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Level 97 : Overlord Cake

This interview may look familiar; that's because we interviewed CaelChan back in September! This was our first weekly interview, featured in The PMC Weekly Volume 58. So far, we've interviewed 6 members, all of which have given us thorough, quality responses that deserve stand-alone blogs. We will publish each interview over the coming weeks!

CaelChan has been a member of PMC for just about 3 years! During her time here so far, she's made 307 submissions and has given over 14,000 diamonds. She's participated in over 25 official contests/events all while hosting some contests of her own. We thought she would be the perfect candidate for our first Weekly interview, and we weren't wrong! Read on to learn more about her Minecraft experience, her goals, hobbies, and some of her favorite things!

How did your Minecraft experience begin?
I actually got into Minecraft after watching my best friend play it sometime in 2013. She let me try on her survival world and from then on I was hooked. I saved up money from holiday presents and bought my first account (naming it sweetpea1210 which is ew) with my parent's permission and from then on I've never really quit playing it.

Do you still play Minecraft?
I do play Minecraft still, often in my spare time. I used to play a small online survival server called Porkopolis, but have drifted away from it and I play a lot of Wynncraft and Hypixel currently, often with some of my friends from PMC. I don’t use mods and shaders mainly because I don’t know how oops.

What inspired you to start making Minecraft Skins?
I'm not entirely sure what inspired me to start making Minecraft skins, all I remember was deciding to make an account with my best friend in middle school so we could help visualize characters from the stories we wrote together.

What is your favorite submission you've made on PMC? Why?
I think my favorite submission on PMC isn't actually a skin I made, but a series of 2 blogs where I shared a story I wrote called "Born to Die" (parts 1 and part 2). I've dropped updating it now but at the time I had never committed myself to such a large project before so it was a monumental task. I was very proud of sharing something I had written and getting positive feedback on it, especially since it was a rewrite of a story I had written in middle school, and I was able to see myself grow from it.

What do you enjoy most about Planet Minecraft?
I think my favorite aspect of Planet Minecraft is the community. Granted, there's always drama, but without this site, I wouldn't have met some of my closest friends. It's fairly easy to communicate on this platform, and I love how involved everyone is, from submissions to wall posts to DMs.

Do you have any goals on the site?
My most recent goal on this site is to reach 1000 subscribers, which I'm actually really close to! But also I haven't set concrete goals for myself other than that, other than to push myself to improve my skinning style and technique.

Is there a specific member that inspires you or you look up to? Who/Why?
I look up to a number of people, but a lot of them have gone inactive as of late. When I first started on PMC, I idolized creators like Mangled, Felll, len-kun, cloverpatchh, LaurenAngels_, and yelloe. All of these creators created super interesting and well-done skins and really knew their styles. I loved seeing the skins they created and how unique they were in their own ways. Right now I really look up to a lot of creators, but to name a few: Phosphor, queen of simplistic yet unique designs, Fishkiss, who does some amazing out of the box ideas, and wqtermxlon who creates amazingly beautiful contrasting pallets that just seem to work so well and Michiru who has amazing contrast and lighting in their skins.

Do you have any other hobbies than skinning? What are they?
I draw a lot in my spare time and am currently working on improving my style when it comes to digital art. I also really enjoy writing, specifically story writing, but I haven't been able to sit and write much lately. And of course, gaming. I play a lot of Stardew valley-esque games, like My Time At Portia and Littlewood, which are super relaxing when I want to unwind. However I also really enjoy games like Assassins Creed, Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, and Paladins.

Do you have any pets?
Yep, I have 2 dogs, a Yorkie named Bobo and a Husky named Mara. The photo is a month old but it's impossible to get them to sit together so. Also fun fact, Bobo is 9 years old even though he's smaller than a baby (he's 6lbs) and Mara is 4 months.

Planet Minecraft Interviews Caelchan

What Genre of music do you enjoy listening to?
My music taste is so chaotic, oops, but a few of my favorite artists are Daughtry, Will Jay, Panic! At the Disco, One Ok Rock, Lewis Capaldi, and Set It Off.

How about movies?! Or would you rather read a book?
I'd much rather read a book than watch a movie, you get so much more depth and intricacies from it. One of my favorite series will always be Skullduggery Pleasant, mainly because the author is just really sassy.

Favorite color?
Maroon, which people often find confusing because my page and persona are covered in shades of blue.

Favorite quote or words of wisdom for the community? OR Do you have any advice for new members of PMC?
I've seen and spoken to people about this a lot, so I just want to say that creating content should be enjoyable. The idea of "pushing yourself to make content that your subscribers happy" isn't a healthy mindset and can lead to burnout, but I do understand how hard it can be to want to please others in order to receive recognition. After all, you, the creator is stuck making the content anyways, what's the point if you don't enjoy it?

Anything you'd like to add?
Not really, this was very fun! Thank you for the opportunity ^^

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10/16/2020 9:58 am
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when you gonna interview me pmc support?
10/19/2020 9:22 am
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im only 20 :(
10/25/2020 1:56 pmhistory
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im on ur side CryptCreep lol
10/16/2020 3:09 am
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Toryar - OGC
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Im in love with this two dogs :O
10/15/2020 5:39 pm
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now, pmc, i know i turned you into an anime girl before and i may or may not have turned cyprezz into a costume but like...
pls interview me, i know i'm not the one with the most subscribers, nor the most technique, but i am the coolest and the possibly funniest

also think of the benefits you would get interviewing a small creator such as myself!
-5% clout
like 2 extra diamonds
a moltenoni wallpaper

think about it

10/21/2020 9:31 pm
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Endschuldingung, Was?
(Excuse me) (what?)
10/15/2020 5:17 pm
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This is awesome <3 - The person with the least regard for basic copyright, being me.
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