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Better villagers

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NorMak3 avatar NorMak3
Level 25 : Expert Scribe
I think villagers should have more stuff, like spawning in other generated buildings, their skin textured different when they spawn in different biomes, more classes for those areas like archealogist and miner, befreinding (when villagers are befreinded with cake they can follow you or be dissmissed and they poop emeralds), talking/ quests (when you complete a quest you get emeralds), and more! this would benefit the game because everytime you see a villager instead of thinking ,"I'm gonna kill you if you don't have a good trade", you think, "what's this guy's quest?" or "how much can I haggle from this guy?" or "Hey Bill!" or "What's up doc/ freind?" or"hey a new villager!", this is if this is your first time playing ,but you get the idea. This will probably also add more excitement and more things to do. One quest I imagine is help a miner get out of the abandoned mineshaft alive. another is a stupid villager bets another one that he can shoot an apple on top of their child's head and if he one he gets 50 emeralds, and he's a bad archer. So he asks you to shoot for him, if you shoot the apple you get 25 of his emeralds, if you shoot the kid the villager starts to hate you. Iron golems should be way more common and in every village. Also just for the people who still hate villagers and think that after all of this improvement, villagers are just decoration, maybe villagers or maybe any mob follows placed string by curiosity. please comment, subscribe, make a mod if you like (i hope you do), please put this at first prize. goodbye :)
Creditvillagers for existing, mob talker mod for inspiring the talk/quest idea

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