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Hey guys,So, I didn't think I would be that into drawing when I got on deviantART. I just wanted to post my blogs on there, but Then I tried drawing, because EVERYONE has at least posted one drawing. So I tried my hand at drawing, and haven't stopped ever since.

Since then, my brothers have been telling me to get back on minecraft and try HALO: Minecraft, or Cops and Robbers, or that stupid has-been game called "Sky Block" *troll face*. I simply tell them "I'll do it later", and then I run to my room to draw another drawing.

So, now I have to restrict my time on the electronics to 30 mins. I am given the choice between Xbox, Minecraft, and deviantART. I usually would pick Minecraft, but deviantART has been so fun to look through. So I guess this post is to ask, if you have been addicted to a different program other than Minecraft, and what did you do.

Post your results in the comments, and check me out on DA, because I'll probably be on there.
This is just an update so people know I'm still breathing.

Thanks for reading.
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