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A small tekkit rant.

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avatar flame12176
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
note* this was origainaly one of my forum post but i wanted to put it as a blog.

Well first of all if you don't know what tekkit is ... then ... are you living under a rock. JK JK. Ok so tekkit is the SMP version of the technic pack. It includes the mods: Equivalent Exchange, IndustrialCraft 2, BuildCraft, and oh so much more. But I have to tell you somethings about the tekkit servers.

1: Fricken hard-core servers. I know how a lot of you people are like "Yeah HC" but with tekkit, HC is is like getting raped ... with barbed wire. In other words, everything is so hard to get in tekkit that it takes like a couple diamonds to get something good. IDK how the lazy server owners (I call most HC server owners lazy because, HC servers are the easiest to maintain, but i do know that any server is hard to maintain) got into tekkit but they are there. And this way people are crossing over into tekkit just to troll/grief. So i can't even find a good tekkit server without finding a HC one first.

2: Whitelist. Because of most HC servers I'm guessing that griefers will cross-over into the good servers, therefore making most good tekkit servers whitelisted. I'm not truely affected by this because i have a passion for tekkit and i will look for a good server untill i find one. But still tekkit is too good to be whitelisted, so many people love it (even though 40% of the tekkit players are trolls/griefers) and go through FPS lag then why make it whitelisted?

3: Lazy/nooby tekkit players. I've see so many tekkit players that ask for items instead of working for it. I've also see so many noobs (but i don't wanna blame them because tekkit is hard to learn and its so different than vanilla) running around. But still I've see people asking for a stack of Red Matter or asking for a stack of Iridium plates the 2 most hardest things to get in tekkit, but do they stop spamming for items? NO! They just keep on asking.

4: Youtubers. Well this isn't really a rant. More like a warning. When you start watching a tekkit episode and you hear a high pitched voice, you might want to go to the next vid. This is because most kids don't really have the good quality of recording/playing because (keep in mind that this is SMP) if they die then they might rant about glitches or something. Instead i might ask you to watch 4 technic/tekkit youtubers (this is because they have the best quality) Nearbygamer, Direwolf20, Dratnos, Dyloop. These people have done co-ops with each other and they truely have the best quality they all have Technic play-thoughs and also have tekkit play-throughs.

5: The Griefers. Ok say you are on a good tekkit server thats not HC. So after a long day oh playing you go to sleep and you log on later and you dont have a house or any mechs. Yes I'm talking about the d-bags that still grief even though its non grief i mean really you wanna grief go on a HC server not a good server.

That's it. But plz tell me a couple things about you opinion about tekkit players/servers. But don't rant about tekkit itself it is really good. And if you have any good non-whitelist + non-HC servers plz give us the IP.

06/28/2012 10:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
i have a small server but it uses hamachi :(

if you get hamachi then you can send me the details

06/28/2012 5:18 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
well i dont really play tekkit anymore i just play amco sp
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