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Aceplante avatar Aceplante
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Spelunker
~~~Aceplante's RL Megapack~~~
-By Aceplante
This pack was made by aceplante on www.planetminecraft.com. If this was posted anywhere else please message me there.

Welcome to Aceplante's RL Megapack, a hodge-podge of almost every single idea I think would make the game better!

1.16 version: Aceplante's RL Megapack v16
1.17 version: Aceplante's RL Megapack v17


The following is a full list of as many changes as I could remember:

Wither Fortress (By TetraJak)
-The Wither can now only be spawned in Nether Fortresses to prevent players from "cheesing" the fight using the bedrock of the end portal or a long tunnel in the overworld. I aslo made other changes listed below.

Igloo Villager Fix (By The8BitMonkey)
-The villager/zombified villager in the basement of igloos is now a tundra villager rather than a plains villager.

Wandering Trader Improvements (By Vanilla Tweaks)
-The wandering trader will now sell mini-blocks in addition to his regular trades!

Entity Hit Detection (By Cloud Wolf)
-A really extensive system to detect which specific entity is hit by a player, which I used for squids XD
-Squids spray ink and blind nearby entities when attacked, and glow squids do the same except cause glowing instead. They cannot do this if killed in one hit (this is intentional), and this will not affect themselves or other squids.

Silk Touch Spawners (By Hielke) (Currently Disabled)
-I tried to do this myself but apparently it's almost impossible/extremely complicated to do. I was even able to get the spawner to drop itself with specific NBT data, but apparently blocktags are cleared when placed in survival ([​MC-105216]). Anyways he figured it out and it works flawlessly!

Miscellaneous Loot Tables (By Stoo)
-Explorer maps and a few structures.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Aceplante~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Structure Fixes
-Better End Ships: They now contain many more shulkers, three brewing stands instead of 1, more potions, an extra chest, and a secret surprise...?
-Better Shipwrecks: Shipwrecks now have barrels instead of chests, and I also removed those doors that always seem to create air pockets
-More Mansion Chests: Extra Woodland mansion chests! Plus, a secret surprise awaits any lucky enough to find the fake end portal room...
-Better Outposts: Better Pillager outposts! One guaranteed captain guarding the chest on the top floor, no more vine holes, and a lightning rod on the roof!

Better Loot Tables (structures, mobs, blocks)
-Many different loot tables have been fixed/improved/altered/balanced:
-Structures: nether fortresses, mineshafts(raw ores, pickaxes, torches, food etc), mansions, Desert temples(honey items), Jungle temples(Better traps, tipped arrows, zombie heads), dungeons (skeleton heads), igloos (blaze powder, meaning you can get some without going to the nether), strongholds, end cities, and more!
-Mobs: husks (which can now rarely drop sand), villagers and their zombified variant (which now drop emeralds and profession specific items), elder guardians (which now always drop a heart of the sea), creepers now always drop at least one gunpowder, skeletons (which can now drop their skulls like wither skeletons), glow squids have a chance to drop regular ink sacs making them not completely useless, enderman now only drop up to one ender pearl based on a chance (like wither skeleton skulls), and more!
-Evokers now only drop totems when in mansions meaning you can no longer farm totems from raids. However, these totems will also include various stat boosts when in your offhand! Evokers will also always drop a very good enchanted book.
-Piglin Brutes will always drop pigstep if killed by a ghast.
-Fletchers can drop luck arrows again as a hero of the village gift.
-Meat dropped by animals will no longer be somehow cooked if they were on fire when they died. Fire aspect is for additional damage, not magically cooking meat.
-Player heads are now dropped by players killed by charged creepers. The Ender Dragon will also drop a dragon head if killed by a charged creeper but good luck arranging that.
-Spawners can be collected and relocated using silk touch 2.
-Dyes can be collected directly by breaking flowers with a sword.
-Each music disc is now exclusive to some random loot table. In order to collect them all you will need to search throughout the game, since you can no longer get all of them from creepers. Same with banner patterns which can no longer be crafted. If you're too lazy for the challenge there is a cheat sheet in data/minecraft/loot_tables.
-Riptide, Loyalty, and channeling can now be more easily obtained from ocean ruins and fishing. My eventual hope is to make this the only way of obtaining them.
-Massive overhaul to Piglin trading. They can now drop many new items such as nether fungi, and VERY rarely, a map to either a fortress or a bastion, a netherite scrap, or a pigstep disc (technically providing a renewable way of obtaining them). They can also "accidentally" drop gold ingots.

Biome Dependent Fishing/Crates
-Massive overhaul to Fishing's loot table including drops specific to certain biomes and better treasure/junk items, but the main change is that you will get fish way more often even with (and especially without) luck of the sea. I believe this is the way it should be; Bonus items should be a very rare oddity, not expected or relied upon. With luck of the sea 4, you can catch two items at once!
-You are more likely to fish junk items in deserts and rivers
-You are more likely to fish treasure items on mushroom islands and in deep oceans.
-There are a few extremely rare drops...

Farming Improvements
-Crops can be collected more efficiently with a hoe: Wheat has a chance of dropping TWO wheat if harvested with a hoe, and beetroots now drop multiple like carrots/potatoes. Melons and cocoa beans can be collected as normal without a hoe.
-Nether warts will drop 1-2 wart (regardless of fortune) if not harvested in the nether.
-Apples only drop (in ascending order of drop chance) in plains, sunflower plains, forests, and flower forests. Until apple trees are added, this biome check is the next best option.
-Seeds from grass are now MUCH rarer and will be very difficult to find early game without fortune. This both makes it feel much more rewarding to finally find seeds to start a farm, while also cutting down on the random seeds everyone always seems to accidently pick up late game when you dont need them.

No Tree Punching!
-Logs can no longer be collected with just your bare fist (as most players immediately do upon creating a world). Instead, an axe must be used. How can you get an axe if you cant punch trees you ask? Good question. Wood tools have been replaced with "flint" tools which can be crafted with flint (from gravel patches or ruined portal chests), sticks (from leaves/dead bushes), and string (either as a rare drop from tall grass, or spiders which now spawn more frequently in forests and jungles). Note, the flint axe can also be crafted in the 2x2 grid.
-If you are having trouble finding a plains/savanna biome (for tall grass), you can always wait until nightfall and then kill a spider. Or perhaps get a creeper to blow up next to a tree?

World Generation Improvements!
-Deeper Oceans: Oceans are now far deeper than vanilla making it harder to easily loot shipwrecks which would otherwise provide and easy way to obtain iron early game.
-Underworldly: Roofless Nether: The nether no longer has a roof and instead features far more sporadic generation, which often results in massive cliffs, random patches of spikes, and far deeper lava oceans. Includes a new biome found only deep in the world, and other miscellaneous changes. Unfortunately, there is currently a bug regarding the lava of nether caves which you can read more about on the pack's page. Oh, and since the roof is gone, maps now work (although compasses still don't).

Darker Caves/Nether
-Caves are much darker (almost pitch black), meaning players will actually have to use torches/even a flint and steel. In fact, I made them as dark as I possibly could without rolling over into a value where the night vision no longer works. I also like how this makes dark areas have a prominent blue tint when observed with the night vision effect. Note: this unfortunately breaks at night time as the world is lit by ambient "moonlight"... EVEN IN CAVES. I don't think this can be fixed, at least not without freezing the day/night cycle to day which I obviously don't want to do. So for once, you may want to mine at night.
-The nether is also darker, but not pitch black like caves; only dark enough to be annoying and motivate the player to use flint and steel or torches. It is the underworld after all.
-Also, if you dont already, feel free to play with the "brightness" toggle on max. I don't but these changes were tested assuming everyone else does this already.

-ReducedDebugInfo set to true (obviously) so you can't cheat/abuse coordinates. This will hopefully motivate players to actually use maps/lodestones (I know I never have).
-No keep inventory, and mobgriefing and firetick are both on, and so are all the various types of damage such as drowing, fire, fall, and freeze which for some reason can actually be turned off with gamerules?

Actually Useful Grindstone
-Can no longer combine tools without the grindstone. The grindstone was supposed to be the new way to combine tools (hence why there is 2 slots instead of 1) but apparently people complained so much they caved in and reverted it? Anyways I fixed it.

Natural Regeneration Disabled:
-I strongly dislike the new 1.11+ hunger system where you can regenerate nearly half your health in only a few seconds simply by eating a single steak. I believe slow regeneration was part of what made old minecraft feel much more difficult as it forced you to actually run away and hide when your health was low. I wish this change would be reverted, or at least togglable via gamerule. Unfortunately, the only option is a complete on/off switch. I tried to use a function to cancel out saturation as soon as a player ate, which did result in less rapid healing as I had hoped; the problem however, is that (with no saturation) the hunger bar would start to drain again almost immediately, meaning players would have to eat constantly.
-In the end, I decided disabling natural healing was the best way. This means you will need to use alternative methods to regenerate your health, such as golden apples (which, as a magical health-regenerating food, is no longer craftable by the player), potions (finally making them useful again), and even beacons.
Better Sleep: I also added a function that gives players regeneration for a few seconds after sleeping (and negative effects if they dont).
Almost Hardcore: I suggest you dont just kill yourself to get your health/hunger back. You'll see why if you try.

-Afk players will now gradually lose hunger, a half hunger bar at a time. It just didnt make sense that an afk player could survive indefinitely and not starve. Note, this only applies to true afk players determined by checking the player's rotation (which if afk will always be the same). All of the traditional methods to not get afk kicked (such as being pushed around in a water stream) will not work since this does not rely on coordinates. Without eating, an afk player can last just under a minecraft day.

Boss Changes:
-As mentioned, Elder Guardians always drop a heart of the sea, plus quadruple the prismarine of normal guardians. They also constantly give nearby players a weaker mining fatigue effect and weakness (if they don't have it already that is).
-Withers give the player that spawns it blindness for a few seconds, plus every player close to it a few seconds of blindness every 12 seconds (based on distance).
-The Ender dragon has a minor amount of passive healing even without crystals (specifically regeneration 3 for 4 seconds every 12 seconds).

Connected Dimensions!
-Players that fall off of the end islands will now fall back into the overworld. This means that even if you are unable to land in water and you die to fall damage, your items will be somewhere in the overworld rather than lost permanently to the void. And by flying VERY high up into the air, you can get back to the end without the need of an end portal (although you obviously cannot do this without an elytra, requiring you to have already been to the end). Credit to ultroghast for the idea and basic concept even though I had to completely fix everything.
-Players can also fall into the nether by digging through the bedrock of the overworld, and back to the overworld by flying up. And like nether travel grants an 8 to 1 ratio of blocks traveled, the end is now 16 to 1, making it an even better form of travel! And to prevent you from immediately falling back down again, you gain 3 seconds of levitation when travelling "up" a dimension, giving you time to activate your elytra.

Better Achievements
-Language, icon, and location in the menu fixes to existing advancements
-Tons of new advancements, such as collecting all the aforementioned discs/banners, collecting all the tropical fish variants, getting struck by lightning, murdering a ton of villagers and their golems, flying extremely high, tons of other ones that would take too long to list, and a pointlessly difficult one...
-Houston we have a problem achievement for breaking an elytra super high up.
-Technochievement for naming a pig "Technoblade".

Villager Fixes:
-Villagers no longer sell mending books (which will be replaced with Unbreaking 3 books), or choice other treasure enchantments like frost walker, infinity, channeling, riptide, and loyalty. Diamond armor/tools will be modified to the matching iron tool/armor, while keeping any enchantments it would have had.
-As for mending, it is undeniably the most OP enchantment in the game. Now that it has been removed from villagers (previously an extremely easy way of getting mending books in bulk), it is now exclusive to the equipment of end cities, Bastions, etc, giving you a reason to actually explore them.
-Librarian villagers will also no longer sell enchanted books on their first tier, preventing players from breaking and replacing a lectern until they get whatever enchantment they want. They will still sell enchanted books as normal in later tiers.
-The novice fletcher's OP stick trade has been made slightly more balanced.
-Farmers and Butchers sell less food.
-The amount of times you can buy things from villagers has been reduced slightly. In general, you can still sell the same amount of items, but with this change it will be harder to immediately level up new villagers solely with emeralds.
-Nitwits can occasionally offer junk items based on their biome as a trade. Since they dont have a jobsite to restock at, a function resets it manually twice a day.
-Several professions can how have secret bonus trades appended when they reach master level, signaled by green particles. Clerics for example can sell potions not brewable in vanilla (this was my solution until brewing recipes are supported by datapacks).
-Villagers will now get angry at players that break their workstation.
-Armor/weaponsmiths now only sell one of their item per restock.
-Place a beehive on top of a composter to make a Beekeeper villager!

Wandering trader improvements!
-Wandering Traders now have a chance to offer bonus trades consisting of a few biome specific/currently non renewable items.
-Wandering Traders also now have a small chance to spawn with a rare mob! This can be a regular llama, a cat, bee, or very rarely a parrot or a mooshroom.
-Better drops, such as a village explorer map, milk, bottles, or a secret rare drop...

Smelting Improvements!
-Food can only be cooked via smoker, and ores may only be smelted via Blast Furnace. Regular furnaces may still be used to smelt other various blocks. To cook food early game, consider using a campfire!
-Many blocks such as slabs and stairs can now be smelted just as their block would be! Smelting is also now required to make polished blocks (rather than just crafting as they could before), and raw blocks can be directly smelted into their ore blocks!
-Since Kelp can be eaten faster than any other food, it can now also be cooked faster as well! So can: sea pickles to lime dye, clay balls to bricks, netherrack to nether bricks, and popped chorus fruit!
-Fish can now be "boiled" in their buckets. Note: There are no hunger or saturation differences to regular cooked fish, and the bucket is also consumed for some reason (I am pretty sure this is a bug and cannot be fixed), so I at least made it smelt faster.
-Leaves, Flowers, paper, maps, and wheat can now be used as fuel.
-Eggs can now be cooked into fried eggs! (Currently does not have a custom texture due to excessive lag?)

Stone Variants Change!
-You may be wondering how to get iron for a blast furnace since it is now required to smelt iron. Fear not! Iron nuggets are now occasionally dropped by diorite. Andesite can drop clay balls (which pre-1.18 can be hard to get in large quantities), and Granite may drop Quartz (meaning players can access quartz early game, although the nether is still by far the best way to get large amounts). All three variants now drop cobblestone instead of themselves to prevent inventory cluttering, but can still be collected with silk touch. They also can no longer be crafted as they can (for some reason) in vanilla.

Stonecutter Improvements!
-Stonecutting has now been fixed for all the blocks I could think of. For example, blackstone cannot immediately be cut into polished blackstone stairs. You now actually need to cut blocks in stages. Stonecutting is also the only way to get slabs and stairs; this includes wood which can now be cut too! Think of it as a sawmill (which should totally be added by the way).
-Stonecutters now deal damage to any entity standing on it. A moment of silence for all the mason villagers to become tragic casualties of workplace accidents (since they seem to like standing on them). Try putting another block above it so they can't. (CURRENTLY DISABLED)

Crafting Improvements!
-Many crafting recipes have been fixed/changed to be more realistic/balanced. A few that come to mind are the flint tools mentioned above, shields (which now require more iron), fishing rod/chest (which now both require an iron nugget), melon blocks/blue ice can no longer be crafted (use silk touch to collect), Netherite tools/armor (explained below), bones have been balanced to one bonemeal instead of the three they make in vanilla, coal and berries can be used to make dye, simplified rail/dispenser crafting, slab combining (as in back to full blocks), hay bales/dried kelp blocks which now require a string, and MUCH more! Oh, and there are two late game items that normally cannot be crafted, but recipe books unlocking them can be found in the stronghold library and woodland mansion respectively.
-The Enchanting table recipe now requires the sacrifice of an enchanted book.
-The tinted glass recipe has been fixed; It no longer gives more glass than it costs.
-Doors and trapdoors can now be crafted one at a time with slabs instead of full blocks, the door recipe now gives 2 instead of 3 (like trapdoors), and all pressure plates are now crafted with slabs instead of full blocks.
-Beds can be crafted from hay
-Arrows can be crafted from iron nuggets
-Cake requires sweet berries.

Netherite Fix!
-Netherite tools and armor are now crafted the same as other tools and armor rather than smithing (you will need 24 netherite ingots for a set of armor for example). This makes it much harder to get OP end-game gear in the early to mid-game, so you'll have to make do with diamond the way minecraft veterans have for years. You may also wish to carefully consider what you use your first few netherite ingots for. Also, as the tools are being crafted directly, enchants cannot be immediately be transferred over. This is an all around balance Mojang apparently failed to consider. But, in compensation, ancient debris is slightly more common in nether waste biomes (consider this knowledge a reward for reading this). You can also now get nether scrap from fortress chests, nether mineshafts, and the wither (and ingots from bastions as you can in vanilla).

Realistic Armor Weight
-Armor, shields, and cross/bows now have a small amount of added weight. This means it is more beneficial to switch to lighter armor when travelling long distances, and not in direct combat.
-This is done with attributes, NOT an entire potion effect level of slowness.
-Note: This also affects mobs wearing armor and horses as well.
-Tip: try using speed potions to cancel it out.

Realistic Held Items
-You unable to hit mobs while holding certain items like feathers, string, powders, coral, leaves, flowers etc
-But you can also do slightly MORE damage by holding items like flint, amethyst shards, prismarine shards, dripstone, arrows, etc

Speed on paths!
-Players are now granted a very slight speed boost when running on path blocks. Since this does so by changing the speed attribute, it can stack with both the speed and slowness potion effects, as well as the weight attributes of armor mentioned above.

Better Lightning!
-Lightning will give struck mobs slowness and glowing for a second on hit, and weakness for 16 seconds after, except for iron golems which retain the glowing for 8 seconds and instead of weakness, become supercharged for two minutes (gaining speed and strength)! It also deals additional instant damage (or healing aka damage to undead mobs), but it seems very unreliable and varies between one to two ticks, or sometimes none at all if cancelled out by fire damage.
-Lightning will also turn any sand blocks struck into glass

-Players in a desert biome when the weather is thunder will be given the blindness effect!

Glow Berries:
-Now give two seconds of glowing upon consumption

BETTER MOBS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Animal Healing
-Do you have an animal companion you'd like to heal up? Simply feed any passive mob for them to heal a heart of health.

Pack/Hoard Mentality
-Zombies and Wolves now have a pack mentality, gaining speed and strength when near others of their kind. You can recognize when this happens by the red swirls that appear.

Herd Mentality
-Passive mobs will now flee if a player attacks another of their kind nearby

Realistic Dyed Sheep
-Sheep will no longer regrow colored wool. It will instead always regrow to their natural color. You can still dye sheep as normal, but once sheared, it will regrow to their natural color instead of somehow still being dyed.

Better Witches
-Witches now have blindness potions added to their arsenal.

Bee Fix
-Bees now have much less health, to better balance them relative to other mobs

Stronger Polar Bears
-Adult Polar Bears now have more health, deal more damage, and take less knockback. For as rare as they are, they are now a bit more of a challenge. Especially since, as neutral mobs, they usually just completely ignore the player.

-Will now actually use their totems. They have two and gain a brief window of resistance after using the first one so as to not be immediately killed again.

Wither Skeleton Improvements
-Wither Skeletons have an 11% chance to spawn with bows instead of swords (This works by giving bows to any that spawn as left handed which happens 11% of the time). These bows have a chance to be enchanted with looting!
-The rest have a 30% chance for their swords to be randomly enchanted, plus a 50% chance of also having fire aspect. Note, this enchant ranges from 0-24 levels, so most of the time its just going to be a useless enchant only good for making their sword look intimidating. BUT this is technically a "treasure enchant" so its possible to get enchants like mending.

Zombie Horses!
-7% of skeleton horses will be replaced with a zombie horse with a much more powerful skeleton rider that has an unbreakable OP bow (Note, this can never drop), slight natural armor, spawns with 15 hearts instead of 10 (but can have a maximum of 20), and never burns in the sun.

Special Creepers
-Creepers have a 5% chance to be a baby creeper (meaning they explode almost instantly but have a much smaller explosion power) and a 3% chance of being a mega creeper (meaning they have a longer fuse/charge time but have a stronger explosion). Baby creepers are also slightly faster than regular creepers, and mega creepers are slightly slower, meaning you can tell when a creeper is one of these two special variants. Baby creepers also have less health than normal and mega creepers have slightly more.
-Creepers lit on fire will now explode
-Some creepers will be duds

Skeleton Improvements
-All skeletons now have a 3% chance to spawn with an iron sword instead of a bow, and an additional chance to have either a torch or an iron pickaxe when spawning in a mineshaft.
-Skeletons not wielding a bow will not drop arrows.
-Skeletons in jungles have a chance to shoot poison arrows

More zombie villagers
-15% of zombies that spawn in villages will be replaced with zombie villagers!
-They will also be slightly faster/stronger than regular villagers, and sometimes spawn with profession specific items!
-Naturally generated zombie villagers will keep their profession when cured.

Dyed Shulkers
-Shulkers can be dyed by applying a nametag of the desired color. In the case of lightblue and lightgray, the space is ignored. You can also reset the color back to it's default by naming a shulker "clear".
-SECOND SHULKER SHELL: shulkers always drop an additional shell if killed with looting 4. This means that, if the regular drop chance also succeeds, you can get two at once (and are always guaranteed at least one)!

Iron golems
-Now have permanent resistance 1 to help them not get killed by mobs so easily. You're welcome.
-They are also completely immune to poison and wither, but also regeneration.

-Can sometimes be larger and more powerful. The larger they are, the more membranes they will drop.
-Will now also spawn in the end.
-Phantoms will only drop membranes in the end and not in the overworld, meaning it is now much more difficult to obtain slow falling potions previous to your first ender dragon fight. Tip: membranes are still a rare drop from a cat's morning gift.
-I also made membranes smeltable, and they will drop a LOT of experience. The intent was to make it a better end-game source of experience.

-Now have a chance to spawn holding either a grass or sand block.
-Now have a very small chance to spawn with near infinite invisibility.

-Black cats now give nearby players the bad luck effect

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Known Bugs:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-Boiling fish in buckets also consumes the bucket. Although I am not surprised since it is a custom recipe, I wish it were hardcoded to never use up a bucket in any recipe since it doesn't in cake crafting or when using lava as fuel.

-Cats that spawn in my custom swamp huts seem to be a random color instead of black even though their nbt should be correct.

-Silk touch spawning currently not working

-Massively desreased mob spawns overall/too many drowneds in oceans and mineshafts

If youve read this far, check the update logs for additional small changes I may not have mentioned here!

Thumbnail screenshots courtesy of fellow datapack creator RADI0R


Obviously, please do not steal my work or repost (even with credit) without messaging me first: Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial — CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

1/28/23: 1,000 Downloads!
CreditThe creators mentioned above. Also check Credit.txt
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

39 Update Logs

Update #39 : by Aceplante 05/19/2023 7:10:08 pmMay 19th

Fixed an error due to an incorrect pack format value of the texture pack

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05/19/2023 5:47 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
tenayauwu avatar
the texture pack dosent work for me, and the flint tools look and say they are wooden tools. D:
05/19/2023 6:50 pmhistory
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Spelunker
Aceplante avatar
I dont know why that would be the case? this was tested all the way up to 1.19, but I'll test it again

Edit: So the attached texture pack only adds custom textures for special items. Flint tools/name change is not part of that. I have that in my personal pack but it affects all wooden tools at all times so it is currently not part of this one since NBT data is not supported by crafting recipes. Also the pack version was incorrect, it still worked fine, but I fixed that anyways.
05/19/2023 11:57 am
This reply was removed by the poster or a moderator.
05/18/2023 9:36 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
tenayauwu avatar
i just read all that cool datapack imma get it :D
05/11/2023 1:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
soymonke avatar
I feel like netherite being THAT expensive to make is a pretty big change not a lot of people would want to be on board with, you should make it so that either ancient debri only generates after the dragon is defeated or the smithing table is only able to be used after it is defeated, something along those lines.
05/12/2023 12:31 amhistory
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Spelunker
Aceplante avatar
But, to balance this, you can now get netherite in several new ways. First it is slightly more common in nether wastes, plus can be farmed renewably from the wither. It can be found in fossils, and VERY rarely in jungles or from piglin trades. Overall, for as OP as netherite is, I believe it SHOULD be harder to get. Also, I do not like how it can be upgraded with only a single ingot AND it keeps all enchantments for some reason?? Really that's the part I hate most, so as long as that functionality is left in the game by mojang, the smithing table is out of the question, hence the crafting recipe
04/22/2023 5:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Jayplay_PL avatar
DId u add it in to this data pack
04/23/2023 1:19 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Spelunker
Aceplante avatar
My pack does no such thing
04/22/2023 5:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Jayplay_PL avatar
Planet Minecraft


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