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Dungeon Now Loading 14.1% - Ultra Bug Fixing Update!

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Required Resource Pack
Hex -now loading- avatar Hex -now loading-
Level 58 : Grandmaster Sus
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Dungeon Now Loading is a structure datapack that adds in more than 10 vanilla-like random structures with unique bosses. The datapack also provides advancements, items, and a new health system. The ultimate goal of this datapack is to create 100 dungeons and bosses that blend into the original game nicely that are enjoyable and explorative.


For Single Player World
1. Download the Dungeon Now Loading datapack file.
2. When you are creating your world, select datapack option.
3. Drag in drop the file.
4. Go back to Minecraft and move the file you installed in the list under Available to Selected. Click Done.
5. Create New World and type...

6. you're done! Have fun!!

For Servers
1. Download the Dungeon Now Loading datapack file.
2. Open the server folder and move the file to "your world"/datapack (if you don't have this folder for some reason, create it)
3. Restart your server or type /reload on to your server console. You will be asked if you really want to apply this command. Answer yes.
4. Done! Time to beat dungeons with your friends.

Details in the Datapack

Loading the Datapack
Reloads the datapack. Players should use this command at the beginning when they first enter the world with the datapack installed.

Setting the Spawnrate (Removed)
/scoreboard players set chance math ???
Sets the spawnrate of the structures. Insert a number from 0~100 in ??? to set the spawn rate. Every 81 chunk is scanned to determine if a structure spawns within the area, so if the spawnrate is set to 80, there is an 80% chance of 1 structure spawning every 81 chunks.
Default is set to 25.

Setting Scan Speed (Removed) (For Players who are experiencing lags)
/scoreboard players set scanspeed scantick ???
Sets the generation speed of the structures. The ??? is in units of tick speed (20 ticks = 1 second). The datapack scans maximum of 648 chunks every scanspeed, so increasing the value will make the scanning process less frequent. If you are experiencing lags, you may want to set the value higher than the default. This will also increase the chunk loading speed since there are fewer entities in unloaded chunks. The scan speed does not affect the structure spawn rate.
For example, you can set scanspeed to 40 (40 tick = 2 second), which means maximum of 648 loaded chunks around you are being scanned to test if the structure is able to spawn. This will improve the game fps, which may be better for some of you who are experiencing lags.
Default is set to 10 (0.5 seconds).
* setting the scan speed too high will increase the possibility of structure spawning right at you (although this is very unlikely)

Spawn Structure (Removed)
/function generate:spawn_structure/???
The player can spawn in the structure by typing the following command and replace ??? with the structure name. The structure will spawn on the player, so it is recommended to be in creative mode when using the command.
All structure names (command names) are available under the Loaded Structures spoiler tab.

Reset Extra Health
/function dnl:items/forbidden_fruites/reset
If you want to reset your health, you can type this command.
Dimensions (Removed)

Far End (Removed)

A new outer end islands with 4 new unique biomes:
- Amethyst Forest
- Ashfall Marshland
- Snowy Warped Forest
- Ender Waste

You can get to this dimension by going through the end gateway portal as you do normally to travel from the main end island.

A large bee nest comes in various sizes and shapes.
Located at birch forest, flower forest, forest, plains, sunflower plains, and tall birch forest.
Command Name: hivenest

Hivenest and Rabbithole (1.17) (Removed)
An old hivenest infested by the rabbits!
Located at birch forest, flower forest, forest, plains, sunflower plains, and tall birch forest.
Command Name: hivenest_rabbithole

Slime Sinkhole
A slimy sinkhole, which also looks like an old waterway. Why do I hear squashy heart beats?
Located at swamp and swamp hills.
Command Name: slime_sinkhole

Hunter's Grave
A giant grave of a legendary hunter located in the mountains. Rumor says that his comrade is still waiting for the master's return.
Located at gravelly mountains, modified gravelly mountains, mountains, and wooded mountains.

Command Name: hunters_grave

Deep Oasis
An oasis is said to be hidden somewhere in the vast desert. If you're lucky enough to find it, what would you find at the deepest of the desert?
Located at desert and desert hills.

Command Name: deep_oasis

Cleric's Hideout
Below the dark leaves of the roofed forest, there's a region where only the villager zombies are seen. Who is causing this creepy phenomenon!
Located at dark forest and dark forest hills.
Command Name: cleric_hideout

Railway Outpost
An old railway station, abducted by pillager barbarians. Something unusual is studied by the witch, but what is it?
Located at savanna and savanna plateau.
Command Name: railway_outpost

Watcher Camp
A freezing campsite watched under silver eyes. Farms and mines can be seen under the snowy surface, where the skeletons cozing around.
Located at snowy taiga, snowy tundra, and snowy taiga mountains.
Command Name: watcher_tower

Crawler's Lair
A massive cave spider nest that traps even the Hivenest. Some of the spiders are unkillable unless you one-hit-kill them!
Located at taiga, taiga hills, taiga mountains, giant tree taiga, giant tree taiga hills, giant spruce taiga, and giant spruce taiga hills.
Command Name: crawlers_lair

Gallery of Illusion
First Mega structure! A spooky and mysterious gallery, owned by the head of the illigers.
Command Name: gallery_of_illusion
Located at taiga, taiga hills, taiga mountains, giant tree taiga, giant tree taiga hills, giant spruce taiga, giant spruce taiga hills, roofed forest.

Forgotten Field of Flanders
A silent field with graves and monoliths. It is protected by a guardian, but his cracking body shows how that has becoming difficult for him...
Command Name: forgotten_field_of_flanders
Located at plains, sunflower field, and snowy tundra.

Temple of Tears
A flying island, now degraded by the ruthless rains that fall endlessly onto the temple. The book that turns spells into chaos has been protected for ages by the three sisters slumbering on their small islands. Stepping onto the holy ground and taking a hold of the book of sorrow will awaken the sisters, punishing you with the rain of sorrow…
Command Name: temple_of_tears
Located in the jungle.

Queen Bee
Hidden within the beenest found in the chest. Has a deadly needle that can sting the enemy multiple times.

Slime Core
A massive slime stuck in the bottom of the sinkhole. The core cannot move, but slimes released after his death is deadly and hard to escape.

Hunter's Ghost
A ghost sleeping underneath a royal grave. The ghost is released when the visiter pulls off the broken bow from the front of the grave.

Posaidon and Nautilus Guardian
Bosses that protects the tresure from the intruders. Underwater range attack makes the player difficult to come close to deal damage. Maybe using the TNT might work?

Cleric "Z"
In the deep forest, there once was an old potion brewer who made a magical potion that no one can recreate. Now, he is no where to be found, except zombies who uses a somewhat familiar potions to scare off the wanderers.

Station Chief
The leader of the crossbow foes. Uses the special arrows supplied by the witch, who studies the awkward yellow fish.

Frost Watcher
Silver cloth sniper who protects the campsite. His arrow alerts the other skeletons, forcing the player to fight from long range.

Poison Eyes
A head of the colony that has the perfect skill of controlling the venom and webs. Must be lured out from his den by sacrificing the queen''s nest.

A real illusionist, an outstanding mind of his work, hiding in a huge gallery of illusions.
Can create any illusion that could harm the player. Highly recommend having diamond gear with you to fight with him!

Sisters of Sorrow
Three ancient ghasts slumbering for centuries, protecting the cursed book from the intruders. As is for the temple, their power has also decayed over time, now only a fraction of their strength left to fight. The relics on their body indicate their physical state and inherent spell, which is still devastating to the player.
Health System
This datapack adds in a new health system along with items that support it!

When you are holding the "Forbidden" food (which you can obtain most of them from defeating bosses), pink hearts will appear above the Hotbar. When you eat these foods, a certain number of your pink heart fills up. If the pink heart containers are all filled, you will gain additional full heart. But as you gain more health, it becomes difficult to obtain the next one, since the number of required pink hearts increases.

If you want to speed up the process of gaining more health, you can face the stronger bosses that drop "forbidden" items that give you more of the pink hearts.

The maximum health that you can get through this system is 20 full hearts, which is twice the number of health points in vanilla minecraft.

Special Thanks
Cloud Wolf for granting permission to use the rng datapack!

Nova for making the Optifine mob textures.
TwilightHunter for making Biomes You'll Go compatible with DNL!
RuddyMuddyClod for awesome music for the Sisters of Sorrow boss fight!
Shader used for images: BSL

CreditHex - Dungeon Now Loading datapack
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

33 Update Logs

Dungeon Now Loading 14.1% - Ultra Bug Fixing update! : 07/15/2021 8:31:32 pmJul 15th

This update is mainly for fixing many of the reported bugs and optimizing the datapack. I have also reorganized the internal files so it will be easier for me to add new structures from now on. The datapack now has the new "cmd" functions which can be used by the players. The "cmd" functions are still a work in progress and I am planning to add more commands in the future, so please let me know what kind of command you want in #💡┃suggestions-chat (except for locating and generating commands because those are impossible or take too much time to implement that I rather create a new dungeon with that time).

Changes and Bug Fixing
- The whole "custom" folder features were moved to "dnl" folder.
- The intro message was fixed, now displaying the proper version.
- The crafting results are pulled from the loot tables.
- When an item is crafted using the monolith, the item pop out instead of just appearing
- All structures, except for the gallery of illusion and cleric's hideout is changed to bastion type structure, meaning it will no longer alter the generation of the village in any way.
- Spawn structure was once again removed (Sorry for removing! It takes me another half a month to add it back so I decided not to. I want to focus on making new dungeons).
- The rarity of the village was modified back to the vanilla value.
- Now confirmation message will show after launching the datapack for the first time. The message will check if DNL dungeons are generating properly in the overworld by applying /locate bastion_remnant. It will either show a success or a fail message.
- All scoreboards used in this datapack will have "dnl." in front of it.
- "Dungeon Now Loading" advancement now works properly.
- "Those Were the Days" advancement no longer shows up when locating DNL structures.
- The forbidden fruit advancements are given if you have equal or more than required hearts.
- The Bee Swarm reward now contains Mending I instead of Mending II.
- The blaze powder and nether wart were removed from the witch lab Hivenest loot.
- Slimecore does not despawn naturally.
- Any mobs hit by normal snowball were affected by slowness, just like the slimeball shot from the slime rod. Now that is fixed and normal snowball does not apply slowness.
- The advancement "Lure the Poison Eyes" and "Tuff Limb" were removed from the Crawler's Lair.
- The Queen bee nest was removed from the dead hive chest in Crawler's Lair.
- The Poison Eyes now drops Forbidden Sweet Berries, 4~8 spider eyes, 1 cave spider egg with a diamond in it, and 4~8 strings.
- The generation of the Crawler's Lair was changed so it has a larger entrance. It can be spotted easily now, especially at low elevations.
- "Pretty Steady" advancement was optimized.
- Changed the whole generation of the Forgotten Field. Now it has a village-like generation and looks nice :D.
- Golem Heart Armor set now grants the player Strength I and Resistance I when wearing the full set.
- The memento poppy nbt was fixed, so it is usable in monolith crafting.
- The generation of the Temple of Tears was reverted back to the old one.
- Now all three Ancient Ghasts spawn.
- Added visual particle effect for ghasts in the first phase, so players without the resource pack can distinguish between stunned and awoken Ancient Ghasts.

New Player Commands
/function cmd:generation_check - checks if the world generates the DNL structures by applying /locate bastion_remnant.
/function cmd:give/??? - ??? is custom item from DNL. Currently, it has all the items from Hivenest, Slime Sinkhole, and Forgotten Field.

I've finally got some time to work on the Olympus structure, so I think I can release it on July 30th as planned :). Thank you for being patient!

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07/24/2021 4:48 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Artist
Drumdero avatar
Hi, how is the honeycomb ingot crafted? Or is it something you find? I found a hivenest. Doesnt have any bosses
07/25/2021 11:40 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Sus
Hex -now loading-
Hex -now loading- avatar
You can craft it by finding crafting monolith inside one of the varient of the hivenest. The boss can be found in the 5 cell hivenest (upper floor)
07/24/2021 1:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
birigu avatar
I had the old version and I'd like to update to the newest. How do I update the datapack? Should I just replace the old one? I tried this and I had the extra heart and stuff but when I ate forbidden fruit the extra hearts started again and sat at one.
07/24/2021 2:03 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Sus
Hex -now loading-
Hex -now loading- avatar
The 14.1% version was the biggest update which changed most of the features in the game. Any items that were in the previous version will likely not work in the newest version.
07/23/2021 4:54 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Jivodarbg avatar
Hey,Lex I have a problem,its not working.I used /datapack list and 2 thing appear- 1.There are 2 datapacks enabled and they both were in green brackets, 2.There are 1 datapacks available and it was in red brackets. Can u help??
07/23/2021 5:13 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Sus
Hex -now loading-
Hex -now loading- avatar
You can do /datapack enable ???

??? - the datapack in red.
07/24/2021 6:35 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Jivodarbg avatar
i did it, and the datapack appear in green brackets,but when I typed /reload the same thing appear-(Structure Detection Failed)-Structure cannot be foung in the world.Datapack is not working. help?
07/24/2021 7:33 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Sus
Hex -now loading-
Hex -now loading- avatar
Try exiting and returning to your game. Teleport a few thousand blocks where you haven't explored and run the

/function cmd:generation_check
07/24/2021 2:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Jivodarbg avatar
After i teleportet a few thousand blocks away i did that in the chat appear:Executed 5 commands from function "cmd:generation_check".
07/24/2021 6:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Jivodarbg avatar
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