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Ideas For minecraft! #1

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Goldy-Alpha avatar Goldy-Alpha
Level 35 : Artisan Dragonborn
Hi guys, im Alpha, but the account is Goldy-Alpha since is share it with my friend Gold_Minerr, our blog will consist of ideas and such, so let me introduce myself and gold will do the same!

Name: Alphabot21
Age: 13
Likes: Minecraft (DUUUHHHHH) and Trampoline, and puppies!
Gender: Male :P
Server: ImagineCraft
Style of Building: Modern/Medieval/Fantasy

Name: Gold_Minerr
Age: 15
Likes: Drawing and Design
Gender: Male
Server: ImagineCraft
Style of Building: Modern/Medieval/Fantasy

So now that we got that out of the way, lets get started!

Alpha's Ideas:

1.Wither Mob Not like the Wither boss mob, but something that looks like a skele and wields a Wither sword (Which i will talk about later!) it will be found in a wither Stronghold (I will aslo talk about that later :P).

2.Surface Dungeons and New Mini Bosses Yep, i find this an interesting idea, Lets say in the jungle you would find a surface stronghold, covered with bushes vines, etc. but instead of the weak silverfish, we have a mini boss to get to the end, so in the jungle surface stronghold, or JSS there would be a (My idea) a mob that is covered in vines and whips you, i call it... Whipvine! same thing in other surface strongholds and just average strongholds, you will find a mini boss corrosponding to the biome!

Under the sea, Water mini boss
Surface dungeon in the dessert, Sand Mini boss
and So on!

3.More Biome villages and villagers this idea has been around my head for quite some time, Jeb has already turned a dessert village to a sandstone theme, but what about if there were jungle villages, quite rare and have some houses on the ground and some like tree houses! But instead of basic villager skins, it would be themed to that biome. Tarzan theme for jungle? xD And snow villages would have coats etc. The dessert villagers should have something as well!

4.More Arrows I came up with this idea along with Gold, like you tip the arrows, with diamonds for example, it would increase the damage, coal tips would be light able so it would be a flaming arrows.

5.More Crops and Food With the new snapshot, Dinnerbone and Jeb introduced Potatoes and Carrots, which is epic! but what about other crops? Maybe Strawberries? Turnips? Maybe cheese, which would act like cake, you would place it down!

6.More Decorations/Furnishings Etc I don't know what you feel but i feel that sometimes minecraft houses are to bland, But dinnerbone is working on that! but maybe they could introduce some more? So far We have...

Potted plants

Item Frames
Book Stand (Coming in a future update to MC)

Thats pretty much i can remember!

7.Skill Potion I find this would be and interesting potion, but it should be hard to make! this is what i had in mind,

Nether Wart + Sugar + Wither Dust (Tell you what my idea for wither dust is soon!)

Effects of this potion! You would mine faster and Run faster, just to wrap it up into one, it would boost every skill you have

8.More Ocean Life Come on! you can't deny that the ocean in minecraft is BOOORRIIINGGGG. Only Squids? Come on! There should be Sharks fish and all sorts of aquatic life, maybe nice reefs which you could take apart to use for something like in a fishtank (Tell you about that idea soon!).

9.Fishtank That wouldn't be such a bad idea! For furnishing your house it would stand out nicely!
It would basically be glass with water on it and a Trapdoor looking thing on top, and you could catch fish with a fishing net, Also a new idea. You could fill it with coral from idea 8, and you would have to feed the fish with some type of food.

My crafting Recipe for fishtank and Fishnet [] [L] []

[size=10pt] [] [S] [][/size]
[size=10pt] [] [S] [] S=Sticks L=Leather this is fishnet CR[/size]

[size=10pt] [G] [T] [G][/size]
[size=10pt] [G] [] [G][/size]
[size=10pt] [W] [BS] [W] G= Glass T= Trapdoor W=Wood BS= Bookshelf acts like chest to store in food for fish etc[/size]

[size=10pt]10.[b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]Extremely High HIGH HIGH mountains [/color][/b]Not extreme hills biome but a larger mountain region, above the clouds etc. snow covered tips etc. And emeralds would be more common! [/size]


[left][size=10pt]11.[b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]Daggers [/color][/b]Yeah, would be cool, some more weapons to add, CR would be [] [] [][/size][/left]
[left][size=10pt] [] [AI] [][/size][/left]
[left][size=10pt] [] [S] [] S=Sticks AI= Any Ingots etc.[/size][/left]

[left][size=10pt]12. [b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]Ability to add Lava to cauldrons [/color][/b]whats the point you ask? well it would be interesting to dip your sword/dagger into the lava so the steel or material becomes [color=rgb(204,0,0)]H[/color][color=rgb(255,0,0)]O[/color][color=rgb(102,0,0)]T [/color]Therefore increasing the damage the weapon does but the efficiency of the weapon is decreased.[/size][/left]

[left][size=10pt]13. [b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]Wither Strongholds [/color][/b]This is where my ideas become interesting :P It would have a new block which the stronghold would be made of, Wither Brick, its like Stone brick but has a dark texture and a smokey particle effect, just like the witherboss itself![/size][/left]
[left][size=10pt]The only way to find one of these strongholds would be by mining, if you get closer the stone and ores become darker, until its a really dark looking gray, ores would all be turned into wither ore, which is corrupted ores etc. Once inside you will find the wither boss but first you must fight waves of wither, after slaying the boss it would give you a enchanted wither sword/bow/pick etc. And the normal wither would drop Wither Dust, which (along with Wither ore) could be smelted into Wither Ingots which would be used to create...[/size][/left]

[left][size=10pt]14. [b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]Wither Tools! [/color][/b]Yup, same as any ordinary pick or tool, but instead of using normal sticks, (Since the wither ingot is corrupted, it would harm you if you touch it, you would use an iron handle, crafting recipe would be like sticks but instead of wood it would be iron ingots, the pick has a with particle effect and lasts long, but has the effeciency of any iron tools.[/size][/left]

[left][size=10pt]15. [b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]Canyon Biome [/color][/b]I feel minecraft should have more interesting biomes, and more interesting looking landscape, since 1.7.3, Minecraft terrain just hasen't been the same, :'( Canyon biome would have large rock formations in it and would have a crusty sand block.[/size][/left]

[left][size=10pt]16. [b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]WaterFall biome [/color][/b]i don't know what you would call it, but a biome with tones of waterfalls, nice pools etc. its a small biome which would be found in the jungle where the lands starts to move down and waterfalls pop up.[/size][/left]

[left][size=10pt]17. [b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]More Weather [/color][/b]I would love to have more weather! Blizzards in a taiga Biome, Sandstorms in the dessert, Heavy,Heavy storms which would blur up you screen and make what you are seeing less visible,[/size][/left]

[left][size=10pt]Those where my ideas, (Alphabot21) :P[/size][/left]

[left][size=10pt]Now onto Gold's[/size][/left]

[left][size=10pt]18. [b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]Poison Cauldron[/color][/b] i find this a good idea! Its a cauldron looking block with you would fill with water, then throw in wither dust and it would corrupt or poison the cauldron, then you would right click on it and you would get something like this.... [/size][/left]


[left][color=rgb(51,51,51)]19. [/color][b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]Wither Horse [/color][/b]Would be so cool! you would find them in a wither Stronghold, so addicted to wither stuff 0.e[/left]

[left]20. [b][color=rgb(51,51,255)]Thirst [/color][/b]Gold has been very enthusiastic about this idea, although i would have it in hardcore mode for the extra realism, but i don't decide :P[/left]

[left]Well thats all for now! i will give you guys some more ideas tommorow, anyways diamonds, fave like whatever you please :3[/left]

[left]-Alpha and Gold[/left]

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10/18/2012 5:16 am
Level 25 : Expert Spleefer
starmaster avatar
thanks for the comment from my skin
08/26/2012 1:59 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Ninja
DJNinjaLegend avatar
Just before I read on, cheese isn't a crop :P
08/26/2012 4:21 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Dragonborn
Goldy-Alpha avatar
In my world it is >:D. -Alpha
08/26/2012 2:03 pm
Level 20 : Expert Architect
Gold_minerr avatar
omg lol, thanks dude :D
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