Tileable Prismarine Bricks

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avatar StormDragon77
Level 40 : Master Dragon
This pack just changes the prismarine bricks to be tileable/more seamless by making the tiles a pentagon shape. I always thought prismarine bricks were ugly because they're unlike every other brick block since they're not seamless. Works in 1.16.2+

“Can I use your textures in my resource pack?”
Yes, under these conditions:

You must ask for my permission to use textures:
  - I will usually say yes, just want to know who's using my textures in their pack
You must properly credit me:
  - Link to my pack and/or profile
  - Include credits.txt file in pack with my profile link
You cannot put my textures behind paywalls
You cannot reupload my packs as they are, without modifications or additions

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16
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