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TechnicalEnchant+ V4.2.3 for 1.14.X

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Hardel avatar Hardel
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Dragon
Introduction :
I created a Datapack that adds new enchantments!
For example, it allows you to have pickaxe that mine 3x3 areas or even smelt ores upon harvesting!
Acquiring the Guide:
Throw a "Book and Quill" on the top of an enchanting table to get a guidebook.
Get custom enchantments:
To get the enchantments, you will need:
 • Book or items,
 • Lapis lazuli
 • More than 30 levels.

Throw the book or item on the top of an enchanting table,
Just as you do to get the guide. The lapis lazuli of your inventory and levels will automatically be consumed and your enchanted book will appear on the enchanting table. Know that when you are enchanting an object, enchantment particles will appear around the enchanting table.
Merging Enchantments:
Enchantments can be merged. They aren't universal, similar to the basic game.
For example, you can't put the enchantment "Cloud Walker" (who goes on boots) on a bow.
Feature :
 • The Datapack adds a total of 25 new enchantments.
 • The Datapack is compatible with 1.13 and 1.13.1 .
 • The Datapack is compatible with the French and English regional settings.
 • The Datapack is compressed in .zip format
 • The Datapack weighs 354Kp in compressed.
Enchantment List:

List of Enchant General :

V1.0• TimeBreaker -> Gives harmful effects to mobs around you.
V1.0 • Bright Vision-> Gives night vision to the player.
V1.0 • Anti-Explosion-> Creeper and tnt will not explode with this enchantment applied.
V1.0 • Auto-Feed -> feeds you every minute.
V1.0 • Anti-Venom -> Protection against negative effects.
V1.0 • Life+ -> Give the player extra hearts.
V1.0 • Dolphin -> Gives the player a dolphin_grace effect.
V1.0 • Agility.--> Gives the player a speed effect.
V1.0 • Leaping -> Gives the player a boost effect.
V1.0 • Lava Walker -> Allows the player to walk on lava.
V1.0 • Poison Aspect-> Poisons the mob upon hitting it.
V1.0 • Life Steal -> Drains health of the target and gives it to the player.
V1.0 • Haste -> Allows the player attack to mine faster.
V1.0 • Auto-Smelt -> Automatically smelt items.
V1.0 • Mining+ -> Lets you mine a 3x3 area
V1.0 • Accauracy Shot-> Arrows are shot in a straight path.
V1.0 • Burst Arrow -> Just fun, find out for yourself!
V2.0 • Attack Speed -> incease your attack speed.
V2.0 • Bloody Blade
The more you kill, the stronger you will become.
V2.0 • Last Life ->
When your HP are low Last Life heal you with 5 minute of cooldown.
V3.0 • Timber -> Cut the tree with one shot.
V3.0 • Anti-Knockback -> Ignore knockback effects.
V3.6 • Magnet -> (Helmet) Attact all items arround you.
V4.2 • VeinMiner if you break a mineral blocks, all minerals arround area break.
V4.2 • XpBoost
.When you kill a mobs, you can have a additional experience.
V4.2 • SkyWalk there is 5 air block you can fly.if you press the "Sneak" key you go down.
Version 3.0
To balance the game, a limit of 2 Enchantment per item has been applied.
. The Trident is compatible with the Enchantment of Sword.
. The Shield makes its appearance with Last Life and Anti-KnickBack.
. You can directly enchant an item on the enchantment table.
. There is only one guide.
. Life+, Attack Speed and Agility transformed into "Atribute Modifiers".
. You can put 2 objects of the same level and enchantment to upgrade this.
    Example :Two Books Life+ II in diamond chestplate Gives a One Life+ III diamond chestplate.
. You need anvils to combine the objects.
. You can find the Custom Enchant in the structure,by fishing, or in monster's drop.
   Name change Enchant+ To NaturalEnchant+
. The guide has been improved.
. Increase price to 30 minimum level.
. A lot of optimization. Bug fixes and spelling.
Bigger Datapack with 602 File and 29 Folder..
Version 3.1
Bug correction: It is no longer possible to enchanted an item already enchanted.
Optimisation : Now it does not cause any lag in servers.
Replacing ID Number to ID Text Exemple: give @s minecraft:enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:"Agility",lvl:2}],display:{Lore:["§7Agility II"]}}
Version 3.2
Bug Correction: Arc could not be enchanted
Bug Correction: Enchanted Life + books do not work.
Optimisation : Even better optimize, and part of the code was Re-Written.

Spigot and Bukkit : have to fix the crash related to the datapack in 1.13.1, but there is still the problem, the item enchanted not have the shinning effects.
Version 3.3
Bug Correction: Many Enchanted Item may appear if more than one player was at the table.
Bug Correction: It's take xp the lapis of the nearest players.
Version 3.4
Bug Corection: Life+ does not work in combination
Bug Corection: When Timber enchantments were obtained he turned your tools into a "stone axe"
Bug Correction: with spigot and bukkit..

Always more optimized !
Version 3.5 (Béta)
Added Spigot version not stable but 100% functionnal.
Reduced cost and minimum level.
from the 30 at 39 Level | 1 Lapis + 3 Level ---> from the 10 at 19 Level | 1 Lapis + 1 Level
from the 40 at 49 Level | 2 Lapis + 5 Level ---> from the 20 at 29 Level | 1 Lapis + 2 Level
from the 50 to infinite | 3 Lapis + 7 Level ---> from the 30 at infinite | 1 Lapis + 3 Level
Version 3.6
Added New enchantmetns : Magnet who replace EagleVision.
Magnet Effect : Attract all objects around you within 7 blocks.

AutoSmelt adding Fortune compatibility.
AutoSmelt and Mining 3x3 addes compatibilty.

LastLife fixed a bug that made enchantements does not work.
Timber Resolution of a bug that has applied unshaded enchantment effects in a very specific case.

Fixed a bug that did not upgrade the level if Item had 2 Enchants :

Exemple if my chestplate have Life+ I and AntiVenom II and i want upgrade to Life+ II before it was impossible.
Now it's possible

Very big lag optimization !
Version 4.0.0
General :
- Version 4.0.0 it's Rename :) NaturalEnchant+ ---> TechnicalEnchant+

- Gamerule DoMobLoot, DoMobSpawning and sendCommandFeddBack are now deleted when the datapack is loaded or recharged.
- Timber is temporarily off waiting for the final version.
- New management of the Enchantments.
- Deleting Enchant "Multi Shot".

Technical Changelog :
- The spawn of Item and Enchanting book do not spawn a bat with DeathlootTable with poison but now the Command "Loot" is Used.
- Is now Adapting to the new Lore in format JSON.
- AutoSmelt, Timber, Mining + now is a "Loot_table_block".
- Monstrous optimization of the datapack.
  - Added condition in the "tick" file for activation of the function file of Enchantments.
  - A lot of scoreboard are deleted.
  - The GuideBook file is activated only after player action.
  - The Datapack check only they are fighting, tools item is no other items..
  - Fusion FIle are splitted.
- The file Lore no longer contains all the possibilities but contains only a data modify per Enchantment.

Bugs correction :
Bug Correction: Some Enchantments do not apply correctly.
Bug Correction: Timber activate when he should not.
Bug Correction: AutoSmelt and Mining does not work on no-Mineral block.
Bug Correction: Efficiency 5 with haste II with Mining causing lags and digging too large area.

Version 4.0.1
Feature :
Partial redesign of item upgrades.
The drop rates of the enchanted pounds custom with fishing were lowered.
The particles were reduced.

Guide Book :
Update of the "guide book"
- deletion of Enchant Multishot wad deleted.
- Version Updated 4.0.1
- "Renowned" in "Information"
- Formatting the text on pages 1 and 3 the text is fully visible.
- The FR version was not present.
- In the "EN" version the words: "Work in Progress" has been removed
- Optimisation of detection (Cause less lag when used).

Bug Correction :
Fixed Life Steal bug: the file had an incorrect name.
Fixed Guidebook bug: TellrawEnch was not suitable.
Fixed bug Lout Table Diamond Chestplate: Life+ not shown on item but was present in some cases.
Fixed bug Lout table Boots: The Lore update had not been performed on Agility.
Fixed Haste bug: The grouping tag was not present.
Poison bug correction: The grouping tag was not present.
Fixed Time Breaker bug: The grouping tag was not present.
Fixed bug Leaping: The grouping tag was not present.
Fixed Anti Venom bug: The grouping tag was not present.
Version 4.1.0
--- Feature : ---

Beta is close all feature are here.
Compatible with 1.14.1 and more.
This version are compatible with Bukkit/Spigot/Paper !!
I have Rewrite a very big part of the code.
Big Performance increases.

Merging/Fusion system are recode.
- You can merge many enchantments.
- You can merge Vanilla enchantments.

- You can merge :
- item with item
- enchanted_book with enchanted_book
- enchanted_book with item.

Multi-Enchantments on a Book.
- You can Now has a "enchanted_book" with some enchantments.

--- Changelog ---
Timber Enchantmenets are disable :'(

Rename function name : "more_enchant" to "enchantplus".
The Lore is actualy fixed.
obtaining books with fishing has been lowered.
Rewrite the datapack.
Multiplayer support are compatible.

--- Technical Changelog ---
Rename function name : "more_enchant" to "enchantplus".

Adding two new NBT :
- CustomEnchantments : Not a list this nbt contain all new Enchantments custom data.
- CustomStoredEnchantments : It's a list and he contains all new Stored Enchantments.

---Bug Correction : ---
The lore is now correctly applied !
Some Enchantments dosen't work.
Version 4.1.1
Bug correction :
Merging system dosen't work because #enchantplus are not referenced.

When Black Concrete are mined he drop a White concrete.
Concrete with AutoSmelt give glazed_terracota.
Terracota with AutoSmelt do noes give glazed_terracota.
Version 4.1.2 & Version 4.1.3
Bug correction :
Guide Book dosen't work.
AutoSmelt only any Mining+ dosen't work.
Version 4.1.4
Changelog :
DoubleJump are deleted.
New Enchantments SkyWalk (WIP it's does not work actually)

Optimisation :
Now the datapackout a lot less command by tick.
The Enchant are managed by category.
If no enchantments it's used the datapack is really lite.

Bug Correction :
Bright Vision does not work.
Burst Arrow explode instantly.
Auto-Feed does not work.
Skeleton can drop old enchantments "MultiShot"
Break Iron_Block loot acacia log.

Preparation :
Preparation of the ultimate functionality.
Some technical change has been made
Version 4.2.0
Enchant+ has 1 years !!!!!

Changelog :

DoubleJump are deleted.
Cloud Walker are deleted.

Timber is back.

New Enchantments SkyWalk when you equip this enchant and if there is 5 air block you can fly.
if you press the "Sneak" key you go down.

New Enchantments VeinMiner this enchantments put on the Pickaxe only.
if you break a mineral blocks, all minerals arround area break.

New Enchantments XpBoost this enchantments can be put on the sword and have 3 Level.
When you kill a mobs, you can have a additional experience.

Life+ now don't remove the Attributes edit armor.

Optimisation :
When you use Anvil if enchanting books are not validate the enchantments dosen't work.
Exemple : Use "Attack Speed" bokk on the boots dosen't work.

Bug Correction :
AutioSmelt and Fortune dosen't work on the Gold_ore and iron_ore.

Extra :
Added cover pages.
added LICENSE file in the datapack.
New extra Enchantments free in Guidde book for the first years of Enchant+
Version 4.2.1 & 4.2.2
Bug correction :

Cloud Walker can be give woth "/function enchantplus:give/cloud_walker"
Cloud Walker it's no deleted in a guide book.

Change the format of Guide Book.

Translate correction.
Color Correction.
The cover page is now return to the correct page.

Bug correction to version 4.2.2:
Cloud Walker is not correctly deleted.
Guide Book are updated.
Poison Aspect apply correctly the poison.

Xp Boost I, II and III is now in enchnated books.
VeinMiner s now in enchnated books.

Optimisation Version 4.2.2 :
Mineing+ dosen't break Bedrock and indestructilbe block.

Vein Miner, are configurable in data>enchantplus>tags>block>vein_miner
Timber, are configurable in data>enchantplus>tags>block>timber
Mining+, are configurable in data>enchantplus>tags>block>mining+
Version 4.2.3
Optimisation :
dosen't break Bedrock and indestructilbe block. (Also)
BloodyBlade Nerfed : Max : Strenght IV, Speed IV, Haste IV. ----> Strenght II, Speed II.

Bug correction :
Poison Aspect doesn't give "Poison" to the person who dealt the damage.

Optimisation performance !
Correction some Loot Table.
A lot of correction littre bug.

No current information :)
Information :
4.0.0 and More is for Minecraft 1.14.X
3.0.0 and More is for Minecraft 1.13.X

-----------------1.14 ---------------
Download Lastest Beta Version (4.2.3)

---------------- 1.13 ----------------
Download Lastest Version. (V3.6.0)
Download Lastest Version Spigot. (V3.5.0 Béta)

Special Version ::
Download NaturalEnchant+ V3.2 (Any Minining+)
Download NaturalEnchant+ V3.4 (Béta) (Diamond Version)
I am French so a translation into English can be incorrect if you find a bad translation, please report it. Thanks and Good Game.
If someone has the time, to create a presentation image.

If you want more DataPack ( French), join the discord of DataWorld.
We are a community centered around DataPacks.

My Discord: Hardel#2750 i SPeak French and English.
DataWorld Discord --- French and English. (Please go to the Channel "Hardel")
Terms of use:
You can :
• Showcase this Datapack on YouTube (You had to credit me and add the planetminecraft link in the description)
• Use this Datapack in your world or on a private server
• In public Server just Mention me in credits or somewhere :)

You can't :
• Claim as your own, re-upload or copy this Datapack
CreditDiscord DataWorld, reddemoon, Ededdy, diablooo, mathaym25, Angriff, Everyatis_, Neptune60 , Whorleyk.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14

16 Update Logs

Enchant+ New Version 4.2.3 : by Hardel 07/18/2019 6:47:57 amJul 18th, 2019

Optimisation :
dosen't break Bedrock and indestructilbe block. (Also)
BloodyBlade Nerfed : Max : Strenght IV, Speed IV, Haste IV. ----> Strenght II, Speed II.

Bug correction :
Poison Aspect doesn't give "Poison" to the person who dealt the damage.

Optimisation performance !
Correction some Loot Table.
A lot of correction littre bug.

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Level 1 : New Crafter
Davizz avatar
07/06/2021 8:04 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Theeduardo888 avatar
Is it going to be updated to be updated to 1.17 one day?
04/28/2021 5:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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What is 「minecraft:shinning」 ?
04/17/2021 7:10 pm
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williamowusu31 avatar
How do i disenchant?
04/16/2021 9:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ExperimentedOn avatar
Anyone who is asking if this works on newer version yes it works just put a book and quil ontop of a enchanting table and you will get a guidebook :)
04/16/2021 10:12 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
takey_basbasa1 avatar
does it work on 1.16.5 ?
01/18/2021 7:59 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Dragon
Hardel avatar
A phoenix comes back from the ashes!

Many ask me the update to 1.16, I would like to ask you a question, Is it eatable?
Hum hum.....FinalEnchant+
08/22/2021 7:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
TheStifflerGuy avatar
as its again a few months ago, will we see the rebirth of the legendary phoenix? And if yes, when? =D
03/13/2021 8:42 am
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When will we get it ? ;)
12/22/2020 12:11 pm
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Update to 1.16.4!!!!!
Please XD
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