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Interview with Rui ♡

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Hello, and welcome to my interview with Claude_! He is an amazingly talented skin creator who is known for his unique shading style and beautiful artwork. :) I hope you enjoy our interview!

My questions are in lavender; his answers are in white.
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1. What inspired you to start making Minecraft skins?

1. Honestly, it was because I couldn't find a skin of one of my favourite anime characters at the time. Naturally, looking back on it, the execution of the skin I had made was quite terrible-- I kept making skins of my favourite anime characters and utaite for a while, before deciding to branch out and make some more original skins. Though, I still occasionally make anime or utaite based skins. I think it was around my 2-year mark of making them when I decided I had made some which are good enough for PMC, and such - I made my account on here. I used to view PMC as the more mature skin website, as funny as it is. I feel like if I would've told the me from 03/12/2020 that I have gotten as far as I have, I would've fainted in disbelief.

2. Do you have a persona? If so, what inspired you to create them?

2. I do! Iroha is my main persona. As for the reason I made him, if I'm honest its because other people had personas and I wanted to join in. Such a lame reason, I know. For the most part, I believe I've gotten to flesh out Iroha's personality and design just where I want him. He's a shy and confident boy who works in a flower-shop ^-^ I'm not gonna lie, Iroha is kinda my transition goal-- I hope I can cosplay as him one day :) I've also had a couple of previous personas who i've demoted and redesigned into ocs, like Aster.

3. What is your favourite submission (that you have made)? Your favourite that someone else has made?

3. Ooh! That's quite hard, but I think the favourite submission ive made is this one! It's actually a remake of one of my first skins, so I loved seeing my improvement over the year.

As for submissions other people have made, its the though recent; "Skull Sceptor" " by bluetatu ^-^ I can't begin to imagine the amount of effort which was put into that skin. I'm not going to ramble on, but man - its so utterly breathtaking.

4. What would you consider to be your greatest accomplishment (either IRL or on PMC)?

4. Hmm, i don't particularly have anything that pops into my mind. Though, i think i was really proud of reaching 300 subs on here. Maybe its how far I've come in art - whether it be skins, digital art, writing, all of it! I feel like its quite selective depending on who you were to ask.

5. What is your favourite feature on PMC? Your least favourite?

5. My favourite feature on pmc hmm, probably wall posts. They bring so much life to the community. Whether it be trends, just sharing thoughts, memes, whatever! They always seem to amuse me in ways I can't describe. As for my least favourite feature.. there isn't anything I particularly dislike with the website.

6. Do you have an inspiration (either for making skins or in real life)? If so, what do you like about them?

6. Inspiration-wise, for skins I think it'd have to be bluetatu, DragonsDungeon, Nitgo, and elfie_. Those four have some of the most detailed and wonderful skins I've ever seen. Perfection is a word I'd use to describe them, really.

For real-life inspirations - there's various artists I'm inspired by on YouTube and Twitter but I don't remember their usernames T-T
Also, there are various professional horseback riders I idolize quite a bit.

7. What is one thing you are very passionate about?

7. Books and reading! Whether it be novels, manga, manhua/manhwas, fanfiction, whatever! I read at least 50 chapters of anything in a day so I don't deal with boredom. Over the past year I've read over 300 separate series. Funnily enough, I tend to memorize some of them so when I go to bed I can have a bedtime story to help me sleep.

8. What advice would you give to a new PMC member?

8. Oh golly, I'm not too good with advice but I'll give it a shot! No matter what, do not set expectations for your content! If you set an expectation of lets say.. for example 20 diamonds and 20 favourites, and end up receiving five and five; you're gonna be disappointed. If you don't set any expectations, you won't be dissatisfied with what you receive. I also believe putting yourself out there is important. Join contests, reshades, make friends, develop bonds - whatever! Don't feel bad if you want to ask for advice from creators you are inspired by, go for it! Take some risks, and it'll work out in the long run! Nevertheless, if you feel like you're pushing yourself too much please do go take a break! Your health is far more important than a website.

9. Do you have a current goal for your content? If so, what is it?

9. Not necessarily. I just tend to be happy with all I receive. Though, I do think it'd be nice to have a submission receive over 100 diamonds/favourites.

10. How would you describe yourself in three words?

10. Chaotic, Shy, Observant

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cuddles n kisses

Thank you again to Claude_
for being with us today! I hope you enjoyed the interview. :)
. . .

Interviews are currently being posted every Saturday.
Stay tuned for the next one, and I hope you have a wonderful day/night! ♥
CreditRui- For being interviewed, DA artists- Artwork

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06/25/2021 8:42 am
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Great interview :D
06/25/2021 1:58 pm
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Thank you!
06/19/2021 11:38 am
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This was amazing. Once again, thank you very much for interviewing me :DD
06/19/2021 12:10 pm
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It was my pleasure! :)
06/19/2021 10:43 am
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another amazing read
06/19/2021 11:26 am
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Thank you!
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