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Caloumi's Floating Islands

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    Caloumi's Avatar Caloumi
    Level 27 : Expert Miner

    Now supports up to 1.20.1 via Curse


    1. When creating a new world, click on Data Packs and drag and drop Caloumi's Floating Islands Datapack .zip file into minecraft, and move the file from available to selected.

    2. Feel free to input your own seed and if you would like to generate structures. Note:
    the way minecraft generates structures, you will get some floating out
    in the void at y = 0. This means treasure rooms, villagers, etc. won't
    generate with those particular ones, but you can find normal ones on the
    islands themselves.

    3. Create your new world and ignore the warning about Experimental settings

    4. Enjoy!


    1. Why does it warn me about experimental settings? Because
    we want to generate all biomes, we have to alter the floating_islands
    preset. This also allows us not to have really deep islands and improve
    performance. (If you want to try this out, drop me a message on YouTube
    or Instagram).

    2. I get a strange screen when opening my world from the main menu. What gives? This
    is related to the experimental settings I mention above. You can create
    a backup if you want (which is always a good idea incase of
    corruption), or yu can proceed without. The worlds shouldn't break, but I
    would be careful about upgrading the world with new snapshots/releases!

    3. Whats up with the Ocean Monuments? Ocean
    monuments as part of their structure generate in water, so when they
    appear above the sea level the water comes too! Can't make a guardian
    farm without doing some draining!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
    toMinecraft 1.20

    1 Update Logs

    Update #1 : by Caloumi 08/07/2022 5:16:16 amAug 7th, 2022

    Now available for 1.18.2 and 1.19(alpha release) via Curse Forge

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    02/03/2023 1:09 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    ChogChey's Avatar
    Hey Caloumi, Is it possible to make these islands... floatier? Like they feel very flat in their current state. It would be stellar to have more height variation and more distance between the islands.
    02/05/2022 9:57 pm
    Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
    Marshmeowlow's Avatar
    this is amazing work! but my only gripe probably only is the fact it doesn't go lower? like to deepslate levels. i am guessing that is harder to work out than new bioms, which makes sense of course, but imagine if the islands could intermingle with each other while they go lower in to the void below? getting darker and more spooky, but also open for exploring and collecting the fantastic build material that is deepslate to build your skyforts with.

    sad this don't got that many view tho, thank you for working this datapack out, absolutely love it otherwise!

    Edit: actually just now noticed in a video talking about really old world gen stuff, no idea if the code for it would still be around. but there was once a world gen code for making a world Deep specifically. making layered floating islands look, that could work kind of for what i was thinking about that could work to get the deepslate levels in maybe?
    08/10/2022 7:49 am
    Level 27 : Expert Miner
    Caloumi's Avatar
    The latest 1.18.2 version gives you the depth to deepslate now!
    08/10/2022 5:29 pm
    Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
    Marshmeowlow's Avatar
    amazing! thank youuu!
    12/16/2021 2:20 pm
    Level 16 : Journeyman Engineer
    Varyson's Avatar
    can you make this datapack into a another dimension above the overoworld?I mean if you get higher than the height of 500 blocks you get tp ed into this dimension and to go back you just jump in the "void" and you're back in the normal world.
    01/03/2022 1:21 pm
    Level 27 : Expert Miner
    Caloumi's Avatar
    Ooh, Thats a great idea! I'll definitley look to see if I can do this.
    12/06/2021 1:04 am
    Level 47 : Master Necromancer
    THINK86200's Avatar
    This pack will look very nice and unbelievable you made this possible! 1.18 is so amazing what you can do now! I have so much fun running around and dying in the void, losing all my items. I love the thrill of exploring beautiful landscapes I forgor to look where I am going and fall out XD !!! Sometimes I get lost which direction I'm heading so I look up at the stars to see the cardinal star I'm looking at with a RP of mine.

    Looking at this datapack, with the idea of how it would look with one of my builds I am working on (It's of a magical library structure you can find only once within a world).

    Btw For any villages that spawn at Y:0
    I made a datapack to auto clear them, well as a function you can executer manually.
    Planet Minecraft


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