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More Heads [OptiFine]

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KeepMeow's Avatar KeepMeow
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Kitten
More Heads [OptiFine] Minecraft Texture Pack

Are the 6 heads that are available in Minecraft not enough for you?

This resourcepack is the solution to this problem!
To get a mob head model, you need to take a carved pumpkin and rename with anvil to mob name. All names are listed in the table below.

Player Head [​Alex]Allay HeadAxolotl Head [​Blue]Axolotl Head [​Cyan]Axolotl Head [​Gold]Axolotl Head [​Lucy]Axolotl Head [​Wild]Bat HeadBlaze HeadCat Head [​All Black]
Cat Head [​Black]Cat Head [​British]Cat Head [​Calico]Cat Head [​Jellie]Cat Head [​Persian]Cat Head [​Ragdoll]Cat Head [​Red]Cat Head [​Siamese]Cat Head [​Tabby]Cat Head [​White]
Cave Spider HeadChicken HeadCow HeadDolphin HeadDonkey HeadDrowned HeadEnderman HeadFox Head [​Normal]Fox Head [​Snow]Frog Head [​Cold]
Frog Head [​Temperate]Frog Head [​Warm]Glow Squid HeadGoat HeadGuardian Head [​Normal]Guardian Head [​Elder]Hoglin HeadHorse Head [​Black]Horse Head [​Brown]Horse Head [​Chestnut]
Horse Head [​Creamy]Horse Head [​Dark Brown]Horse Head [​Gray]Horse Head [​White]Husk HeadIllager HeadIllager Head [​Illusioner]Iron Golem HeadLlama Head [​Blown]Llama Head [​Creamy]
Llama Head [​Gray]Llama Head [​White]Mooshroom Head [​Red]Mooshroom Head [​Brown]Mule HeadOcelot HeadPanda Head [​Normal]Panda Head [​Aggressive]Panda Head [​Brown]Panda Head [​Lazy]
Panda Head [​Playful]Panda Head [​Weak]Panda Head [​Worried]Parrot Head [​Blue]Parrot Head [​Green]Parrot Head [​Gray]Parrot Head [​Red & Blue]Parrot Head [​Yellow & Blue]Phantom HeadPig Head
Piglin Brute HeadPiglin HeadPolar Bear HeadRabbit Head [​Brown]Rabbit Head [​Brown]Rabbit Head [​Caerbannog]Rabbit Head [​Gold]Rabbit Head [​Salt]Rabbit Head [​Toast]Rabbit Head [​White]
Rabbit Head [​White Splotched]Ravager HeadSheep HeadShulker HeadSkeleton Horse HeadSnow Golem HeadSpider HeadSquid HeadStray SkullStrider Head [​Normal]
Strider Head [​Cold]Trader HeadTurtle HeadVex HeadVillager HeadWarden HeadWitch HeadWither Boss SkullWolf HeadZoglin Head
Zombie Horse HeadZombie Villager HeadZombified Piglin Head

PS: Not all heads are shown in the pictures. If you want to put the head on the ground, then place the renamed pumpkin in the
Missing Item Frame.

More Heads [OptiFine] Minecraft Texture Pack

More Heads [OptiFine] Minecraft Texture Pack

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Update : by KeepMeow 07/25/2022 1:58:58 pmJul 25th, 2022

+ Added all kinds of pandas
+ Added all kinds of axolotls
+ Added all kinds of cats
+ Added all kinds of foxes
+ Added all kinds of frogs
+ Added all kinds of horses
+ Added all kinds of llamas
+ Added all kinds of rabbits
+ Added all kinds of parrots
+ Elder Guardian Head
+ Illusioner Head
+ Brown Mooshroom Head
+ Stray Skull
+ Cold Strider Head
+ Wandering Trader Head
+ Vex Head
+ Witch Head

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08/06/2022 8:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
mystik_rose86's Avatar
how did you do this?

that's so cool
07/25/2022 3:05 am
Level 37 : Artisan Princess
Kate1902019's Avatar
I like the Alex Head better. Because she is a human or a Player.
07/25/2022 12:13 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
Scribblez01's Avatar
Nice job!
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