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FOOLPROOF Battle Strategies for T.A.B.S.!

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Probably the most popular simulator game of the year, the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, also known as T.A.B.S., is known for its spectacularly realistic (and also amazingly hilarious) combat mechanics, and also because you get to DIRECT YOUR OWN ARMY of NPC warriors to fight against enemies! Ranging from musketeers to samurai knights, your army of NPCs can be composed of practically ANYTHING! Unfortunately, the same applies for your foes... well, fear not, young general -- the one thing that your A.I. nemesis does not possess is strategy! Below are the best battle strategies to take out whatever enemy the game pits you up against:

1) Hoards of Barbarians and Farmers!

With a slow attack, barbarians, a.k.a. the NPCs with the clubs, can be defeated with fast melee attackers or ranged attackers with utmost ease. Armed with spear-like hoes, farmers too are quite effective NPCs. Thus, the best units to deploy would be shields and boxers -- the shields would be able to push back the farmers, whereas the boxers would finish off the barbarians quickly. Position the shields in front to push back the enemy, before allowing the boxers to take over an finish off the remaining troops.

2) Boxers and Poachers/Archers!

The best strategy for this scenario would be to retaliate with a) a chariot, and b) poachers/archers of your own. Charging into enemy ranks with utmost speed, the chariot would make quick work of the boxers, and at the same time would be practically impossible to hit. Position poachers/archers at the back spread away from each other to prevent them from shooting themselves.

3) Swarms of Samurai!

A chariot should probably do the trick, with a few vikings of your own sprinkled in. the chariot runs wild as the vikings finish off the helpless swordsmen who can't quite reach their shielded foes with their katanas. Perfect.


The Chicken Man Man!
Destroying his foes with sheer brute force, the Chicken Man Man is not to be underestimated...or overestimated, in any way. That's because the Chicken Man Man's Achilles's heel is that it takes him a fairly long to to stumble clumsily over to perform his melee attack. So, the solution: finish him off before he gets here! Use whatever ranged troops you think best to deploy, such as the humble poacher (remember not to pack them too closely), or something more powerful, such as the spear-launching Hwacha, riddling your clumsy giant of a foe with spears before he even gets here.

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