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The Accident, Part 6

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The Accident, Part 6

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Part 6 by DinowCookie:

Theodore opened his window and shouted at the figures outside, in a foreign language. It was like a déjà vu, but from a new perspective. The accident must have messed with my head so much so that I lost my sense of time and place. I was starting to wonder whether I even survived the crash. Was I dead? Was I a ghost, reliving my last moments from a new viewpoint?

"What is going on?" I asked.

"Just watch!" the woman answered.

Outside, Wilson and I ran off. The three of us followed suit, but lost sight of Wilson and I for a brief moment. We ended up parking by the café that we hid in before. Another car had already arrived there. Three men got out and went inside to find Wilson and I. The same men as before, surely.

"Who are they?" I asked.

"They're with us, undercover." Theodore replied. "They are trying to find you before things get messy."

It was difficult to comprehend the situation. But if what Theo said was true, and these guys were indeed trying to save us, then I had to do something. Previously these men had not found us, not long after which we were caught in a terrible accident. Wilson died just now, I saw the body bag, but here he was, hiding in the book café.

"We're in there!" I told Theodore hastily, as to prevent the accident.
He looked back at me raising his eyebrow, and replied: "So you do know what this gadget is, eh?"

That question startled me. I had to pause for a second before I could answer him.
"I have no clue what gadget you are talking about. But what I do know is that Wilson and I are in that café right now, and if you don't get us to safety, then not long from now we'll be crushed by a speeding truck."

Theodore paused for a moment, but then he reached for his transceiver, I assumed to instruct the men inside. Again he spoke in this foreign language. I still hadn't figured out what language it was. One of the men replied with a question.

"In which spot in the café are you hiding?" Theodore asked me.

"In-between the bookshelves!" I replied, and added: "But we think you are out to harm us, so we might resist when you find us."

Realizing what I had just told Theodore, I started to feel a bit light-headed. It was the adrenaline of wanting to save Wilson and myself rather than logic that had me instruct him to save us. I started to shake, sweat and I felt my heart rate go up...

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