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2/9/21 10:41 pm 2/9/21 10:41 pm

Member suggestions!


So not very long ago there used to be a section on the right side of the computer screen that would suggest a couple of PMC members to subscribe to, & it sadly got removed, but I thought why not bring it back in a more polished form? By polished I mean there used to be some bugs with it, and it used to always suggest members that were already quite popular on the site. The other issues will be listed down, but for now I just want to bring it back because I personally found it very fun!


The previous bugs:

The older suggestion tab has some issues that I thought to list out to to keep in mind if anyone in the moderation team decides to go forward with this feature ticket:
1- As already mentioned above the suggestion bar used to mostly suggest people that already had a lot of subscribers, and I feel like they should make it so it has a mix between both low sub-ed members, and high sub-ed member.
2- Blocking someone would result in said person not being able to access their profile page, but even when someone blocked me I'd get them in my suggestions section, and I've personally never blocked anyone, but I'd assume it would also suggest people who you already blocked, so I suggest you fix the issues with the blocking system.
3- There sometimes used to be people on that list that kind of never changed over time. For example I'd get a member in my suggested section, then that member would be suggested to me for days on average before being switched to someone else, and I feel like they should at least have a [​Suggest other members] button where if you don't find any of the member suggested interesting you can at least switch them out with other people.

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