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I like birds, I'm not much of a photographer but I love taking photos of birds whenever I get the chance, here's some of my favorites!

Not all of these are gonna be birds tho i might mix it up a bit

Female Red-Tailed Hawk
This is one of my favorite shots, they're such beautiful birds and the feather patterns are so cool

Another Female Red-Tailed Hawk, I took this one at the same place only a few days later, I'm pretty sure it's the same hawk

Double-Crested Cormorant
These are such cool birds. I wasn't able to capture it in this photo, but when they're breeding they have these silly little tufts on their head lol

This one I'm not too sure about, it's definitely some kind of plover or seagull, but not sure about the exact species.

Chonky lil bumblebee
look at him
he's so CHONK

Not an animal but landscapes are pretty cool

I had a dope picture of a monarch butterfly but for some reason imgur isnt letting me post it
sad photographer hours
so heres another landscape instead
ignore the annoying stimestamp

American Robin eatin a worm

I'm really proud of this one, this is a tree that had gone down in a storm. It was left there for a few years and I think it's really cool to see what the tree looks like from a different point of view

Here's a bunch of dope salamanders
From top to bottom:
Spotted Salamander
Blue-Spotted Salamander
Marble Salamander

What'd you think? I might post more sometime, which one did you like the best?

11/26/2020 9:42 am
Level 25 : Expert Pixel Painter
these posts are quite political dontcha think the pro lizards will be battling it out with the pro chonk bee
11/25/2020 8:32 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman uwu
I have the the salamander in the last photo. Its called a Marbled Salamander.
11/25/2020 7:29 pm
Level 44 : Master Sweetheart
i love the spotted salamander, looks slimy and squishy
11/25/2020 6:57 pm
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