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                    Level 34 : Artisan Robot

                    By Chimerabot

                    "Bullet Time" is a well-known cinematic trick involving the slowing of time. This datapack was inspired by a similar feature in the popular game Breath of the Wild, in which drawing your bow in midair slows down time and allows you to get easier shots on enemies. This datapack does essentially the same thing.

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                    How to use the mechanic: If your selected item is a bow and you're in the air, a stamina bar appears, and time is slowed down for a couple of seconds before everything goes back to normal. You are also given Strength, granting an added damage bonus if you manage to hit any mobs while in bullet time.
                    Traversing land that requires jumping still activates the bullet time functionality, so if you want to run and jump in peace but still hold your bow, put it in your offhand. You can still shoot it normally without triggering the bullet time effects.

                    How it works: The datapack detects, every tick, whether or not you're in the air and holding a bow. If so, then you are granted Slow Falling VI, Slowness IV, and Strength 1, while also displaying a stamina bar and playing a sound effect. But the target selectors used here are targeted toward one player only, meaning that this datapack is singleplayer-only.

                    Tutorials, Videos, Etc. That I've Used

                    As always, thanks for checking out this datapack, and make sure to report any glitches you find in the comments below.
                    CreditCheck the dropdown spoiler above for a list of useful tutorials I used to create this datapack.
                    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

                    11/29/2020 7:53 pm
                    Level 3 : Apprentice Architect
                    *Bow spinning intensifies*
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