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The End, Part 3 - Chiaroscuro Writing Extravaganza

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Wolf_with_Scarf avatar Wolf_with_Scarf
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Written for Chiaroscuro's Writing Extravaganza, Again event.

The End, Part 1 by Lemilas

The End, Part 2 by ArcaneKnight

The End, Part 3 by Wolf_with_Scarf

Richard outside, still a little bit confused of what have happened, walking back to the crashed ship after he has collected some soil sample for research purpose. He entered the ship and is immediately greeted by Chris. Chris is quite excited to see his crewmate came back without any scratch. Richard on the other hand is even more confused of what is in front of him.

“I am glad that you’re safe, but where are the others? Amanda? Daniel? Lexa?” Chris asked, both excited and confused.

“Wait. Isn’t you’re the one who brought Daniel back?” Richard said, he seems to be even more confused than Chris.

“That’s impossible, I have always stayed here helping our captain, Jack fixing this dammed space scrap.” Chris said.

Captain Jack fixing the radio in the communication center overheard the conversation, decided to come over to the two-talking crewmate and join their conversation.

“Richard! Glad you’ve made back alive. How about the others?” Jack asked.

“Uh… Aren’t they already came back here?” Richard said with uncertainty.

“Hey Richard, this is serious. Stop joking around like everything is fine. It’s not funny.” Chris said, he seems to be frustrated. “WHERE. ARE. THE. OTHERS?” Chris ask Richard again, in a louder and more serious tone of voice.

Suddenly a distress signal ping can be heard from the communication center. Everyone immediately rushes to the room to check out the signal.

“The signal seems like it came from… just a few miles from here?” Chris said, surprised and confused. “How? What could possibly be sending the signal?”

“Captain, what’s your thought on this?” Chris asked.

“I think-” Before captain Jack can say any word, another notification appeared on the communication radio displays. This notification seems to indicate that the mysterious distress signal came from Amanda’s vital tracker.

“Amanda is in danger! Captain, we have to save her!” Richard said, nervous.

“All of this will probably not happen if you, Richard pay attention to your surroundings.” Chris said.

“Shut up, Chris! YOU are the one who brought those two back here!” Richard said. “Whatever happen to them is your responsibility!”

“YOU shut up, Richard! You’re the one who’s acting suspicious since you’ve arrived here!”

“No, I’m not! What did you do to her and the others, you scumbag imposter?!”

“Ohh… You want a fight, alright. If you want a fight, I’ll give you a fight!”

Before the two crewmates can beat each other up, captain Jack place himself in between the two, grabbing both of their uniform collar, trying to bring them back to their senses.

“Both of you two! Stop fighting like an uncultured animal.” Jack loosen his grip on both crewmates. “There may or may not be an imposter among us. All we know currently is that Amanda and the others may be in danger and we have to save them.”

Both crewmates finally came back to their senses.

“I’m sorry Richard, I’m just… you know… Amanda is a really importance person to me…” Chris said.

“I also apologize to you too, Chris. And wait… Did you say Amanda is importance to you?” Richard replies to Chris.

“Uh… Nothing!” Chris said.

“Okay, I’m going to go check the Rover if it still working, you two get ready.” Jack said.

Fortunately, despite the crash landing, the Rover is still working fine although Jack have to repair some of the vehicle parts. After Jack have finished with the repairs, he called Chris and Richard, and everyone start heading toward the coordinate where Amanda’s signal came from.

Unfortunately, not long after the crews set off to save Amanda. A strong moonquake suddenly happens, luckily none of the crewmates get hurt. Richard seems to noticed some abnormally happening in the ocean.

“Uh… Captain, I think you should come look at this.” Richard said, noticing Captain Jack and Chris.

Jack turn to look at the direction Richard is currently pointing. Jack’s eyes widen as he sees the draining dark-violet ocean. It looks like-

“TSUNAMI!” Chris screamed.

Without any hesitation, captain Jack slammed the gas pedal trying to drive as far away from the ocean as possible…

Meanwhile, in the ocean after the moonquake, Lexa idling in the escape pod’s cockpit also noticed that the escape pod that she is inside seems to be shaking. She decided the look out the pod’s window and see a massive dark-violet tsunami waves forming behind the escape pod. Her eyes widen as she knew that this might be her last moment.

“Richard, if miracles are real, I hope to see your face again.” Lexa said as the massive dark-violet waves moving closer…
CreditWritten by Wolf_with_Scarf (WwS.) for Chiaroscuro Writing Extravaganza, Again - Extra Extravagance event. Based on ArcaneKnight's The End 2 blog and Lemilas's The End, Part 1 - Chiaroscuro Writing Extravaganza blog.

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