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Cascades (Hybrid Beta) [1.20.3]: Minecraft made more inspiring!

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    Crystalis7's Avatar Crystalis7
    Level 38 : Artisan Architect
    Version 1.0 now released!


    This datapack re-imagines vanilla Minecraft terrain in a way which seeks to inspire a greater sense of awe, wonder, and beauty. It takes inspiration from some of the features of terrain generation from Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 and versions before, like towering cliffs, floating islands, and crazy overhangs, and integrates them into the elegant, cascading terrain made possible by the new terrain shaper introduced in 1.18. The aim here is for the player to discover many distinct 'natural landmarks' as they explore the world, which inspire them to build and explore further. The introduction of fully-traversible rivers (including underground rivers) means that the player can also explore their world by boat much more easily.

    At the same time, it seeks to preserve the vanilla balance and feel, not adding any new structures or drastically different new biomes, ensuring that it is survival-friendly.

    Key terrain features added:
    • More overhangs, cliffs, and floating islands
    • Larger continents and oceans
    • Expansive lakes dotted with small islands
    • Underground rivers
    • Smoother transitions from land to water

    See below for installation instructions.

    View my GitHub page to access all releases (including older versions) and for issue tracking, and see the Modrinth page for a download of this datapack packaged as a mod!

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    The general style of the terrain has been made more wacky, with more unpredictable cliffs and overhangs present. There should be a balance of around 55:45 of crazier terrain to flatter terrain. Transitions from land to ocean have been made smoother, and the much-loved Beta sand and gravel beaches have been re-added! At the same time, the general trends of the terrain (i.e where the tall mountains, rivers and oceans are found) are still very similar to vanilla 1.18 and above. This means that any general terrain features you see in a vanilla seed should show up when using this datapack, but will of course be a little crazier!


    Almost all vanilla biomes have been preserved. There are, however, a few exceptions, since some biomes had to be removed to make space for new ones:
    • Windswept Savannas and Old Growth Birch Forests have been replaced with the old Seasonal Forests from Beta
    • Windswept Hills and Windswept Forests have been replaced with a new biome called the Temperate Rainforest
    • Sparse Jungles have been renamed to Rainforests, and have been tweaked slightly to contain more big oak trees and tall ferns
    There have also been some adjustments to existing biomes:
    • Since the old sand and gravel beaches have been re-added, this means that the (unsightly) sand, gravel and clay blobs have been removed. An implication of this would be that clay and gravel are more difficult to find. To make up for this, clay can now be found at bottom of lukewarm oceans and deep lukewarm oceans. Gravel already spawns at the bottom of most other ocean types (except warm), but the depth of the gravel has been increased instead of only occupying the floor block. This is, of course, in addition to clay already spawning in the Lush Caves.
    • The dark foliage colours in the swamp biome have been removed, and the foliage colours in a couple of other biomes have been slightly adjusted.
    • The sky colours in all biomes have been changed to more accurately reflect how they were in Minecraft Beta.
    There are probably a few more minor changes that I have forgotten.

    Everything else has been kept the same as vanilla, which means that the new caves added in 1.18 will still generate.


    Warning: this is not a reversible process - you cannot remove this datapack from your world once you install it. Please always make backups of your worlds before installing datapacks

    1. Download and extract the zip file into a folder
    2. (1.18 releases only - skip this step if creating a world in 1.19 and above): If a custom seed is desired, open the datapack folder and navigate to data/minecraft/dimension. For each of the three files present there (overworld.json, end.json, nether.json), open them and find the line (or lines in the case of end.json) containing the word 'seed' and enter the desired seed in place of the default seed, 0. Note that overworld.json file is much larger than the other two - the seed line in is located at the end of the file, but it may be easier to search for the word 'seed' using the search function by pressing CTRL-F.
    3. When creating a new Minecraft world, select Datapacks and drag the extracted file into the Minecraft window. Alternatively, add the file using the 'Open Pack Folder' button.
    4. Hover over the added datapack and press the arrow to move it into the 'Selected' column. Ensure that it is placed above the 'Default' pack.
    5. If a custom seed is being used, enter it in the box for the seed in 'More World Options'. (In 1.19 versions and above, the seed box can be left empty to use a random seed.)
    6. Create the world and enjoy!

    Upgrading to a newer datapack version

    1. Make a backup of the world you want to upgrade!
    2. Make sure that the datapack version you are upgrading to is compatible with the version of Minecraft you want to play on.
    3. In the folder for your world you wish to upgrade, navigate to the datapacks folder and replace the existing datapack with the new version you wish to upgrade to.
    4. (1.18 versions only: Enter the seed used for the world in the dimension files of the new datapack as specified in the Installation instructions above.)
    5. (When converting from 1.18.2 to 1.19 only: Use an NBT editor (e.g NBTExplorer) to open the level.dat file in the world save folder and check that the seed entry is set to the seed that was used when creating the world. This will ensure that there is smoothing between the 1.18 and 1.19 terrain.)
    6. Open the world in the new Minecraft version.


    The texture pack used in the screenshots is a customised version of Golden Days Base by PoeticRainbow.

    Click here to see a gallery with more screenshots of Hybrid Beta.


    Please feel free to leave comments with any questions, suggestions or feedback you may have. The datapack is still not completely polished and so any feedback/suggestions would be valuable to its future development. Finally, please do not redistribute this pack.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
    toMinecraft 1.20

    15 Update Logs

    v1.0.2 : by Crystalis7 01/10/2024 3:53:38 amJan 10th


    - Update pack.mcmeta

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    02/03/2024 1:13 pm
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    Autumnly24's Avatar
    Hi! I love the datapack, although I am wondering if it's possible to make it feel a little less modern? It sometimes feels pretty smooth and doesn't have the amount of sporadic hills and such that I really like, which is fantastic, it's just that I'm using it in a modpack in place of Modern Beta (which doesn't currently exist for 1.19.2).

    Anyways, let me know what options I might need to change to make it feel a bit less modern! Thank you!
    01/28/2024 4:06 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Zabarion's Avatar
    Hi :) I love the pack! I had a question though, does it support large biomes or are there any plans to make it support large biomes :) ? Would love to immersive myself in a large biomes version of this world
    01/28/2024 1:37 pmhistory
    Level 38 : Artisan Architect
    Crystalis7's Avatar
    Hello - glad you like to pack! Custom presets within datapacks are a bit buggy at the moment, but you can make the biomes larger by making some very small edits of a few datapack files (instructions taken from Terralith's FAQ):

    Open the mod/datapack files and navigate to data/minecraft/worldgen/density_function/overworld
    Open erosion.json, temperature.json, and vegetation.json. In each, you should see something like this:
    "argument": {
    "xz_scale": 0.25,
    "y_scale": 0.0,
    "noise": "minecraft:erosion",
    "shift_x": "minecraft:shift_x",
    "shift_y": 0.0,
    "shift_z": "minecraft:shift_z",
    "type": "minecraft:shifted_noise"
    "type": "minecraft:flat_cache"

    Only change xz_scale, do not touch anything else. Smaller values = larger biomes. An xz_scale of 0.5 is 4x smaller biomes, and an xz_scale of 0.125 is 4x larger biomes. For context, the vanilla Large Biomes world type effectively uses an xz_scale of 0.0625.
    01/13/2024 11:04 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    User4554486D's Avatar
    Thanks for the update, I just opened a world in 1.0.1 and found a weirdly generated igloo and thought I would share a screenshot with coordinates and seed if you want to take a look yourself:

    01/17/2024 3:25 am
    Level 38 : Artisan Architect
    Crystalis7's Avatar
    Hello - thank you for pointing this out. I have not made any changes to igloos, and it does seem that this might just be a general Minecraft bug, rather than one specific to this pack (for example, see https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-91084 ). It may just be made more frequent due to the fact that this pack generates terrain with cliffs and other sharp vertical changes more frequently than in vanilla generation.
    01/12/2024 7:18 am
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    Jason Man
    Jason Man's Avatar
    honestly, i wonder if someone's found the hill and waterfall from pack.png with this datapack. tried it myself, didn't work.
    01/12/2024 2:57 pm
    Level 38 : Artisan Architect
    Crystalis7's Avatar
    This pack doesn't recreate Beta 1.7.3 terrain - it takes elements of the style which (in my opinion) made it so loved, and implemented them into the new terrain generator - so any old seeds will not produce the same terrain as it did in Beta 1.7.3.
    01/12/2024 9:13 pm
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    Jason Man
    Jason Man's Avatar
    i know, but it would be pretty surprising if someone found a similar-looking place with this with the latest versions. maybe once i get a hold of that seed, i'd build a house atop the hill.
    12/30/2023 12:20 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    mortuusars's Avatar
    This is the best terrain generation that we got in current minecraft. And by far. Thanks for your work on this!

    Am I allowed to distribute this as a part of a modpack?

    On Modrinth there is a version of Cascades as a mod, which makes it possible, but not on Curseforge.
    12/30/2023 3:04 pmhistory
    Level 38 : Artisan Architect
    Crystalis7's Avatar
    I'm glad you like it!

    You are welcome to include this pack/mod in a modpack as long as you add a link either to this page, the Modrinth page, or the Github repository.
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