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South's Doodles and Unfinished Skins

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SouthDakotaGirl avatar SouthDakotaGirl
Level 49 : Master Enderdragon
Hello humans lol

Random Doodles
These doodles are just things I drew without thinking. There isn't really a rhyme or reason to most of them. Except for the lips and the eye with a cracked scar. Sometimes I just drew shapes and then they became something.

South's Doodles and Unfinished Skins

South's Doodles and Unfinished Skins

South's Doodles and Unfinished Skins

Unfinished skins
These skins may never be finished. The order doesn't matter. lol
Why I can't finish these skins now: My shading style has changed why too much. Also I hue-shift now. If I went to finish them I would have to basically re-do it all. Lol, I can't do basic shading anymore. Basically, It wouldn't look right with my old stuff.

(Dec. 2020) Warhammer Ultra Marine??? It looks so good. Too bad I didn't finish.

(June/July 2020) Water Angel. It was originally for a top notch pack that got canceled but it was good practice. The blue color palette was done by OneCord.

(March 2021) Medieval peasant. Someone requested a few Medieval but they became inactive and I became busy.


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01/10/2022 9:10 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Lego Builder
ZappyGru avatar
These look very intersting!
01/11/2022 1:32 pm
Level 49 : Master Enderdragon
SouthDakotaGirl avatar
That's one way to describe them. Lol

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