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avatar Makaneek
Level 40 : Master Theorist
This story picks up where another left off. I strongly recommend reading it first, or you won't understand this at all.

Most of the blogs I've written follow the experiences of sentient beings, like humans or titans. This one is a little different. It tells the story of an inanimate, but no less sentient, object.

After Eron’s life was taken by his master Herobrine, he remained conscious, but not in the way you would expect. His soul remained in the overworld, but it found a new abode. An anchor to tie itself to this existence. But Eron didn’t know that. When he found himself among the blades of grass, he’d guessed that his master had transformed him into a chicken or a rabbit or some other small animal. He tried to run away, fearful of his pursuer’s deadly arrows, but none of his muscles seemed to work. Eron felt the ground shake slightly as his pursuer landed behind him. Again he tried to run, but no success. The bow-wielding pursuer clasped his hand around Eron’s now-tiny body. He was lifted up, and up, and up until he was looking directly into the dark green eyes of the archer. Reflected in the eyes, he saw himself. He had been transformed into a small golden statue with emeralds for eyes. The archer, whose name was Green, put the gold statuette into his pocket and rode his horse to Osokkos.

After several days of riding, Green arrived in Osokkos. He gave the statue to the Diana, the head mage of Osokkos, for study. After Teron retired, Diana, who had been his apprentice, Became the head mage. Diana cast spells on the now-unrecognisable Eron and soaked him in several strange potions before she determined that he was still alive, and his undamaged soul was preserved in the statue. He could see and hear normally but was unable to anything but observe his surroundings. She also discovered that his preserved life would be channelled into anyone who died while holding the statue. If this knowledge were released upon the world, it would have disastrous consequences. Wars would be fought, thousands of soldiers and civilians would die, all because of a small object that could give anyone a second chance at survival. Diana knew what to do, and Green agreed. Together they constructed a hidden chamber for Eron the evoker-turned-statue to hibernate inside until the time was right.

05/23/2019 10:06 am
Level 25 : Expert Artist
you know what that item reminds me of? this abomination
05/23/2019 11:40 am
Level 40 : Master Theorist
you have a point...
05/22/2019 1:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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05/30/2019 11:12 am
Level 40 : Master Theorist
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