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Aceplante's Avatar Aceplante
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Spelunker
~~~Aceplante's RL Megapack~~~
-By Aceplante
This pack was made by aceplante on www.planetminecraft.com. If this was posted anywhere else please message me there.

Welcome to Aceplante's RL Megapack, a hodge-podge of almost every single idea I think would make the game better!

1.17 version: Aceplante's RL Megapack v17
1.19 version: Aceplante's RL Megapack v19


The following is a full list of as many changes as I could remember (also listed in changes.txt):

Others: (so these are ideas that I had and wanted to do, but then found out someone else did it first)

No Tree Punching (By OscMan)
-Logs can no longer be collected with just your bare fist (as most players immediately do upon creating a world). Instead, an axe must be used. Wood tools have been replaced with "flint" tools which can be crafted with flint (from gravel patches), sticks (from leaves/dead bushes), and string (either as a rare drop from grass, or spiders which now spawn more frequently in forests and jungles). The flint axe can also be crafted in the 2x2 grid. This also only applies to regular logs and their stripped variants, not their all sided "wood" variant.

Netherlands (By FireNH)
-The nether has been completely overhauled with several new biomes! The Nether is now also twice as tall as usual; The bedrock roof has been raised to 256 blocks, meaning you can no longer build on the Nether roof. Even if you manage to get up there, you may have a hard time getting down :). Note: Unfortunately, due to a bug, dimensions added/altered by datapacks are always the same seed (same terrain). This cannot be fixed. I also made the nether darker so you may actually need to use fire/torches.

Exclusive Smelting (By GenMode)
-Food can only be cooked via smoker, and ores may only be smelted via Blast Furnace. Regular furnaces may still be used to smelt other various blocks.

Wither Fix (By TetraJak)
-The Wither can now only be spawned in Nether Fortresses to prevent players from "cheesing" the fight using the bedrock of the end portal or a long tunnel in the overworld.

Connected Dimensions (By UltroGhast)
-Players now fall into the overworld when they fall off of the end islands. This means if you are unable to land in water and you die to fall damage, your items will be somewhere in the overworld rather than lost permanently to the void. Credit to ultroghast for the idea and basic concept even though I had to completely fix everything. Players can also fall into the nether by digging through the bedrock of the overworld.

Igloo Villager Fix (By The8BitMonkey)
-The villager/zombified villager in the basement of igloos is now a tundra villager rather than a plains villager.

Wandering Trader Improvements (By Vanilla Tweaks)
-The wandering trader will now sell mini-blocks in addition to his regular trades!

Darker caves, loot tables, and more (By Stoo)
-Speaking of the wandering trader, he now has several new drops, one of which is a map to help you find villages! Im sure there are many other loot tables that he can be credited with but I don't remember which ones XD. Caves are also much darker which hopefully means players will actually have to use torches. Note: this unfortunately breaks at night time as the world is lit by ambient "moonlight"... EVEN IN CAVES. I don't think this can be fixed, at least not without freezing the day/night cycle to day which I obviously don't want to do. So for once, you may want to mine at night.

By Aceplante:

Recipes (you're welcome)
-All recipes are immediately unlocked upon creating a world to help with all of the new features!

-ReducedDebugInfo set to true (obviously) so you can't cheat/abuse coordinates. This will hopefully motivate players to actually use maps/lodestones (I know I never have).
-DoInsomnia set to false! But don't worry, you can still get phantom membranes since phantoms now spawn in the end islands!

Better Loot Tables (structures, mobs, blocks)
-Many different loot tables have been fixed/improved, especially in structures that would otherwise be near useless. Some loot tables that have been changed are nether fortresses, mineshafts, mansions, Desert and Jungle temples, Piglin trades, husks, villagers and their zombified variant (which now drop emeralds and profession specific items), and biome dependent fishing! Evokers now only drop totems when in mansions meaning you can no longer farm totems from raids (this also makes totems exclusive to the woodland mansion). However, each evoker will now drop three totems instead of one, AND these totems will also include various stat boosts! Oh, and animal meat cannot be cooked just by lighting them on fire.

Smelting Improvements!
-Many blocks such as slabs and stairs can now be smelted just as their block would be! Smelting is also now required to make polished blocks (rather than just crafting).

Stonecutter Improvements!
-Stonecutting has now been fixed for all the blocks I could think of (except two I could not fix, explained below). For example, blackstone cannot immediately be cut into polished blackstone stairs. In other words, you now actually need to cut blocks in stages. Stonecutting is also the only way to get slabs and stairs; this includes wood which can now be cut too! Think of it as a sawmill (which should totally be added by the way).

Crafting Improvements!
-Many crafting recipes have been fixed/changed to be more realistic/balanced. A few that come to mind are the flint tools mentioned above, shield (which now requires more iron), fishing rod/chest (which now both require an iron nugget), melons/blue ice (which can no longer be crafted; use silk touch to collect), Netherite tools/armor (explained below), bones (which have been balanced to one bonemeal instead of the three they make in vanilla), coal and berries (which now can be used to make dye), simplified rail/dispenser crafting, slab combining (as in back to full blocks), and more!

Netherite Fix!
-Netherite tools and armor are now crafted the same as other tools and armor rather than smithing (you will need 24 netherite ingots for a set of armor for example). This makes it much harder to get OP end-game gear in the early to mid game, so you'll have to make do with diamond the way minecraft veterans have for years. You may also wish to carefully consider what you use your first few netherite ingots for. Also, as the tools are being crafted directly, enchants cannot be immediately be transferred over. This is an all around balance Mojang apparently failed to consider.

Stone Variants Change!
-You may be wondering how to get iron for a blast furnace since it is now required to smelt iron. Fear not! Iron nuggets are now occasionally dropped by diorite. Andesite can drop clay balls (which pre-1.18 can be hard to get in large quantities), and Granite may drop Quartz (meaning it is no longer exclusive to the nether). All three variants also drop cobblestone instead of themselves to prevent inventory cluttering, but can still be collected with silk touch. They also cannot be crafted as they can (for some reason) in vanilla.

Villager Fix/No OP Villagers!
-Villagers will no longer sell mending books (which will be replaced with Unbreaking 3 books) or diamond armor/tools (which will be modified to the matching iron tool/armor, while also keeping any enchantments it would have had). As for mending, it is undeniably the most OP enchantment in the game. Now that it has been removed from villagers (previously an extremely easy way of getting mending books in bulk), it is now exclusive to the equipment of end cities (and occasionally Bastions), giving you a reason to actually explore them.

Better End City Loot
-Speaking of end cities, the loot table has been altered/improved/balanced. There is also now a very rare special surprise...

-Beds, banners, terracotta, glass/panes, and wool (basically anything that can be dyed) can all be "redyed" to and from any color. They can also be "washed" with a water bucket to get the undyed variant back. There are also many more dye recipes.

Stronger Polar Bears
-Adult Polar Bears now have more health, deal more damage, and take less knockback. For as rare as they are, they are now a bit more of a challenge. Especially since, as neutral mobs, they usually just completely ignore the player.

Faster Kelp Smelting!
-Since Kelp can be eaten faster than any other food, it can now also be cooked faster as well!

Boiled Fish!
-Fish can now be "boiled" in their buckets. Note: There are no hunger or saturation differences to regular cooked fish, and the bucket is also consumed for some reason. I am pretty sure this is a bug and cannot be fixed. :(

+more I'm probably forgetting about.

Please let me know if you find ANY bugs at all (even small ones) and feel free to suggest more changes in the comments below!!

Also let me know if you guys are interested in my personally compiled texture pack as well (which you can see in the images).
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Aceplante 12/17/2022 3:06:36 amDec 17th, 2022

Now includes links to credited datapacks

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11/27/2021 3:51 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Necromancer
VisiVersa's Avatar
Did you have permission to reupload these datapacks in a merged pack like this?
At least provide links to them
11/28/2021 10:04 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Spelunker
Aceplante's Avatar
I credited all of the other features I used
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