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True Survival Version 4.4.0 Changelog

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Devons_Desk's Avatar Devons_Desk
Level 70 : Legendary Architect
This update for True Survival is honestly big enough to be a full Version 5.0, but I felt there wasn't enough "new" content to justify it. This update overhauls many of True Survival's oldest mechanics, provides some new items, optimizations, and more. Hope you enjoy! Download page here.

New Gameplay

  • Tattered Net item added.
  • Fishtraps now have a 1/90 chance of breaking when making a catch. Replaces ‘Fish Net’ with ‘Tattered Net’.
  • Fishtraps pull loot from a Fish and Trash loot table. Tattered Net Fishtraps do not catch fish while tattered, only pulling from Trash.
  • Repair Tattered Nets into Fishing Nets with Artisan Scrap in the custom crafter.
  • Polar Bear shearing now yields less Fishing Nets, and new Tattered Nets.
  • Gilded Charm item added.
  • Crafted from custom crafter with 32 gilded blackstone + 1 diamond.
  • Gilded Charms used on Piglins(+brutes) will grant them immunityToZombification.
  • Gilded Bartering now uses Gilded Charms instead of gilded blackstone.
  • Using goat horns grant all nomads within 180 blocks glowing effect. Nomads no longer have glowing effect upon spawning.
  • Nomads will respond to goat horns with their own preferred horns (depending on dimension).
  • Nomad Kits will contain the nomad’s preferred horn.
  • Dragonscale Armor set added.
  • Dragonscale Armor is a leather-armor variant that’s unbreakable and has +1 knockback resistance per piece.
  • Dragonscale Armor pieces are found in End City loot.
  • Added Ancient City maps to the loot for Spelunker Nomad Kits.
  • Added Artisan Scrap to Ancient City loot tables.
  • Added Tattered Net to Ancient City ice box loot tables.
  • Create custom crafting table now using the dev diary instead of an emerald. Has new book model when displayed.

Minor Changes
  • Wither Skeleton arrow nullification now much clearer and consistent.
  • Mangrove log added to campfire healing.
  • Can use /trigger tsurv.guide to get a new guidebook.
  • Guidebook slightly altered.
  • Custom crafting table can be made with glow item frames or regular, giving back the proper materials.
  • Elytra or leather chestplates now interchangable to receive leather armor set bonus.
  • Remove fishtrap nets by right clicking the net frame.
  • Fishtrap loot tables rebalanced. Kelp removed. New failstate rolls added.
  • Display models for Fishtraps now inflated for better visual clarity.
  • Piglins while gilded bartering no longer automatically drop their loot at the same time.
  • Added Dragon Fruit custommodeldate to Endchanted advancement.
  • Rearranged nomad code.
  • Refactored fishing trophy loot tables.
  • Refactored loot tables for custom items.
  • Successfully catching a fishing trophy grants particles and sounds for feedback.
  • Text fixed for Old Boot/Gold Boot fishing trophies.
  • Illager Conversions now grant invisibility just before killing to conceal awkward death animation.
  • Minor optimization to Illager conversion.
  • Optimizations to armor bonus set effects.
  • Broad @s optimization.
  • General optimization and organization.

  • Fixed bug preventing spawners from dropping correct loot bundles.
  • Fixed spectral bug.
  • Fishing trophies refactored from using structure_void→structure_block as base item.

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