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Hello Minecrafters and welcome back to another blog! Today i'll be talking about the different paths you can take once joining PMC. It's going to be a very informative blog so make sure to read it all! I'll be explaining the different aspects of each category of PMC so you'll know what your in for. As always I hope you enjoy the blog!

Project Making

Ahh...Project Making. Personally this is my favorite category out of all PMC category's. I myself am a builder and i truly love to express my creativity and ideas through building. Althought Project Making can make you very famous,it's extremley hard work! Every build you do has to have 100% effort put into it! People expect magnificent intricate builds...not dirt shacks.Building is one of the many things on PMC that allow people to truly show off what they can do!


Modding is one of the hardest things to do. Modding requires the use of "Java Language" and you have to code all the mods you make. To do this you have to learn Java Language and interperit it into every mod you make. Although mods are very popular,most of them aren't very fun. There are many duplicate mods floating around such as...*"The Herorbine Mod" "More Ores Mod" "More Mobs Mod" etc.* Creating a mod requires you to come up with a competley original idea that hasn't been taken. Original new mods are the best kind of mods! People don't want to see another Herobrine Mod.

Texture Pack Creating

Creating Texture Packs is very very very time consuming. Every block that you edit takes a long time to make sure it's perfect. It'll take a long time if it's good,if it only takes you 2 minutes to finish 1 block then it's not good at all. Texture Pack Creating takes alot of patience and time. Usually good and popular texturepacks are 32x32 and above texture packs. Anything below 32x32 is a more simple and basic texture pack. I'm not saying those kinds are bad i'm just saying they're not as intricate. If you want to take the Texture Packing path then make sure you have the right tools to get the job done.


Blogging...one of the most fun things of PMC. People come up with many new ideas for blogs everyday! Blogging may be fun but it's very hard to come up with new ideas. I myself had a hard time thinking of this idea. Blogging requires atleast 5 Paragraphs or more to be considered a long informative and good blog. Spelling and grammar takes a major part in writing a blog. You don't want to write a blog without good grammer...*Such as:Hey guyz tday im gunna show u how i write blogz!!!* No,something like that is completely unacceptable. Also making eye-popping colorful images for your blog draw in the reader's making them want to know about what your writing. Try using PicMonkey to edit photos and create eye-catching images for the front of your blog!


Just like Texture Pack making,Skinning requires alot of patience and time if you want a good skin. Skinning is one of the most beloved parts of PMC. Although it's popular,they're still many duplicate skins around. Stealing skins is one of the major issues,this is something you NEVER want to do! You want to come up with a completely original idea for a skin so it's something new that people haven't seen before wich draws them in. Also you don't want to make an unshaded skin,shaded skins are the best skins! Making skins that have complete originallity and creativity inside of them are the best kinds.Skinning is fun but once again,time consuming.

Owning A Server

Servers...the best way to truly experience Minecraft. Servers are a great way to get popular and noticed! Although having a server is alot of fun it does cost money for it to be a good one. You want to have a Server Hoster to host your server 24/7 and a server website for people to visit and get involved with the server community other then on the server. To have a great server it must be original! Not another Hunger-Games server or Faction server, if you create a new kind of server that hasn't really been talked about much then people will want to experience that new kind and want to play for your server on a very long time! Being A Server Owner does take alot of hard work and responsibility to insure that all of your players are happy and satisfied with the server. Holding server events often keeps players intrested to!

Adventure Map Creator

Creating Adventure Maps is an extremley great and fun way to get noticed! People love to play Adventure Maps and it's always fun! The biggest and most popular of Adventure Maps are usually Parkour. As i did when i first joined PMC i started off with simple Parkour maps becoming more and more complex with each build. Then i finally decided to get into *Redstone Mini-Games.* Redstone is a great aspect of all amazing Adventure Maps! Take FVDisco for instance,he creates all of his Adventure Maps and Mini-Games out of redstone! Hypixel also creates fun Mini-Games and they're all included with intricate redstone designs. Now I know this ties into with Project Making but so many of you requested it be in a seperate path so...here you go!


The Forums is an extremely easy and great path to go through on PMC! The Forums is a very interesting place where Minecrafters can discuss a variety of things. I've seen some people get famous from there Forum Posts and have seen some Forum Posts with up to 100 pages of replies and comments! Now, the Forums isn't really a path that makes you popular but it's a great way to get well known by others. Just simply make a Forum Thread with an interesting topic and people should get interested and reply to your topic. The Forums can sometimes get boring after trying to think of new topics though so make sure your mind is very creative! Always come out with an interesting topic that makes people want to reply to it. A fun way to get recognized and a great way to make more friends!


Livestreaming is a very recent update that has been added to Planet Minecraft. Livestreaming allows the owner of the Livestream to show off whatever they're doing in Minecraft Live! Livestreaming is a great way to become popular and grow a fan-base. I've watched a few people do livestreams such as MissMarifire and Jyles,they both do it so well because they know how to do a livestream right! Livestreaming does require some type of recording equipment or screen capturing equipment but is worth it. Also people don't want to watch a laggy screen so make sure you have a good running computer and FPS above 60. Also you want to create a solid number of viewers and followers so that your never left hanging :P.


Redstone is the most complicated thing in Minecraft yet can be the most exciting and fun thing. Take FVDisco,Hypixel, and Sethbling for instance, they're all amazing redstone engineers. There maps are creative and fun yet require alot of knowledge about redstone and wiring. Redstoning is all about timing,wiring, and hiding. If your building an adventure map you don't want to have redstone showing all over the place,you want to conceal it inside a wall,the floor, or any other place where players can't notice/see it. Redstoning is another one of my favorite things to do because there's so many possibilities to choose from!


Minecraft on Youtube has been one of the most popular things to watch! The number of views on Minecraft Videos is growing right now as your reading this blog. If you want to go into the Youtube Pathway your going to need a few things. A mic,good graphics card,good computer,headphones,and atleast your FPS above 80 so you have a smooth running HD video. If you have a very slow and laggy video people won't enjoy it as much and you may not either. Creating high-quality videos is the key to a succesful Youtube carrer. Youtube is slowly becoming famous on PMC and some famous youtubers *Such As BebopVox* are starting to join PMC and showcase different things and make videos of things that they find here on PlanetMinecraft. If you want to go into the Youtube career just upload daily,don't swear to act cool, and try making videos of things you want to do or things your subscribers want to see! My Favorite Minecraft Youtuber Is "TheBajanCanadian." He uploads high-quality Minecraft videos daily and that's whats great about him!


Coding is something that's very time-wise and very excruciating when it comes to waiting and patience. Coding plugins,mods,or whatever is very fun and exciting when you've finished yet can be hard and difficult torwards the beggining. It all depends on what kind of language you could be coding for a plugin. Since Minecraft uses Java you'd need to use Java coding language to create a plugin. You want to create a good plugin that isn't glitchy and is 100% ORIGINAL. Nobody want's a plugin that's already been done or made before you've created it.

Thank you for reading this blog and i really hope you enjoyed! As always feel free to leave a DIAMOND if you liked the blog and SUBSCRIBE to me for more of my content uploaded daily to PMC. Make sure to have a wonderful Minecraft day!


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Could you go into more details about coding and also diamond!
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lol exactly 64 diamonds
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01/12/2013 4:42 am
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This is insanely long, insanely informative, and gave me some information I never would have thought about otherwise. I quite honestly wish I could give you a stack of diamonds, as you damn well deserve them. I'm glad I subscribed to you.

On an OCD-related side note, "alot" is actually "a lot." :P
02/16/2013 7:23 pm
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My OCD kicked in while reading this. Damn you OCD!!!!
01/12/2013 1:31 pm
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Thanks for subbing! Also my OCD hadn't kicked in when reading over this :P
01/26/2013 5:47 am
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there was also a few more mistakes :)
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Good thing people like me make up... Um... *Does some fake math* Like... Let's just say if there's 10,000 people who read a blog... One of them owns a condo in Florida... And when you eat ice cream on a Sundae afternoon...

Yeah, I got nothing. Keep up the good work though! P.S. If you spell it "alot", I shall be forced to find where you live and beat you with a raw flounder.
01/13/2013 9:59 pm
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...I'm not sure what I just read but...ok...
01/13/2013 11:46 pm
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Good thing! I don't have a clue what I wrote either! If you understood it, but I, myself did not... That would be very interesting indeed.
02/03/2013 6:34 pm
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We need more people like that guy
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