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Minecraft PvP

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MsiBeni's Avatar MsiBeni
Level 19 : Journeyman Cake
I'm gonna say this now, Minecraft PvP is so awful, I wish it would change, the blocking doesn't work. All people do is spam left and right click together, it looks awful, and it is way too abused. I don't like it. I wish, their was a better way to block, like an animation (like assassins creed counter) put it couldn't be used often, like a 0.05 second to counter the attack. That would spice things up, remember, this is an opinion, but feel free to post your opinion in the comments ;3.

In addition to PvP, sprinting also doesn't work, I don't like the sprint jumping is faster than sprinting, cause I doesn't work in real life (believe me I've tried). I wish sprinting was faster.

If you have any more additions or removals about PvP, Please comment.

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