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The Raid part 2

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Sequel to The Raid part 1. If you haven't read that already, you probably should.

It was midnight, and instead of sleeping, Green was standing atop his tower house in the forest, shooting arrows at the monsters that skulked among the trees below. There were no phantoms in the sky because Green shot them down as soon as ha saw them. Arrows flew through the night air, bringing down zombies, spiders, creepers and skeletons, all in the name of practice. In the morning, he would leave his tower and collect all of the items and experience from the monsters he’d shot down. He wouldn’t forget where they were. His memory was nearly flawless.

As Green continued to shoot the monsters, he heard a voice calling his name: “Green! Green!” The voice was squawky and off-key, as if produced by a poorly tuned musical instrument. It was a parrot, Green realized, a messenger parrot, probably sent by someone he knew. As parrot were fairly rare birds, using them as messengers was uncommon, but not unheard of. Besides being able to deliver messages in any language, the birds were speedy, sometimes flying as fast as 50 chunks per minute (30mph, 48kph). The messenger parrot that landed on the edge of Green’s tower was deep blue, and had flown in from the west, the direction of Osokkos. “It must have been sent by Steve.” Green thought.

In it’s squawking voice, the parrot repeated what Steve had told it: “Find Green. Tell him Osokkos is under attack, awk!” Green fed the parrot some seeds, and considered it’s message. This was the second time Osokkos had been attacked in Green’s lifetime. Last time, the city had been attacked by Herobrine’s army of endermen. Green doubted this new foe could be any tougher, but better safe than sorry. His mind racing, Green climbed down the ladder and began to pack his gear. Then he mounted his horse and rode off for Osokkos with Steve’s parrot flying behind him.

In the dead of night, Green rode through the forest and onto the plain that the city of Osokkos had called home for nearly 1,500 years. Like a painting, the ancient city stood illuminated in the moonlight. It was surrounded on all sides by enemy soldiers, including vindicators, pillagers, witches and ravagers. Arrows flew down from the city walls, aimed at the attackers below. The only way into the city was by ender pearl, but Green would have to get much closer to the city in order to throw one over the walls.

Creeping through the tall grass and hiding behind trees, Green approached the city. When he was near enough, Green charged into battle and threw his small, blue ender pearl over the wall before any of the attackers could react. When the pearl landed, Green found himself standing on the roof of one of the city’s many houses. He jumped down and his Feather Falling IV boots absorbed the fall damage. Wasting no time, Green drew his bow and raced for the nearest of the city’s guard towers.

Atop the tower, Green surveyed the battlefield. Below, he saw countless pillagers, vindicators, witches, and ravagers continue their advance. The ravagers were the biggest threat now. If the horned, tanklike beasts managed to breach the city walls, the vindicators would rush in and cause untold havoc. Green yelled “concentrate your arrows on the ravagers! Bring them down before they breach the walls!”

If Green admired anything about the Illager army, it was their cooperation. Ravagers bashed at the walls, pillagers shot the defenders with their crossbows, and witches strengthened the rest with their potions. After a while, most of the ravagers were shot down, and the defenders began phase two of their plan. Iron golems were splashed with potions of strength and swiftness before being pushed off the walls. The hulking automatons were unaffected by the fall, and immediately began to mow down the remaining vindicators, pillagers, and witches.

The defenders now had time to gather their resources and prepare their remaining defences. During this mid-battle intermission, Green met up with Steve and Svein. Steve explained the situation to Green: “Eron is an evoker. Herobrine placed him in a position of power and commanded him to attack the city.”

“Does anyone know where he is?” asked Green.

“He was last seen several hours before the battle began,” answered Svein. “We believe he escaped the city to command the attackers from a safe distance.”

“I will capture him and bring him in for interrogation.” declared Green.

“Very well,” Steve replied, “but take these with you.”

Steve handed Green a pair of handcuffs. “These handcuffs will block his summoning powers,” Steve continued. “No doubt they will come in handy.”

Taking the handcuffs, Green threw another ender pearl off the walls and ran back to his horse. He knew from the trampled grass that the illager army had arrived from the southwest, so that was the direction he travelled. After two days of travelling, Green arrived at a dark forest biome. The shade from the trees made the forest as dark as night, so it was crawling with monsters.

Green journeyed through the forest until he found something strange. Deep in the forest, there was an enormous house. It was three stories tall, made of wood, and it rested on a stone foundation. It would have been very intimidating to someone who was easily intimidated, but Green put on his best diamond armor, and walked inside.

The interior of the mansion was dark and gloomy, as if whoever lived in it couldn’t care less about the monsters that were all over the old house. Green knew he had no more time to waste. He would have to find Eron as soon as possible.

Green searched all over the bottom floor of the house, and found no trace of the former chief advisor. The next floor was almost equally fruitless, though he found several other evokers. Green stayed out of view. He had come to capture, not to fight.

The top floor was considerably smaller than the rest, and it was there that Green found Eron. Careful not to be seen, he drew his bow and nocked an arrow of slowness. But just as he was about to fire, a vindicator charged around the corner toward him and yelled something in a course, guttural language that Green didn’t understand. Eron’s eyes suddenly blazed white. As Green fought the vindicator, Eron smashed the nearby window and jumped out.

After Green defeated the vindicator, he looked out of the window. There below, amongst the grass was a totem of undying. But Eron would never do this. He would have cooperated, Green was sure of it. Green remembered the glowing white eyes, and he realized what had happened. Herobrine had taken control of Eron’s body and had silenced his own servant rather than let his secrets be revealed. Green leapt down, his enchanted boots absorbing his fall. He picked up the totem, mounted his horse, and rode back to Osokkos.

After two days of return travel, Green arrived at the ancient city that Steve’s ancestors, the Osokki, had built. The raid was over, and the whole city was in good spirits. Green met up with Steve, who was building new iron golems to replace the few that had been lost in the fight.

“Herobrine possessed Eron at the last moment,” Green said, showing Steve the totem. “He took his servant’s life so we couldn’t interrogate him.”

“That’s unfortunate.” Steve answered, “There was a lot he could have told us.”

“As if we needed more evidence that Herobrine is completely untrustworthy,” Green responded, “at least now we know that Herobrine isn’t yet out of commission”

“I’ll see if I can convince the mages to work on a way to communicate with Notch,” Steve suggested, “that way, we’ll be prepared if Herobrine strikes again.”

“An excellent idea,” Green replied.

Steve gave Green some pumpkins and iron blocks, and the two old friends built golems together.
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