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    Hi, I'm the evil and corrupted alternate account of IGEBM, so please go sub to him! (but also sub to me) You can call me DarkGEBM or DG.

    Some things you should know about me:
    - When I'm mad, I kill
    - When I kill, don't call the cops
    - If cops get involved, they'll die
    - If the FBI or CIA gets involved, they get held hostage
    - And I never forget the names and faces of people who snitch on me, so sleep with one eye open and boarded doors and windows

    My hobbies (and by the way, I'm just gonna go out of character and say I don't actually like any of this stuff irl, it's just to add horror to the character of DarkGEBM):
    - Mutilation
    - Murder
    - Stabbing
    - Butchering (humans)
    - Hunting (humans) (sometimes for a price, if it's right)
    - Shooting
    - Beating
    - Any activity involving a blade or ranged weapon

    Me (Skin by Pacifity)
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