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As a community we tend to stand strong on the opinion that Minecraft is not played for its graphics. As much as I would agree as a veteran Minecraft player myself, we still download resource packs in masses. Since we have modernized our gaming up to high standards, we just can't remain loving the old pixelated normal graphics of Minecraft. You might wonder why I am making a review about texture packs, you could just click most popular and click the one with the best name? If you think like that, think again. Resource packs are real art works, and should be considered more serious. As many resource packs are left in the shadow of the popular ones, I took al ook in the world outside the most popular, and made a comparison and selection for you to enjoy, at best!

As a reviewer myself I always need the correct texture packs for my reviews, so that I can be within the atmosphere of the server.

~Messy Medieval~

The most used style of textures, yet the most unknown name. Messy Medieval is a medieval texturing with cartoony and 'wild' aspects to it. Creating a fun and playful atmosphere, whilst having its own charm. A dominating messy medieval texture pack is SMP's revival. Being on the top list, it must be the best.. right?

^The artfull cartoony streets are iconic, especially with the medieval aspects.

It is artful, tastefull, and it as its own charm! Though, now we take a way less popular texture pack. Similliar style, similliar goal. Mist V1.2. After long comparing it seemed obvious to me that this was the only new, proper texture pack able to even rival the current top list. With my fascination of the sudden change of atmosphere of my developing server with Mist, it seemed obvious this one was superior. Mist obviously won this round, and has succesfully competed against all similliar styles not in the top list.

^Compared to the Revival resource pack, this one has better textures and more possibilities of creation, granting you more freedom then the previous when it comes to building styles also.

Link Mist Resoure pack: www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/16x-17x-mist-v12-17-dec-2013---mcpatcher-supported-connected-textures/

Link SMP's revival: www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/smps-revival-texture-pack/


Paradiscal themes are often perfect for survival servers, and are less used then the messy medieval ones. Even though many people would call it differently, these paradiscal resource packs can be thanked for their ever refreshing and paradise textures to be enjoyed throughout your gametime.

Currently at the brink of being at the top, the paradiscal resourcepack WillPack takes its credit by its unique and inviting appearance. You can clearly see that it is a proper and well thought out texture pack, and thats why it is on the top list right?

^Don't let the impression of beautifull sunlight and shades destroy your appetite, shaders have been used in the photos, which I consider a disseapointment when it comes to honesty about your content

As stated above, WillPack uses the good ol' shaders to grant itself diamonds even before one downloaded and tried it. So lets put this photoshop of Minecraft aside and present you its rival. DragonDance.
I know the picture you are about to see is quite less fascinating as the one above, but comparing the actual textures and not the shades show that DragonDance does a great job at atleast being nearby superior to WillCraft. And is even farther into the shadows of the mountain top compared to WillPack.

^Seeing the great textures of the flowers, stones & wood, it would be superior among several aspects then WillPack, and thus more enjoyable.

There is one major pro on WillPack compared to DragonDance, and that is the adorable grass textures being more refreshing then the 'winning' one. Though, as all the other textures are equal or less, DragonDance proves itself a worthy rival.

DragonDance: www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/64x132-dragon-dance-cartoon-rpg/

WillPack: www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/willpack-hd/


The extreme dark & light combination of textures has its fans and haters, but after a long search and several sighs. JoliCraft deserves its rightious and honorable position at the top.JoliCraft definetly is the one of the few resource packs that can be called proper, and finding no real rival, JoliCraft has its own magic that makes it sitting at the top of the world.

^Colourfull, simple, beautifull. With no real rivals this proves to be the best in its genre.

JoliCraft: www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/jolicraft/

And afcourse, we there are endless themes. Though, a worthy one caught my eye by accident, and takes the old text based pixelated RPG back to life, in Minecraft.


The Arestian's Dawn is a very original and trendsetting texturepack hiding in the shadows for now. This texture pack in particular is worthy of attention and deserves a pixelated medal for originality. It brings the old memories of gaming back to life, and turns Minecraft into one of those nostalgic RPG's.



Just like Joli, this resource pack has real original and unique armour and tool textures that would make it worth to download from the start. Even though the actual landscape textures may not be the most wonderfull compared to the others, it does it job by making Minecraft look better. Its strongest points are the looks of the items, all items. Though you can notice this resource pack has alot of effort in it, but the creator personally told me its landscape textures are being worked upon. Thus, a special homemade texture pack.

The Arestian's Dawn: www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/the-arestians-dawn/


I want to say thank you to the coorperating makers of these texture packs, and several colleague reviewers who helped me on the right track.


As Resource packs and looks always will remain an opinion, you might agree or disagree with me. This review is a mere comparison between popular and not popular texture packs, as well as several ones with class picked out for the community to use. If you have criticism, you are welcome to have so. But please keep your complaints or discussions construtive and serious, as I did put effort into researching and reviewing many of the resource packs here on PMC.


Thank you for your time to read!

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12/18/2013 4:09 pm
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Not bad, but a bit long and boring.
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