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Amplified Nether ~ 1.17

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    Starmute avatar Starmute
    Level 90 : Overlord Terraformer

    Please join my Discord if you have any questions about this pack or if you're interested in my other projects!

    Amplified Nether is a pack that aims to make the Nether 256 blocks tall while retaining every other detail as exactly as possible.

    This is an updated version of my original "Perfectionist's Amplified Nether" pack, with support for 1.17 as well as much better looks and performance. In general, I place an emphasis on good biome borders and accurate surface builders. I've also enabled noise caves in order to give the nether a better feel.

    I've gone through significant effort, and attention to detail, to make this amplified Nether as faithful a recreation as possible. You'll recognize the familiar curving patterns of soul sand and soil soil in the Soul Sand Valleys, the basalt ceilings in Basalt Deltas, and the patches of nether wart blocks and netherrack in the Crimson and Warped Forests.

    Why did I need to put so much effort into this pack? Well, normally, if you just try to extend the nether's height upwards, many things like surface builders will break. For example, the unique patterns on the Soul Sand Valley's floor and ceiling, the patches of netherrack and nether wart blocks in the Crimson and Warped Forests just won't exist, and the Basalt Deltas' ceiling turns to netherrack above y=128. Basalt pillars in the Soul Sand Valley won't work at all, and in general most things just die because of hardcoding.

    This pack is partially based on the excellent work in FireNH's original "Taller Nether" pack and was made with permission.

    This pack is NOT compatible with Incendium, or any other Nether expansion pack.
    CreditBotany, for photography
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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    10/16/2022 6:25 am
    Level 18 : Journeyman Explorer
    JayWasTakenMiCr avatar
    Can you backport to 1.16.5? because my PC is not comfortable running the latest version
    11/20/2021 8:19 pm
    Level 1 : New Collective
    Rafii2198 avatar
    I don't want to be this guy but, oh well... Do you have any plans on updating it to 1.18? And if possible increase the size to new overworld height but without generation so it would be possible to build on roof again. Just my suggestion.

    This pack is so beautiful, I need to try it with Terralith 2.0!
    01/15/2022 5:28 pm
    Level 51 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
    Scribblez01 avatar
    Hey, Amplified Nether already has a 1.18 version!

    Link: www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/amplified-nether-1-18/
    10/30/2021 7:03 pm
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    DaveyL2013 avatar
    I swapped around a few files from this and Incendium and changed a line in a json to reference "nether_amped" instead of "nether3" and it actually worked (lucky for me, and smart of the datapack author, a bunch of the same files are used in both packs allowing for me to just blindly guess at what does where)! I'd give instructions but I have no clue what I did other than "throw files from the amplified nether zip into the Incendium zip while replacing as little as possible from Incendium and then changing that nether3 to nether_amped" which I don't think makes a very comprehensive tutorial... I'm half asleep right now but tomorrow I might try looking at it more to see if I can make an actual tutorial on how to combine the two packs
    10/10/2021 6:54 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    CNlol avatar
    hey what happend if i use both of this and the incendium?
    01/15/2022 5:29 pmhistory
    Level 51 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
    Scribblez01 avatar
    Amplified Nether isn't compatible with Incendium.
    10/14/2021 8:52 am
    Level 2 : Apprentice Engineer
    SteampunkMiner avatar
    From my own testing, it doesn't seem to work with Incendium.
    09/24/2021 6:43 am
    Level 38 : Artisan Explorer
    BLACKSHMAD avatar
    you are a god
    09/22/2021 12:09 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Baka_nii avatar
    does this have any major effects on performance?
    10/04/2021 7:08 pm
    Level 43 : Master Crafter
    Yekulten avatar
    The more blocks there are for the game to load, the laggier it can get. It depends on how well your computer can handle it.
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