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Bodacious Bosses

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Required Resource Pack
M2cs avatar M2cs
Level 42 : Master Technomancer
This datapacks aims to add more bosses to minecraft, each one having their dropped loot and summon items found throughout the world with backstories and lore behind them. Will you be the one to take on the bosses for a chance of death or epic gear?

(It's also my school project)

Crafting Recipes

Most of the crafting recipes require the Glass Crafting Table

Crafting Recipe for GCT

Recipes for Brittle Bone Dust Armor

Bodacious Bosses Minecraft Data Pack
Bodacious Bosses Minecraft Data Pack

Recipe for the Central Processing Pickaxe

Recipes for Chitin Armor

End Ladybug
The lady of the end...

Even the last jungles of the end have life roaming in them. Mostly endermen yes, but sometimes you may encounter the End Ladybug. The End ladybug is truly sight to behold, a purple-ish pink exoskeleton, six magnificent legs and big white majestic eyes.

Phase 1 (Above half health)

The End Ladybug has two phases. In the first phase she summons shulker bullets on top of the player in a circle formation. She also summons her offspring to aid her in battle. Also don't try to get too close to her in this phase, she has an aura of poison not harmful to her offspring or any other organism for that matter, but humans do get affected by it.

Phase 2 (Below half health)

The End Ladybug spreads her wings and elytra in her second phase. She also starts phasing throught walls. She occaisonally lays an egg that falls down and explodes. The third ability she has is summoning fangs below players around her. Before the fangs appear souls start raising up from the ground on the places fangs will appear.

On death the End Ladybug drops pieces of it's exoskeleton made of chitin which can be used to coat netherite armor. The chitin armor gives you a health boost
on top of netherite armor defense.

Gilded Blackstone Golem
A sad tale of time and civilization...

As she, the first born of her kind, opened her metallic eyes she saw multiple piglike bipedal creatures standing over her. She was just a golem like the ones visible in the overworld.

The Gilded Blackstone Golem appears to be a much larger and stronger version of the iron counterpart we see in the overworld. It throws its opponents high in the air as if it is playing with them... Even piglins in its way seem like unintellegent creatures and get tossed around unlike ages ago. Its kind roam the now ruined and broken bastion remnants looking for "playmates".

No one really knows how it or as they used to call their kind SHE got into this world. She appears to be some sort of cyborg having some parts of a living creature (such as horns, a mouth and vocal chords) but also robotic parts made of gold, magma but mainly gilded blackstone.

It has many more times the health of a normal Iron Golem but due to it only having a melee attack it may prove to be fairly easy to take down. On death it drops 1-3 gilded processors which can be combined with a netherite pickaxe on the glass crafting table. The resulting Central Processing Pickaxe mines faster than any other pickaxe (instamines cobblestone with efficiency 5).

Brittle Bones
Try farming this pile of bones...

Brittle bones is a creature, who used to lurk near nether portals back in the old days to capture players and pull them into the nether to pay for their sins. Nowadays only remnants can be found of the once evil and dangerous monster in ruined portal chests. Due to the power of Brittle Bones' withered bones using one can call back the now withered away and soulless pile of bones.

Killing Brittle Bones grants the player with 3-30 brittle bone dust, which can be crafted into brittle bone armor on the glass crafting table. Brittle bone armor grants the player with abilities only a wither skeleton could ever have. First the immunity to the wither effect and second an ability much more useful in combat. Wearing brittle bone armor and striking an enemy gives all creatures the wither effect. Be careful though as killing Brittle Bones will become a task much easier said than actually done.

The boss has 6 different abilities, 3 only used while in the second phase. Only one Brittle Bones may be called upon at once in a world.

Phase 1 (Above half health)

The first ability the pile of bones has is the power to summon 2 wither rockets to defent itself. They're rockets that chase the player around, getting too close to one results in a small but dangerouns explosion. The danger comes from fall damage taken after being launched into the air by one.
The second ability it has involves summoning even more minions to do it's bidding. Brittle Bones will repeatedly summon big black blocks in the air. Using its connection to the nether the black box acts as a bridge between the over- and underworld and it summons many but weak wither skeletons to aid Brittle Bones in battle. These boxes should be destroyed as soon as possible to avoid getting overwhelmed by them.

The third (and last) abiliy the pile of bones has in its first phase is teleportation. The boss will occasionally teleport to a player within a 50 block radius of it.

Phase 2 (Below half health)

So you successfully made it to phase 2 huh? Well things are gonna get a lot worse than in the first phase
The boss will still use wither rockets, but instead of spawning 2 it will now spawn 8 that quickly fly away from it.
Another new ability the boss will gain is the ability to pull up fangs from the underworld near it to defend itself from close up melee attacks.
The pile of bones will still use all of its attacks from phase 1 with the attacks from phase 2.

If you dare take on Brittle Bones it will prove to be a challange unlike any other before...
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

2 Update Logs

Update v1.2 : by M2cs 10/09/2022 5:34:48 pmOct 9th, 2022

Gather round everybody, finally after 6 months i got my stuff together and released the v1.2 update.

The traditional amazing update video will hopefully be made in 24h.

So what was i working on during the last 6 months?

Let's start with the new things:

- New End Ladybug boss that spawns from throwing an ender pearl and summoning endermites.

- The Ms. Gilded Blackstone Golem is actually useful now. She drops Gilded Processors now that can be used to upgrade a netherite pickaxe.

- Brittle Bones healing got nerfed (AGAIN)

- A NEW GLASS CRAFTING TABLE (A workbench for this datapack that can be used to craft Bodacious Bosses items)

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10/09/2022 8:57 pm
Level 46 : Master Pixel Puncher
Scribblez01 avatar
Holy, that is impressive. The models and textures look great! Pictures for new update?
10/10/2022 12:19 pm
Level 42 : Master Technomancer
M2cs avatar
I actually hope to get time to make a trailer video!
10/10/2022 1:34 pm
Level 46 : Master Pixel Puncher
Scribblez01 avatar
Oh cool
12/02/2021 9:26 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Bear
Fotatata avatar
this ur school project? i wish my school was as cool as that
04/24/2022 7:41 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Mage
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