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avatar Will3crafter
Level 31 : Artisan Crafter
Hey guys! Today I'm going to talk about using records in Minecraft to power redstone machines. This is kind of common knowledge, but I thought I would talk about it.

As you know, there are a variety of records in Minecraft. Some emit more power than others. What do I mean? Well, if you play a record and put a redstone comparator facing out of it, a redstone signal will come out of it. How can you tell which records emit more power? Well, in a creative inventory the records are organized in that very way. Records with less power are higher up and to the left. Records with more power are further down and to the right. For example, the record the least power is, "C418 - 13," and the record with the most power is, "C418 - wait". What does all this power stuff mean? Basically if I say a record has a lot of power, it means that the redstone signal it produces carries on for many blocks.

So why is this useful? That's for you to decide. I've used this a few times as a key. As I said, the record C418 - wait supplies the most power out of any record (12 blocks). So, this could be a good key since wait is the only record that would be able to supply 12 blocks of power. Maybe you could use it as a trap? There are probably a lot of creative things you could do with this. If you come up with a really awesome idea that has to do with this, please leave me a comment.

If you liked this, don't forget to diamond. Thanks for reading! :D

02/02/2015 9:36 am
Level 76 : Legendary Engineer
Adventure Map -> using record as a key to open a door (piston mechanism)
you need to find they right one to open the door xD
seems a legit idea...
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