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How To Make Minecraft Run Faster

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Heliosk's Avatar Heliosk
Level 49 : Master Architect

Hello Minecrafters and welcome to another blog.Today i'll be showing you guys how to make your minecraft run faster! I've been hearing people complain about minecraft being so laggy so i'm going to solve that issue for all of you! Just follow any of the steps you see and you can have a less laggy *Or Lag Free* minecraft!

[1] Set all of your Video Settings in the Options category on your minecraft to the lowest they can be. *Render Distance=Tiny, Particles=Minimal,Preformance=Balanced,etc.*

[2] Download the Optifine Mod,it increases your minecraft's FPS and adds more Video Setting options for you to change wich increases your FPS.

[3] Buy a new Graphics Card,simple as that.

[4] Buy a new Computer, automatically will have less lag in minecraft.

[5] Allocate Some Of Your Computers Ram Into Java,here's a link to a simple tutorial on how to do it! http://techhutus.wonderhowto.com/how-to/give-java-more-ram-make-minecraft-faster-0135361/

[6] Close Out All Other Programs,Close any programs your not using at the moment *Skype,Web Browsers,etc.*

[7] Download Advanced System Care,Advances System Care is a computer cleaning software that cleans unused software and helps make your computer run faster. It also has a built in Game-Mode wich increases FPS while playing games *Minecraft.*

[8] Defrag Your Computer,this takes a very long time but is worth the wait! It increases most of your FPS in Minecraft.

[9] Download Game Booster, Game Booster is a very nice game boosting system that increases your FPS on whatever games you choose *Minecraft.* It really helps out when playing Minecraft and can stop those common Stuttering or Freezes while playing Minecraft.

[10] Close Any Programs You Aren't Using, closing out programs your not using at the moment while playing minecraft.*Skype,Internet Browser,Other Games* closing out those can really help with your minecraft experience.

[11] Buy More Ram, Buying more ram can help out by alot if you use up your .minecraft folder *Screenshots,Mods,TexturePacks,etc.*

[12] Playing Without Sound, Playing without sound makes Minecraft less resource demanding.

[13] Set Java.exe Priority To High,Setting java.exe's priority to high makes minecraft your computers top priority to increase speed. java.exe can be found on the Task Manager. *To Goto Your TaskManager Do CRTL ALT DELETE*

[14] Get AlienWare Computers Or Software,AlienWare is a company that makes computers and computer accesories especially for gaming! These computers are high-tech with loads of equipment and software to increase your gaming experience by 500%!!!

[15] Don't Start Playing Minecraft Right When Your Computer Starts Up, if you click Minecraft a bunch of times right when your computer starts up it's not gonna go fast. Your computer's focusing all of its power onto starting up itself. Wait about 5-7 minutes and then start playing Minecraft.

[16] Update Java,if your not using the latest version of Java,updating it could really help!

[17] Download 64 Bit Version Of Java, if you have a 64 bit computer then downloading Java 64 bit version could really help increase your Minecraft preformance!!!


Thanks for taking time out of your life to read my tutorial. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Feel free to leave a Diamond and Subscribe to me if this tutorial helped your minecraft run faster! I'll be coming out with more tutorials and blogs soon so make sure to follow my PMC uploads!

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Steps [15] [16] and [17] Have Been Added : by Heliosk 11/30/2012 3:42:18 pmNov 30th, 2012

A Total Of 3 New Ways To Increase Minecraft FPS And Preformance Has Just Been Added!

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06/11/2015 3:56 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Mage
FartingLaser's Avatar
I have a suggestion. If you press the windows key and R at the same time, you can type %temp% and delete everything from that folder. Although this is very old, you should still do this.
11/30/2012 4:11 pm
Level 25 : Expert Pokemon
Falnes's Avatar
This seems unlogical. Close programs says twice. Alienware isn't good, build your own if you want a good one. And there's alot of stuff here that doesn't even make sense.
11/30/2012 4:21 pm
Level 49 : Master Architect
Heliosk's Avatar
Take your complains somewhere else,everyone has seemed to be happ with it.
11/30/2012 4:28 pm
Level 25 : Expert Pokemon
Falnes's Avatar
You seem to only reply to the ones that were happy about it. I really doubt people will buy a 2kUSD pc for a game.
11/30/2012 4:43 pm
Level 49 : Master Architect
Heliosk's Avatar
You'd be surprised what people buy to make Minecraft run faster. And yes i love replying to people that are happy and satisfied,if your not then thats fine.
11/30/2012 4:55 pm
Level 25 : Expert Pokemon
Falnes's Avatar
I agree. But you should have made it more like.
1. Do this
2. If the above doesnt work, do this
3. Same here.
11/30/2012 4:57 pm
Level 49 : Master Architect
Heliosk's Avatar
I just gave a list showing what things you could do. I didn't want to go into a full depth details about each step.Just keep it short and simple.
11/26/2012 7:17 pm
Level 25 : Expert Dragon
deathlyfrog's Avatar
I usually do the first one for tekkit only, and the only lag i usually get is server-side
11/17/2012 8:53 pm
Level 44 : Master Electrician
Bob_In_Soup's Avatar
I dont want to buy a new computer for a game LOL
11/17/2012 8:54 pm
Level 49 : Master Architect
Heliosk's Avatar
Some people love minecraft so much that they will . _ .
11/17/2012 8:04 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Dragon
xDisturbedOnex's Avatar
with the performance max FPS is the best because the computer tries to work as best as it can at running minecraft
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