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- MINECRAFT 1.9 - What is to come and what to expect! -

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avatar Maxipan
Level 37 : Artisan Cake
Not long until the first Minecraft 1.9 snapshots are being released. But many still don't know what is to come and what to expect from the Combat Update! Here is a short article on (hopefully) everything known on the 1.9 update! (If you have anything else to add, please comment below)

Before we start out; here is a short history of the 1.9 update information.

  1. Mojangsters tweet a few things to get people all hyped. These things include corn(maybe), multiple boss bars at once and a mysterious new block!
  2. The April Fools version of Minecraft comes out and within it hides information about the next minecraft update. A redditor discovers this easteregg in form of a QR-code formed by snow. After scanning the code it will display the text "Minecraft 1.9: The Combat Update)
  3. More and more screenshots and teasers are tweeted and it is revealed that dual wielding will be a thing!
  4. Finally more information is released and explained at a Minecon 2015 panel! (I was there so I know what's up ;))

1.9 Features

  • Dual Wielding
    This is an enitrely new game mechanic that should change many aspects of the game, but mostly (as you can guess by the name of this update) changes combat.

    Wtih this feature a player now has a main hand and an off hand. Players now also have the ability to be left or right handed. The main hand will function as it always has, and if no item is equipped in the off hand then it will not show up on screen.

    Any item from the hotbar can be put into the off hand by using the default key [F]. The way they work is: if the main hand item does not have a right-click action, then the right click action of the off hand will be used (this does not apply for left-clicking, as every item has a left-click action).

    Example: Sword in the main hand, torch in the off hand.
    While this setup is being used, left click will swing the sword (note that the sword no longer has the abilty to block) and right click will place the torch. This is because the sword does not have a right-click action so the right-click action of the torch is being used!

  • Shields
    Shields are a new type of item (crafting recipe unknown) that can block attacks from the front. Shields can also be dual wielded and a banner can be put onto them by combining them in a crafting table!

  • Arrows
    Right now Minecraft has one basic arrow type. But with the Combat Update many more will be added. These arrows will have potion effects, giving the player/mob the potion effect when hitting them.

    It is suspected that all potion types can be put onto an arrow, but some of them (ex. poison) will have a weaker effect.

    There is also a new type of arrow called "Spectral arrow" which (most likely) does not have a potion. When a player or mob is hit by this arrow, they will get a white outline making them visible through walls and when they are invisible. So basically... WALL HACKS ON A STICK!

  • The end
    This dimension will see a lot of change in the 1.9 update. Not only will the end become infinite with more islands, but many new blocks and even a new dungeon will be added to the end!

    The dragon fight will be like on the Xbox360 version. This means that some of the endercrystals will be surrounded by iron bars and there is always the same amount of obsidian pillars in every world. The end portal structure is already pre-made but the portal will only appear after killing the dragon. Instead of giving you a dragon egg and showering the player in xp, however, (a few) new items will be added that the dragon drops! These can be used to craft endercrystals and when you place them back on their spots you can re-do the dragon fight!

    In addition to this a "End gateway" is now in the game. It is a 1x1x1 portal block so that one will have to use an enderpearl to get into it. It is still unknown where this actually brings you.

    The new dungeon called "Ender city" is a new structure that generates ontop of the end islands. The treasures it holds are yet to be discovered but it is known that it consists of yellowish and purple blocks (maybe something like endbrick?).

    Watch out though, in the end there is a new special type of mob that hides inside a block. It will only show if the player gets in range. Then the top of the block will spin open with a cool effect (It reminds a lot of the enchantment table book) revealing the block-like mob. This mob is called the "Shulker" and it leaves a white trail behind it. It does not walk (it's just a block, duh) but rather floats around. It will not go diagnoal, however, it only follows block-lines. For example: If you walk away from it diagonally it will follow you in a zig-zag pattern. This mob can also go up and down meaning it can basically fly. One more thing about these new critters: They may not do a lot of damage but they give you an annoying effect called levitation. This effect will slowly levitate you until the time on it runs out, or you hit a ceiling.

    (I will not mention the new plant-block-thing as no one is quite sure what it does yet)

Feel like I missed something? Want to just say what's on your mind about the new update? Like cake? Just leave a comment below and I will be sure to respond!


4 replies

07/19/2015 8:20 pm
Level 24 : Expert Lumberjack
Can't wait for the update
07/20/2015 6:19 am
Level 37 : Artisan Cake
Neither! Snapshots are suppose to come out this week!
07/20/2015 2:29 pm
Level 24 : Expert Lumberjack
Yeah I was wondering why there weren't any out yet :P
07/15/2015 10:02 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Architect
Felix Scamander
I can just see the Redstoners of the world quivering in excitement for the Levitation effect.

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