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No Tree Punching Datapack for 1.19x

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Required Resource Pack
OscMan's Avatar OscMan
Level 52 : Grandmaster Taco
No Tree Punching Datapack By Osc

This Datapack was inspired by the no tree punching mod
that is most known in RLcraft. Instead of being able to
chop trees with your hands and mine stone with wood.
You need to create simple tools using flint and other materials.

NOT Compatible with most timber mods.

How to install:
Put this folder into your world datapack folder /.minecraft/saves/YOUR WORLD/datapacks

play in world type /reload

TEXTURE PACK NOT REQUIRED!   (it only changes the name/texture of stone tools)

How To Play:

logs and other wooden things are not dopped when mined with your bare hands.
you need to find flint, string and sticks to make basic stone tools.
find flint by mining gravel once you have one you can mine gravel with flint to get a 100% chance of flint drops.
find sticks by mining leaves/bushes or crafting with any sapling or two sugar cane
find string by mining grass like you would for seeds. - (in the nether warped sprouts)
find sticks by mining any leaves. - (in the nether weeping vines)

Recipes can be found in the crafting book and the image in the pack
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by OscMan 12/15/2022 2:58:19 pmDec 15th, 2022

Updated to 1.19!

I made a texture pack that changes the name/texture of stone tools to flint
There are additional ways to get sticks through crafting. (1 of any sapling makes 2 sticks, two sugar cane makes 2 sticks.)

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01/03/2022 1:35 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
TheDerpu0ne's Avatar
It seems I can still get wood without the axe? I have removed the other stone tool recipes so you only have to get the stone axe then the game is normal, but I can still mine the logs with my fist. Any help? OscMan Edit: uh anyone????
12/09/2021 11:54 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Bunny
Bunnly's Avatar
i wanted to make a youtube series and wanted some datapacks to make mc more realistic
08/12/2020 9:51 pm
Level 29 : Expert Dragonborn
skunkmunkee's Avatar
I like the idea of this datapack. Punching wood seems wrong. I did a showcase of it on my YouTube channel which you are welcome to use:
08/12/2020 11:39 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Taco
OscMan's Avatar
thx <3
08/07/2020 3:29 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
Robinsonjelly's Avatar
cool and all but how do i craft a pickaxe
08/07/2020 10:53 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
zornhau's Avatar
08/03/2020 6:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
zornhau's Avatar
it doesn't seem to work with treecapitator/timber mods; only the bock you directly cut with an axe gets dropped, all the other blocks in the tree get destroyed but won't drop anything
08/04/2020 11:50 pmhistory
Level 52 : Grandmaster Taco
OscMan's Avatar
Unfortunately there is no mod at least that i could find that has that feature while still being compatible but i did find a datapack that is compatible

07/31/2020 6:40 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Dragonborn
vinnyg0621's Avatar
can you make a datapack where you can only get string from grass and nether sprouts and get sticks only from leaves and weeping vines?
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