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In the afternoon of 1999 on July 17th, Steve gets an invitation to a party at the Woodlands Mansion.

Of course Steve can't possibly pass up the opportunity to be apart of one of the most sought after parties in the town! He thinks over and over in his head how he possibly couldve gotten this invitation and is belated beyond belief, he thinks to himself, "This could be the chance I always wanted to become popular and have friends."

Silly Steve, Silly Steve.

He readies himself for the party the following night putting on his best suit and tie, White of course, always thinking in the back of his mind, "what if someone spills something on me, what would I do?" But he decides that the chances of getting a stain on his suit is almost unlikely. He does his hair to a comb-over and pops a couple of mints in his mouth to make sure his breath is super fresh and hops into his 1999 BMW 328i/M3. He just bought the vehicle 2 months ago, and was proud of it.
He pulled up the party and saw only a couple of cars in the parking space of the mansion and thought to himself, "weird theres so little people here, then again I am 12 minutes early." And decides to sit in his BMW just a while longer until more people arrive. But they never did.

He decides that he waited long enough and decided to get of his vehicle and go knock on the door to see if anybody was inside. He went up to the double door entrance and knocked only to have the right door start to slide open because of the knock. He thought to himself, "Hmm, this is weird. I wonder if anybody is inside." So he slowly steps inside and says loudly, "Anybody There?" He doesn't hear a response but he has the urge in the back of his mind to go inside and look anyhow, trying to find a reason of why nobody responded, such as, "they could just be in the kitchen or upstairs who knows." As he decides to step into the household it was very dark and he lit a candle that was on a desktop beside him with his match that he usually uses to light his pipe. He walks around and sees a spiraling staircase and he walks up it into the second story of the building. When he gets to the top he says multiple doors, which he presumes are all bedrooms. He goes to the biggest door on the floor, 10 feet tall to be exact and very wide and knocks on the door, hoping somebody would answer. Nobody does, but he hears a dog whimpering inside so he opens the door anyway and finds what he never thought was possible. The owner was dead.

Steve started freaking out, he didn't know what to do. He thought, "who did this, why did they do this, where are they, oh my god what if they're still in the house and they heard me!" He jolts down the stairs and flies out the front door into his car and speeds home. He calls the police and tells them what happened at the mansion. At least he solved the reason why the party was so dead and not its usual self.

*Well that's my story, hope you enjoyed!*

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