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Uncreativity In The Gaming Community

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avatar SnowBreaker
Level 20 : Expert Architect
Uncreativity In The Gaming Community

Note: You are entitled to your own opinion and I am in no way trying to attack any single person. I wrote this to bring attention to the trend of uncreative content

Hello, my name is SnowBreaker and I pride myself on my Youtube channel and the builds that I create that reflect original content and artistic ability. But starting recently I have been noticing a decline in creative ability and creative content throughout the entire game industry and Minecraft has been affected by this as well.

It seems that developers have gotten more lazy over the past decade due to the fact that consumers will buy any game. They can make the same copy/paste game because you will buy it. They have killed the MMORPG franchise and are in the process of watering down the FPS genre. Consumers need to learn to vote with their wallets and to go without a game in order to send a message to developers.

The community has also seen a spell of uncreativty. Just taking a look through PMC will showcase this obvious fact. Re-posts, Undeveloped ideas, Teen skins; Creative content is few and far in between and requires some digging to find in the current community.
There is almost a resistance to this creativity change and many blogs have tried to stem the flow by explaining ideas of creative content and copied skins.

A Message to Content Creators

Copied / Stolen Skins Strikes Again

Skinning isn't fun anymore – a blog post by YukaYuma

I pride myself on the work that I do, because it is mine and mine alone. I don't understand why people are so eager to re-post and steal when it would take but a few minutes of creative thinking to come up with something that is entirely your own. But as I said the entire game industry is affected by this plague and until players make the conscious choice of wanting a new and higher level of creative content then we will continue to be assaulted by this trend of mediocre content.

Thank You For Your Time!

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08/31/2014 7:14 am
Level 39 : Artisan Ladybug
I could not agree more, although this lack of creativity ive noticed mainly on forums such as PMC, if you were to borrow through the thousands of singleplayer worlds of all the minecrafters you would find so many incredible original builds, machines, minigames, maps, concepts, etc...

That is the reason why Minecraft is the most played PC game with 16 million users, it is the only game of its kind, it has an inifinite amount of possibilities and the creative aspect is incredible.

Anyway, great blog post, 1 diamond coming up.

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