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SSBM 2021 - My Thoughts on Movie Monsters

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Eli the Zeratoed avatar Eli the Zeratoed
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Hey guys! I've returned from the dead (pun unintended) to bring you yet this year's Spooky Scary Blog Month blog! And you'd think I wouldn't remember to do one this year. Heh.
SSBM 2021 - My Thoughts on Movie Monsters
However, I've decided to put the Mario 64 Glitches blog on the back-burner this year in favor of a topic I should have easily thought of years ago... A no-brainer that somehow didn't creep into my mind until now. "But why aren't you doing the Mario 64 glitch one this year!?" A single, lone Magikarp harks from the distance, still interested in my blogs for some reason. "I've been waiting all year to see your thoughts on it, and all I get is some... Cheapy-McCheapskate blog!! Unsubscribbled!!" Hey, calm down! The reason why I didn't want to do one this year was because, well... It wasn't a blog I was extremely passionate about. Yes, I grew up with Mario 64, but it's not something I'm obsessed with like I am with Pokemon. Perhaps if I did research, I'll visit it next year, but for now, let's talk movie monsters.
2020 Halloween Memes Because 2020 Has Been Scary AF
Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, movie monsters have been a part of our childhood as well as our adulthoods. From the cutesy-wootsey interpretations for kiddies to the gruesome, more adult ones, they've made a major impact on what makes Halloween... Well, Halloween! For this blog, I'm going to be listing some well-known ones as well as a few obscure ones and tell you which ones are my favorite, and which ones aren't. This is all entirely subjective, of course, so if a monster I don't like is your favorite, I can completely respect that. You can always list which ones are your favorites in the comments below. And the monsters listed won't be in any particular order. There will be a list at the end to show off my favorites, but for now, let's get this spooky show on the road and start off with...
Which Halloween Movie Monster Is the Scariest? - Criminal ...
Everybody's favorite blood-sucking pale-skinned human creature! They're known for being the original Batman (haha, get it? Because they're bats? ...Okay, I'll stop) for having bat-like traits like the pointy ears and hanging upside down. Heck, they can even turn into one! They're also well-known for sucking blood, and like ghouls from Tokyo Ghoul that can only eat humans, blood is the only thing they can eat because everything else now tastes terrible to them. Heck, most interpretations of the creature will go insane if they don't have their blood fix. That's... Kinda tragic, in a way. Lots of them are dressed to look fancy to lure in people, using people's emotions just to get that sweet, sweet Kool-aid. Kinda funny how they look fancy, and yet, they cannot see their own reflections. Some are good, while some are bad. How does one get rid of vampires, exactly? Through garlic, crosses, sunlight, steaks through the heart, and they cannot be let into your home without your consent. So what are my thoughts on vampires? Well, they just don't appeal to me as much as the others on this list. It's probably the bad media they're associated with that's got me, but even without it, it's still, at the end of the day, a human who drinks blood. Seems pretty boring to me, which is why I like to depict them with bat-like wings that they can hide easily through any means (like a backpack or something).

Werewolves and Were-cats
File:Dog vs. Werewolf meme 1.jpg - Meming Wiki
Now, depending on how you interpret them, they can either be extremely tragic figures who lose their humanity every full moon or some hairy guy who wants to play basketball with you. Everyone knows that a werewolf transforms at the light of a full moon, but some can even transform every single night. They can either be cursed to become one or someone has to get infected by a werewolf bite. The most common depiction is the bipedal version, whom either has humanity or not depending on the movie. Four-legged ones as most famously seen in American Werewolf in London have completely lost their humanity and are nothing more than beasts ready to kill. Heck, they way one transforms into one of these is pretty terrifying and tragic! You can already FEEL their pain from being transformed! So how do you defeat a werewolf who has lost their humanity? Through silver bullets. Yup. As for were-cats, I have only recently discovered them a few years ago, but I can assume they're the same except they're cats and they probably get taken out by some other means. Let me know if I missed any details in the comments below. So do I like these two movie monsters? Yes, actually. Their lore interests me, and I feel bad whenever someone becomes one. Plus, if you take Twilight out of the question, their media is mostly treated with respect, with very few baby-ized versions of them.

Frankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein musical | Tumblr
No, he's not called Frankenstein. That's the creator. It's his monster that we're talking about. Unlike most of the monsters on this list, this guy is a single creation made from SCIENCE! There are no multiples of him that exist, so the description of him might be a little short. This guy was created from an amalgamation of multiple human parts stitched together, and then brought to life with a heaping dose of lighting. He's a big, dumb goofus whom may look monstrous, but he's actually a nice guy. Some depictions even make him a little smart and question life and humanity as a whole. Overall, he's nothing really to be scared about. Just something that brings up interesting life questions. He's not really my favorite, but the musical version's pretty cool, I guess.

Sea Monsters

You know, these guys have made great strides in the fields of science and literature! Ahahaha! Well, Spongebob jokes aside, sea monsters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be created naturally or from science, either as mutations of fish or gene-spliced humans like ZAAT (also known as Z sub A, A sub T), a crazy scientist who wanted to become one with the fish, so he made a formula to turn himself into one. The most famous depiction of a natural sea monster is the Lock Ness Monster of Scotland, or "Nessie" for short. It basically looks like a stegosaurus if it had a water variant to it (which I believe it does). Unfortunately, the famous picture was disproved as either a big stick in the water or an elephant's trunk coming up for air. But that doesn't stop people depicting Nessie in many forms of media, such as Freddie as F.R.0.7; which she is seen as a very friendly creature whom people are just scared of 'cause she's a little different. As for other sea monsters in media, there's The Missing Link from Monsters Vs. Aliens as well as the variety of friendly sea monsters seen in Luca (which, is a darn good movie that still need to watch! Why do I keep procrastinating on it!?). And I've already mentioned ZAAT beforehand, so I don't need to explain any more about him. Personally, I think sea monsters are awesome! They can be depicted in any way, and there's a lot of creativity within their designs. Too bad they've been neutered in scariness like vampires were, but I prefer them even more 'cause they can look unique and not just "pale humans" (unless you're talking man-bats, but that's for another day).

Ah, yes! Ghosties. Oooooooh! These spooky fellows are basically "invisible" versions of any organism when they die... If they have unfinished business, that is. They usually vary in personality, from friendly to tortured souls. They're invisible to any mortal eye, but they can still interact with objects around them, including the living. Lots of ghosts in media can pass through walls or even possess humans in either funny or terrifying ways. Like werewolves, ghosts have mixed media that ranges from kiddie to terrifying, and one of the most famous ghosts is Casper, a friendly ghost who wouldn't hurt a fly. Unlike most monsters on this list (well, maybe except for the next one), these floating fellows might actually be real, and there are debates on whether or not they are real, with people hiring psychic mediums to detect "energy" or "dark energy." How does one measure this energy? Who knows. As for what I think, I do believe they're real, but I don't think they'd be able to interact with us in the same way media depicts them. They're pretty cool, though.


So, you were expecting mummies, next? But it was they, the Chupacabra! Why? Well, I just wanted to spice this list up with something a little more obscure, and I can just talk about mummies next year if you want a sequel to this. So... This single creature is found in the deserts of New Mexico, feeding off the corpses of dead animals and taking livestock from unsuspected farmers. They're depicted as short, humanoid, feral looking creatures (either bipedal or four-legged) in most obscure media, and even the version seen in Phineas and Ferb looks very shadowy and menacing! Like ghosts, this creature is being debated on whether or not it is real, or it was probably just a funny-looking coyote outside the person's car when they discovered it. Who knows. There's a few movies that about this desert creature, but they are rather obscure and it can take a while to find them, just like the real Chubacabra (if it even is real).
Chupacabras:Extraña Criatura Del Mas Alla - Paranormal ...
But yeah! That's about it for what I think about these movie monsters! How would I rank these guys? Well, it would probably be something like this (1 being the best):

6. Vampires
5. Frankenstien's Monster
4. Ghosts
3. Chupacabra
2. Werecats/Werewolves
1. Sea Monsters

This list might continue to grow if you want me to do a sequel blog to this next year regarding OTHER monsters (from movies or not), but until next time, I hope you guys have a safe, happy Halloween, enjoy the memes below, and don't forget to life life the porpoise-ful way. See ya! Muahahaha!
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10/26/2021 10:04 pm
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haven't used pmc in forever but this is a neat little review you have here :) ghosts are based I like them. wonder what you think of plant monsters (and I mean in general, not just what you think of when I mention plant monsters haha)
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