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DarkGEBM Lore

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This is the official story page for DarkGEBM666.

DarkGEBM666 - DarkGEBM
ShadowGreief - Greief
DarkRob333 - Rob
ShadowGoldenScientist - Dr. Shadow Goldens
GoldenScientist - Dr. Goldens
Trotelot - Trot

Prologue - Who is DarkGEBM
DarkGEBM was born Gaél (last name redacted) on February 13th, 20(redacted), to a mother and father who didn’t get along very well. Eventually, his father was so fed up with his mother that he killed her, stabbing her with a butcher knife from the kitchen he worked at. The sous chef made it look like an accident, and proceeded to raise Gaél horribly. You see, the mother was the parent that liked Gaél, and the father hated the mother for having a child that looked so… weak. The father raised Gaél all for many years, until, at the age of (redacted), Gaél finally took a stand. One day, while the father was heading down the street to get some soda for himself, Gaél took some arsenic out of a shoebox under hidden in the closet. When the father got home, he used the bathroom as he didn’t want to pee during his hour of responding to Billy Hargrove haters online. While peeing, Gaél put some arsenic in his soda, and when the father drank it, he dropped dead. Unfortunately for Gaél, the superintendent had come in to fix the faucet just as Gaél poisoned his father. The super called the police and, by the end of the hour, the father’s body had been buried in a field in an unmarked grave, and Gaél was stuck in a mental institution.
Chapter 1 - The Escape
After spending a year in the mental institution, Gaél was being transferred to a more secure site after being declared sociopathic and an arsonist (while there had tried to blow up a room and he had set several hallways on fire). As he was being hauled out to the truck, he pretended to be asleep (it was late at night, and they were hoping to transport him while he was asleep), Gaél briefly opened his eyes with a psychotic look in them. He closed them again as the guards threw him into the back of the truck. Several police cars followed the truck transporting Gaél. As they were driving him, the truck driver in the passenger’s seat was reading Gaél’s file and nicknamed him, “DarkGEBM,” because he was dark and his initials were GEBM. Gaél opened his eyes once again, looked out the window, saw that they were about halfway there to what they thought was going to be his new home. Then, he enacted his escape. He closed his eyes and focused his strength, and his glowed. His hands glowed with a purple light, and the chains binding him melted. Then, he shot a purple blast at the divider protecting the driver and his partner. Gaél proceeded to strangle both of them, using these shadow powers to strengthen his grip, completely killing them. Within the next 5 minutes, everyone in the convoy was dead. How, though? No one would ever know that Gaél had been born with special powers. You see, his mother was descended from a man who had been given special powers by the gods, according to the stories. Those powers somehow showed up in Gaél, over 400 years later, and at night, when his father was asleep, he had trained, and eventually mastered them.
Chapter 2 - Nonexistent
Now that he was free, Gaél had one last thing to do before he went into hiding (Well, he was already in hiding, but he needed to stay hidden): he needed to erase all records of his existence. To do that, he would need the help of his hacker friend, Rob, and his mole in the government, Greief. The first stage of the plan was to call these two up and explain everything to them, which he did. Then, he enacted stage 2, which was infiltrating the National Archives while Rob hacked into government files to erase all digital records of him. Greief emailed Gaél in the afternoon that a government transport would transferring some documents from a secret location in Albany to the National Archives building in DC at 11 PM. Later that night, a black Ferrari bearing the listens plate “NTHRTE” was stolen from a car dealership by Gaél. As he drove, Rob called him to tell him that he had just breached the firewall and was a few minutes away from erasing all digital records of him. “Excellent.” Gaél said. “With no records of me in existence, I’ll be able to avoid being identified by the government and authorities. I’ll be free to do whatever I want!” Eventually, Gaél reached the secret location. There were a few trucks outside under the guise of food trucks delivering food to a supermarket, which concealed the hideout. Gaél hopped on the back of the car and turned invisible, and he was at Archives by morning.

Once there, Gaél teleported into the building, the first time he had used the ability. He then met up with Greief. “Listen, they recently reinforced the walls with anti-no-clip metals.” he said. “You won’t be able to pass through it.” “Dammit.” Gaél said in anger. “But, I do have a key card I was able to steal from a higher-ranking guy.” Greief adds to cheer him up. He hands Gaél the key card. “Good luck, G.” Gaél enters his shadow form and makes his way to the room where they keep files on everyone. “Let’s see, Gaél, Gaél, Gaél… Where am I? Ah, there I am.” Then, Gaél conjures a shadow beam and burns his records. Then, he barges out of the room using the key card, visible to everyone, and then he conjures a pair of swords, before stabbing several guards. Through a headset, he contacts Rob. “Do it.” Gaél enters shadow form and warps outside, conjuring a small platform away from the building to observe the ensuing explosion in the side of the building. “Who is he?” someone asks. “Isn’t that Gaél [​last name redacted]?” a woman responds. “You may call me… DarkGEBM.” Gaél responds, and then he warps to Greief, grabs him, and warps both of them away.

Chapter 3 - The Doctor’s Portal
After the incident at the National Archives, which was covered up by the CIA to just be a gas leak, DarkGEBM is hiding out in a warehouse in Maryland with Greief and Rob. “Hey, DG, check this out.” Rob says, reading an online newspaper. “‘Scientists create first inter-dimensional portal.’ Interesting. Where is this?” “SF.” Rob says. “Let’s go.” DarkGEBM says. “Greief, start packing!”

Rob gets his friends tickets on Ghost Airlines, and then DarkGEBM and Greief head to the airport and fly to San Francisco. After a few hours of exploring, they find their way to the lab, where they about to witness Dr. Shadow Goldens activating the portal for the first time through the window. “I’m going in.” DarkGEBM says. “Wait, what?” Greief asks. “You can’t go! We need you to lead us!” “I’m passing command on to you, Greief.” DarkGEBM tells him. “Take care of Rob, and recruit more to our cause.” With a tear in his eye, Greief nods. “I’ll see you sometime in the future, I guess.” “Farewell, Greief.” DarkGEBM says, then he becomes visible and blows a hole through the wall as Dr. Goldens is about to activate the portal. Then, as she activates it, he jumps in.

As he arrives on the other side, he sees a new world, one similar to his, but different. He can see what looks Dr. Goldens, but different. "Who are you?" she asks. "Citizens of this new world, you may call me DarkGEBM!!!" he announces, seeing the news crews recording this scientific breakthrough. Then, an attendee of the event, a (secret) arsonist named Trot, speaks up. "Hey, you like a guy I know named IGEBM!" "Take me to this IGEBM." DarkGEBM asks. "NOW!" He fires a shadow blast that lands inches away from Trot's feet. "Let me give you his address." Trot says. You can hear the fear in his voice. He writes down IGE's address on a notepad and rips off the page, before asking security to give it to him. One of the guards walks up to the platform and hands the paper to DarkGEBM. Then, the strange man warps away.

Chapter 4 - Mirror Me
Chapter 4 (Mirror Me) coming soon...
CreditThose scientists for bringing me to this new world!!!

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12/06/2022 7:07 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Nether Knight
Trotelot avatar
This is actually a cool story- I’m excited for more
12/06/2022 4:52 pm
Level 43 : Master Professor
GoldenScientist avatar
nice ;D
12/06/2022 4:49 pmhistory
Level 17 : Journeyman Network
DarkRob333 avatar
How did you know that hacking goverments is my hobby??? o.o
12/06/2022 5:08 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Demolitionist
IGEBM avatar
(Just pretend I'm DG since I'm not logging on to my alt rn)

I didn't. I just needed to people to be my hacker and partner-in-crime, and the first two Dark Alts that popped into my head were you and ShadowGreief.
12/06/2022 4:28 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Demolitionist
IGEBM avatar
Mirror Me?

Oh boy.
12/06/2022 4:31 pm
Level 26 : Expert uwu
TheGrimmKnight avatar
huh I wonder
12/06/2022 4:33 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Demolitionist
IGEBM avatar
In that world you're probably called ThePleasantJester

Unless you have a Dark Alt
12/06/2022 4:43 pm
Level 26 : Expert uwu
TheGrimmKnight avatar
pbbbt I laughed... ThePleasantJester

nah, Id be TheDarkAngel

ooh now i gotta make it..
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