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The Original Bracken Pack: Adds Eleven Dimensions! [Java Release 1.18.2]

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Required Resource Pack
Brackenstrike avatar Brackenstrike
Level 58 : Grandmaster Engineer
The pack adds 11 additional dimensions to the game as well as customized mob spawning, playable fantasy species, and additional crafting recipes for typically uncraftible items like saddles, chain armor, and tridents. The data pack currently works in 1.18.2 The google drive link features a collection of useful folders, including the two most recent versions of the pack, species-only versions, a diet lag version, and several 1.16 releases.

WARNING: Worlds played on older, 1.18 versions of the pack are unable to update to the most recent pack version (V59) a remedy to the issue is still being developed.

Realms and plugins like Spigot and Paper don't work well with extra-dimensional packs like this one.

Unpredictable results may occur when combining the pack with other plugins or addons, be sure to back up your works just in case! Optifine works with the data pack, but some shaders may alter the vanilla coloring of the dimensions.

Deleting a pack from your saves folder after loading and playing on a world will cause the world to be unplayable unless the pack is reequipped. This also occurs if the "/datapack disable" command is used. Be sure to back up important worlds before using this pack just in case!

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I made a deal with a talented friend called TytoninaeArt, who posts Bracken-related fanart. .

If you're planning on renting a server to play with friends, choosing Bisect Hosting is another way to support me. If you use the promo-code "bracken-pack," you'll also get 25% off.

The Original Bracken Pack: Adds Eleven Dimensions!      [Java Release 1.18.2] Minecraft Data Pack

There is a texture pack designed to be used in conjunction with the Bracken Pack. Although it is not necessary for gameplay, the talented individuals responsible for the pixel art and music included very much improve the overall gameplay experience.

To select a species to play as use the Species Beginner Book, or type the command “/team join (team name)”. Each species has its own set of custom effects to pick from.

Different Species and What They Do
Automechs always have the resistance x2 and slowness x1 effect but are given slowness x5 when in water. They get the saturation effect when standing on a redstone block.

Dwellers have the hunger effect when their food bar is full but also have haste and night vision.

Enderlings can teleport in a targeted direction. When holding the sneak key an item will appear in their off-hand which teleports them when clicked. They also get the wither effect when in water and teleport extra far when eating chorus fruit.

Faefolk have the weakness effect, jump boost, and speed when sprinting. They passively gain experience points.

Frostkin have resistance x1, immunity to slows, and are given instant damage when walking in fire or lava blocks.

Humans have luck and hero of the village when in the overworld dimension but have unluck in every other dimension.

Hunters have the hunger effect but are granted abilities after consuming a raw food item. For example, after eating raw chicken, a Hunter has the slow falling effect applied to them.

Nereids have slowness when outside of water, but also have night vision, water breathing, and dolphin's grace.

Netherkin have the wither effect when in water, but permanently have fire resistance and night vision. They receive a strength effect when on fire, in lava, or in the nether.

Outlanders have the saturation effect when below a hunger level of 15. They have mining fatigue when in the sanctum dimension and don't turn invisible there. They can turn invisible after standing still for about 10 seconds.

Realmkeepers have 6 hearts of absorption when above 18 health (9 hearts) or when wearing a full set of golden armor. The effect is granted once every 10 seconds and lasts 9 seconds. If possessing an armor level greater than that of full gold armor, they are granted weakness x10 and the glowing effect. After eating a gold or notch apple, Realmkeepers grant absorption to nearby players.

Villains have the unluck effect, resistance, strength, bad omen, and are unable to get hero of the village. Iron golems are hostile to them.

To travel to any of the custom dimensions you can use the command “/execute in (dimension name) run tp @p ~ ~ ~”. All dimensions can be reached in survival mode. Many of the dimensions are stacked, meaning if you build high or dig deep enough you can enter another dimension.

Dimensional Details
The order of the stacked dimensions from top to bottom go...

The Faewild
The Underdark
The Nether
The End

Pax is a dimension constructed for peaceful-mode loving players. Every player there has twice as many hearts, weakness x10 to dampen pvp, immunity to poison, and an inability to starve.

The Faewild is for players looking to generate xp at a faster rate. Xp is granted at regular intervals just by being there. It is always dusk there and hostile mobs spawn non-stop. Players are granted jump boost here as well as slowfall when sneaking. Players also have one less heart here.

The Underdark is for players that love to mine. The dimension harbors ores that generate at every y-level and with greater frequency than the overworld. However, it does contain an abundance of hostile mobs.

The Sanctum is the anti-grief dimension. Tnt, withers, lava, fireballs, and ender crystals are disabled here. All player species excluding Outlanders are granted invisibility. There is also a large amount of obsidian and netherite to build and craft with here.

Survival players in the Void are given blindness. This dimension was made to be an empty canvas for creative players to hide secret builds in.

The remaining dimensions require more special circumstances to enter.

Glacium can only be entered by standing for a period of time on an activated beacon. The player is given a wither effect while the teleportation charges, but the bigger the beacon base, the shorter the wait time. To return to the Overworld, an activated beacon must be set up in the Glacium dimension as well. Players are given the wither effect if they step into water.

Panacea can be entered by wearing a creeper head and standing very close to a creeper. Taking the head off will teleport the player back to the overworld. Players in Panacea are given two extra hearst as well as the hunger effect.

The Brine is reached by looking at the upper surface of an activated conduit block. Players return to the Overworld through the same means. In this dimension, potions become instantly brewed when players look at a brewing stand.

The Omnidrome dimension is entered only if the player places an end_crystal in the nether and sprints inside of it. Players can leave the Omnidrome by placing and sprinting near an end_crystal again. Players are given levitation when sneaking and speed when sprinting here. WORD OF ADVICE for slower computers like mine; don't immediately sprint into an end_crystal after placing it for the first time. For me, if I am playing on a high render distance setting especially, I need to wait about 30 seconds after placing the crystal down for the Omnidrome's terrain to preload before attempting to enter the dimension. After I've used the crystal once already though, I don't typically bother with waiting.

Varskspace is an elusive dimension that is only reached if the player is struck by lightning. The only way to leave the dimension is by sprinting for a period of time, which gradually increases the player’s speed until they are fast enough to be teleported back.

Dormis is a prison dimension, constructed to contain the most heinous villains of the 13 realms. Arguably the best way to enter/exit it would be through the portal gateway that generates in the Pax dimension. Players have slowness in this dimension as well as 2 seconds of invulnerability every 12 seconds.

The data pack also enables the use of 14 specific abilities that can be used by non-operator players. These commands are only activated by clicking on a knowledge book by players with a high enough xp level. Below are the specific details regarding each command.

Also here is a link to a video of my brother and I testing them out in PVP.

Description of Book Abilities
[​Fireball] summon a stationary fireball that can be punched to fire in a targeted direction. Consumes 2 levels upon use.

[​Lightning Bolt] Summons a lightning bolt at the user's location, instantly teleporting them and all players within a 3 block radius to the Varskspace dimension. Consumes 25 levels.

[​Iron Golem] Summons an iron golem near the user to protect them from harm. Consumes 1 level of experience.

[​Tetra Slime] Creates an enormous amalgamation of giant slimes having enhanced movement speed. Consumes 12.

[​Fang Attack] Summons three snapping fangs at the location of entities more than 3 blocks away from the user up to 30 blocks away. Consumes 3.

[​Flying Boat] Summons a glowing, flying boat. Consumes 1 level of experience.

[​Mass Heal] Grants the instant health effect, saturation, and regeneration to all entities within a 10 block radius of the user. Consumes 2.

[​Kill] Kills all entities within a 2 block radius of the user including the user itself. Consumes 2.

[​Truelight Glow] Grants glow effect to all entities within a 100 block radius of the user for 10 seconds. Consumes 3.

[​Adamantine Will] Grants resistance effect x10 for 30 seconds and wither to the user for 35 seconds. Consumes 7.

[​Soar] Grants the user the levitation effect x90 for 1 second, as well as fall damage immunity for 10 seconds. Consumes 2.

[​Frostlock] Summons an area of effect cloud with a 25 block radius that grants slowness x10 to all players in contact with it. Consumes 3.

[​Scatterstorm] All players within a 20 block radius of the user are teleported to a random location 20 to 30 blocks away. Consumes 3.

[​Crimson Spark] Gives 24 spawn eggs to the user that creates firework explosions upon activation. Consumes 1.

[​Swordfall] Creates a giant sword that is directed by the user, dealing instant damage x3 and instant health x3 to all entities it gets close to. This instantly kills most mobs but leaves high-health mobs unhurt. Consumes 12.

[​Worm-toothed burrower] Creates a giant pickaxe that spirals downward, carving a spiral tunnel in it's path. Can destroy any block but is disabled in the End dimension. Consumes 12.

[​Great Nulifier] The user is surrounded by a cloud of sparkling particles, clearing all entities within a 10-block radius of all effects. The nbt data of mobs within the radius are also changed. Horses become instantly tamed, creeper explosions get neutralized and vexes and endermites have their short lifetimes made even shorter. Consumes 2.

[​Recall] Stand on top of an enchantment table and click the book to set a home point at that location. Now, regardless of what dimension you are in, clicking the book again will teleport you back to your home point.

[​Magnificent Mansion] Clicking the book will open a portal to the void. After stepping through, the player will arrive at the front of an abandoned floating mansion full of strange rooms to explore. Players can leave by taking the exit portal ahead of the front door. Consumes 20 levels.


The following includes screenshots for every naturally generating structure as well as a general description of what a player might encounter there. Spoiler warning!

Dormis: Cage Structure
-The cage contains low quality loot, as well as an anvil, a music disk, jukebox, and villager spawner. It only generates in the coarse dirt biome with the obsidian posts.

The Original Bracken Pack: Adds Eleven Dimensions!      [Java Release 1.18.2] Minecraft Data Pack
Dormis: Thrall Boss Courtyard
-The boss courtyard contains four giant scales and the Solatium Thrall Boss at its center. The boss drops netherite and gold armor as well as an ability book and golden helmet with powerful stats. This structure is found in the purely bedrock-covered biome.

The Original Bracken Pack: Adds Eleven Dimensions!      [Java Release 1.18.2] Minecraft Data Pack
Dormis: Spawn Platform
-The platform structure first generates when a player uses a pax portal to enter the Dormis dimension. It was designed to prevent players from spawning within layers of inescapable bedrock. Pressing a button on any of the four command blocks inside the structure clears a straight tunnel along that direction.

Glacium: Beacon Watchower
-The Glacium boreal frontiers have beacon towers that contain an entity called the frozen heart, which grants mining fatigue over a large radius. Very high-quality loot is found in shulker boxes at the top of each structure.

Glacium: Snowman Village
-The Glacium forests may contain a snowman village, complete with walls, igloos, and snowman inhabitants.

Glacium: Viceroy Holdout
-The Ice mass biome has an viceroy holdout structure. The structure contains the Bygone Viceroy Boss. All of the Glacium structures may contain loot with enchantment levels surpassing what is typically achievable in survival mode.

Glacium: Giant Snowflake
-The fractured wastes biome usually contains a giant snowflake structure, which constantly spawn falling shulker bullets and area of effect clouds. A miniboss exists at the center of the structure and drops a powerful trident and head item if slain. Diamond ore also can be found here.

Glacium: Viperfish Fossil
This structure is submerged underground and is very hard to find, but contains an abundance of bone blocks and iron blocks in its teeth.

Glacium: Hidden Orb
This mysterious structure is rare and its function unknown. However, diamond blocks and ore can be collected at its center.

Omnidrome: Library
-A floating library, complete with enchantment tables, corrupted golems, and secret loot hidden under the endstone stairs. Found in the most-organized, biome #1.

Omnidrome: Living Palace
-The living palace is a large megastructure containing iron and gold blocks, four deactivated end portals, several hostile mobs, and one HIGHLY dangerous boss. Found at high y-levels in biome #1.

Omnidrome: Cyber Highways
-The cyber highways contain honey blocks and glowing guardian turrets that deal massive amounts of damage! Found in biomes #2 and #3.

Omnidrome: Spawn Platforms
-When a player first uses an end crystal to travel to the Omnidrome dimension, a spawn platform will generate for the player to arrive on. If using a slower computer, it is recommended that players wait 20 or more seconds after first placing an ender crystal down in the nether before attempting to enter. This is because sometimes the Omnidrome terrain takes a long time to load and players may fall and die in the void before the commands responsible for flight and teleportation can have a chance to activate. Revisits to the Omnidrome in areas where the terrain has already loaded require no wait time though. The platforms come in three variants; light, dark, and golden.

Panacea: Giant Pitcher Plant
-The swamp biome has a giant pitcher plant structure that detonates if players get too close to its central flower. Players that fall in might get pulled underwater and killed by the drowned mobs that spawn there. However, killing a drowned has a chance of dropping leather armor that increases player hp when worn.

Panacea: Giant Lily Pads
-Giant lily pads can be found in the jungle biome. The lily pads have a bee spawner at their center as well as an emerald block directly below it. The bees have a small chance of dropping hp boosting loot as well.

Panacea: Tetra Tree Stump
-A giant tree stump structure can form in the forest biome. The tree not only contains many charged creeper spawners but also hides several emerald blocks. The creepers also drop hp boosting armor. Each armor piece, (boots, leggings, and chestplate) contributes max health to the player, maxing out at eight additional hearts.

Pax: Ancient Double Tree
-The Ancient Double Tree structure is located in the petal grove biome, and contains a book called The Book of Arbitrium that allows you to change into any race without admin permissions. It costs 100 levels to use and consumes 50 xp. Spawners that spawn golden apples are also present.

Pax: Portal Gateway
-The portal gateway structure found there allows you to travel to ANY dimension through the use of lever combinations. It generates in the cloud canopy biome.

Sanctum: Obsidian Hand
-The obsidian hand hides a few blocks of ancient debris within its tough structure.

Sanctum: Buried Gear
-The buried gear has blocks of ancient debris hidden at its center.

Sanctum: Stone Army
-Each statue within the stone army structure has a chance of containing treasure within its head.

Sanctum: Ruined Building
-The ruined building has several floors with better loot near the top levels.

Sanctum: Embassy
-The Sanctum embassy is a massive complex with three main portions, the underground tunnels, the pyramid, and the balancing vault. The entire structure is encased with a single layer of bedrock and is impenetrable aside from the openings of tunnels branching out from underneath the pyramid. The network of tunnels often contains rooms with loot, "sleeping" netherite statues that attack the player if disturbed, expanding area of effect clouds that wither, blind, and starve players, and the occasional angry enderman. The pyramid will contain an immobile boss known as "project ruination" which, once defeated will grant access to the vault portion of the structure. The vault contains valuable loot, such as experience bottles, a single netherite block, and a room containing 27 wither skulls.

The Brine: Giant Sponge Tower
-The beach biome has a giant sponge building. The building mostly has potion-based loot.

The Brine: Jellyfish Structure
-The fungus biome has jellyfish structures. Inside the center of the jellyfish are honey blocks and a yellow shulker box full of simple loot.

The Brine: Giant Coral Fan
-The giant coral fan only exists in the reef biome and harbors an active conduit.

The Faewild: Rampion Tower
-There are rampion towers in the foison fields, with a chest filled with berries, Bottle's O' Enchanting, and sometimes golden carrots. Illusioners spawn near the structure.

The Faewild: Pool Structure
-Faewild pool structures are located in the foison fields and spawn pool shulkers that protect the enchanting-based loot directly in the center of the pool.

The Faewild: Floating Island
-The floating island structure is positioned in the Faewild dells.

The Faewild: Faefolk Village
-The Faefolk village has three types of wandering traders present, each of which offers altered spawn eggs.

  -One spawns a fuseless creeper.

  -Another spawns a killer bunny.

  -The last spawns a horse with hp, speed, and jump boost.

Some of the village houses contain vindicators and illagers, which will attack and kill the wandering traders if left to escape.

The Underdark: Spider Nest
-The spider nest structure spawns in the gravel zone and contains cave spiders and shellbreaker spiders (enhanced atk damage). Loot is hidden in barrels surrounding ensnared wagons.

The Underdark: Giant Nautilus Fossil
-The fossilized giant nautilus structure is very hard to find but contains nether gold ore inside its core.

The Underdark: Diamond Crystal Mass
-The diamond crystal mass spawns in the crystal caves biome, and contains copious amounts of valuable diamond ore and blocks. It; however, is almost impossible to find.

Varskspace: Indicator Spires
The indicator structures contain blocks of crying obsidian and one-use tridents enchanted with channeling.

CreditThanks to Arnold_Rynux for contributing music, Yoann for texture pack artwork, Jorick Sephis for book sound effects, as well as many others in the aid of programming and in composing the Wiki.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

57 Update Logs

Update #57 : by Brackenstrike 05/15/2022 3:43:02 amMay 15th

Not a large update. Just a bunch of hotfixes completed in anticipation of the Panacea update.

-Panacea noise terrain has been changed. Mountains are less steep and wider. Less chaotic floating islands and fragmented cliffs exist. Oceans are larger.

-Panacea now has misty fog. Similar to the nether, the Panacea dimension now has a misty fog that will always exist regardless of a player's render distance.

-Realmkeeper race optimized (Thx Trog!).

-Project Ruination boss now correctly drops the magnificent mansion ability book upon death.

-A porch has been attached to the fire exit door on the magnificent mansion to prevent accidental player deaths.

-Beds no longer explode in the void.

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06/23/2022 2:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4208106G avatar
like how can i go back in the overworld while im in one of these dimensions?
06/28/2022 2:55 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Engineer
Brackenstrike avatar
For dimensions like the underdark which you had to dig down to get to, you'll have to dig back up to return to the overworld. Same goes for the dimensions you had to build up to like the faewild.

For panacea, you just remove the creeper head you wore to get there.

For the brine, you need to stare into another conduit to get to the overworld.

If in glacium, stand on a beacon.

If in varskspace, sprint to escape.

If in dormis, the prison dimension, you'll have to defeat a boss to get out. Futher details about the ins and outs of each dimension are included in the wiki.
06/09/2022 4:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
223qqq avatar
06/09/2022 1:41 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Engineer
Brackenstrike avatar
I do have a working version of 1.19 I've been testing out, but the worldgen got all wonky in the update. It might take me a while to tweak it all back to normal.
06/13/2022 12:29 am
Level 1 : New Miner
brights0ng avatar
Have an estimated release date, by chance? My server is pestering my to know when its gonna be up lol
06/15/2022 5:49 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Engineer
Brackenstrike avatar
Good question. I hope less than three weeks, but we'll see if anything unexpected comes up.
06/27/2022 12:17 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Artist
blu12335 avatar
anything yet on the 1.19 version?
06/07/2022 7:01 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
KingJames12133 avatar
Does this work on realms because it’s the only way I can play with friends…
06/07/2022 11:51 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Engineer
Brackenstrike avatar
No, sadly. There's nothing I can do except wait on Mojang.

The data pack does work on servers like aternos and bisecthosting though. Aternos is a free server, but bisecthosting has much better performance.
06/08/2022 10:32 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
KingJames12133 avatar
Ok thx for replying
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