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The End, Part 4

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The end, Part 4

The screen fades to black.

To be continued...

"On the last episode!" A deep voice narrates. "Captain Jack had to break up a fight between crew-members Richard and Chris after a mysterious infection spread aboard their crashed Starship. They fear that there might be an impostor among them. They received a distress signal from Amanda and rushed to her coordinates in their Rover that survived the crash landing! But they are surprised by a strong moonquake followed by a massive tsunami coming their way! On the water is Lexa, still drifting in the escape pod with the tsunami wave now closing in on her! Will she ever see Richard again? Find out now, on the next episode of CREWMATES: THE NEXT STAR"

From the kitchen comes the sound of cutlery tinkling on the dinner table.
Mom walks into the living room to see what her son is watching on the TV.

"This show again, huh? What trouble did they get into this time?" she asks her son, as she watches a dramatic scene with an astronaut lady trapped inside a pod on the water with a tsunami nearing.

"They crashed on the moon! And then they got infected and now there is a tsunami because of the moonquake!" Son replies, and mom shakes her head. "These shows are so dramatic that it's silly!" she argues "these things could never happen in the real world" she goes on as she walks off back into the kitchen "dinner is almost ready, by the way!".

Son shrugs off moms arguments and goes to sit even closer to the TV, eager to find out what will happen next. At the very least he wants know what happens with Lexa in the escape pod before dinner is ready.

On the TV. 📺

Richard sits in his Rover seat backwards, and watches the tsunami approach. "Turn around!" he yells at Jack "That's where Lexa's pod landed!". But Jack continues to speed away from the tsunami as he yells back at Richard "These escape pods are built sturdy! Made to protect you when all else fails! If Lexa is over there in that pod, she is better off than we are!"

A race against the water follows, in which Jack skillfully maneuvers the Rover around craters and rocks in the hopes of getting away from the tsunami. In the backseat, Chris is freaking out and shouting about how this will be the end. Richard is still looking out the back window to watch the giant wave approach.

"Turn it off!" Mom yells "Dinner is ready!"

"But I want to find out what happens to Lexa!" Son argues.

"Oh she will be fine!" Mom replies. "They somehow always happen to survive the most terrible things! Now come eat."

Late, sorry 🙈 I had a difficult time keeping track of events and characters in the previous chapters so my part starts with a summary. Please excuse the sudden twist in perspective. I thought it would be fun to do something very different. 😅


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08/18/2021 4:06 am
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Should I read this whole thing? Cus I think its Sci-Fi and I like science fiction
08/18/2021 9:10 am
Level 46 : Master Sus
ArcaneKnight avatar
well, sure. See the different writing styles that made all 4 parts
08/18/2021 4:05 am
Level 46 : Master Sus
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08/18/2021 3:01 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Ladybug
Chiaroscuro avatar
What a twist!
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