (including modified versions) from this pack that are not mine, ask the original creator

© 2021 StormDragon77 | Some Rights Reserved | CC BY-NC-SA

Stormilla Minecraft Texture Pack

CreditNapstatoast, Minecraft Art Team, Stridey from Vanilla Tweaks, TrailerOctopus, MrBrose
Progress0% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

16 Update Logs

2.2.1 : by StormDragon77 01/05/2022 9:24:54 pmJan 5th

Small patch to mainly fix issues with doors and trapdoors

Fixed missing particles on a birch door bottom model
Fixed missing 3D door knob on one side of jungle door
Fixed lighting issue on warped trapdoors
Fixed top dark oak trapdoors having top textures mirrored incorrectly
Tweaked hopper palette to better match cauldron and anvil

Also thanks for 50k views and 10k downloads

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01/16/2022 9:27 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Explorer
KarenMC avatar
Hey can you fix the zombified piglin to match with piglins like the gold in the texture and fix the leg and arm using the same parts? And zombified piglin brutes variant with optifine? :) that's will be cool tho-.

Edit: I type z in the "fiz" name instead of "x" xD
01/16/2022 8:07 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
KarenMC avatar
Lol why is so beautiful this texture pack? Great work.
01/10/2022 1:07 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
Kancer8496 avatar
Been inactive for almost a month now. Now I'm back!
Anyways what a NOICEE update!
01/07/2022 7:46 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
HomieSiDjack avatar
Honestly I love this pack
01/05/2022 10:07 pm
Level 28 : Expert Princess
Kate1902019 avatar
Please include paintings please. I want a custom paintings(even Bob Ross's paintings, any famous paintings(Mona Lisa, Scream, Northern Lights etc.) instead of some horrible default paintings that is made by Kristoffer Zetterstrand!

But I like Storm's version of the textures. Because some of the textures made by Mojang was a mistake(underside the blazes' rods, weird holes under the chainmail boots, bedrock is too rough in texture, one pixel lines on the kelp blocks etc.)
01/05/2022 9:47 pm
Level 23 : Expert Taco
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I suggest (I dont think it'll be added but) you add a dark mode (do to most people using it) and (least likely one) the 1.13 below glass textures
01/06/2022 1:44 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Dragon
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I do already have a dark mode for this pack here, the second button has the download that is compatible with this pack. I'm not bringing old textures back for this pack tho, they don't fit the art style.
01/03/2022 9:26 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Waffle
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holy gosh
01/02/2022 10:58 pm
Level 49 : Master Mage
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01/02/2022 6:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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cant dowload it
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